Sean Penn is dressed in combat gear as he travels to Ukraine in order to document the Russian aggression.

  • Hollywood actor, aged 61, was seen in military gear during his visit to Donetsk.
  • Ukraine has been engaged in a proxy war for years against pro-Moscow rebels
  • Penn believed to be making a documentary on how the area was affected
  • As he arrived at the site on Thursday afternoon, he was closely followed by microphones and a camera.

Sean Penn is seen wearing combat gear, including a helmet, as he arrives in Ukraine to shoot a document about Russian aggression.

Hollywood producer and actor, 61, visited Donetsk to meet with military personnel from Ukraine.

Ukraine is currently engaged in a proxy war against Russia for many years. Russia supports rebels from the country’s Eastern regions. 

Penn, it is believed, will film a documentary about the impact of battles with pro Moscow rebels on Donbas.

As he visited the site on Thursday, a crew of cameras followed him and placed military protection around him.

Actor and director Sean Penn visits positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the frontline with Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk region

Sean Penn, actor and director visits the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces close to the frontline against Russian-backed separatists from Donetsk.

The Hollywood actor and director donned a helmet and combat gear as he spoke with militaru personnel in the region

As he talked to the militaru personnel of the region, Hollywood director and actor John Goodman donned combat gear and a helmet.

Penn was flanked by security and military service personnel as he walked along a settlement close to the frontline

As Penn walked through a settlement near the frontline, he was accompanied by military personnel and security officers.

The actor spoke to servicemen and servicewomen during his visit on Thursday

During Thursday’s visit to the military, the actor talked with service men and servicewomen

Proxy-war is a result of the revolt in 2014 that ousted Viktor Yanukovych (pro-Moscow President) and caused Russian annexation of Crimea.

So far, the conflict has claimed 13,000 lives.

Crimea is juts into Black Sea. It contains an important Russian naval port, with direct access to the Mediterranean.

On Thursday, a post was made on the Joint Forces Operation Headquarters’ Facebook page that Penn had visited ‘to witness with his own eyes’ the effects of Russian aggression.

In the post, it was stated that the intention of the documentary is to inform the public about current events in the country.

Actor visited the settlement of Priazov which is at the center of ongoing conflict.

Penn rose to fame as a leading actor with the drama Dead Man Walking in 1995, before winning two Academy Awards for his roles in Mystic River in 2003, followed by Milk in 2008. 

His arrival in the region came as Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of ‘escalating’ tensions around Ukraine by building up forces on his border, even as thousands of Russian troops, tanks and artillery pieces sit close by.

Penn is understood to be filming a documentary about how the Donbas region has been impacted by battles with pro-Moscow rebels

Penn appears to be making a documentary about the impact of fighting with pro-Moscow rebels on Donbas.

He was followed by cameras and microphones as he walked around the area on Thursday

As he was walking around the neighborhood on Thursday, he was accompanied by microphones and cameras.

Russian President said that the US and Europe had conducted ship drills at the Black Sea, and flown bombers near the border – something which crosses’redlines’ and shows Russia is not being seriously considered.

As he was speaking, the Russian military tested a hypersonic Zircon rocket at a White Sea target. It scored a direct hit.

He stated that the West’s partners were escalating tensions by providing Kiev with modern, lethal weapons. 

After Ukraine’s defense minister announced that he asked Washington and Brussels to provide more military tech, the comments were made.

Putin stated that Moscow had been “constantly raising concern about this”, but all our warnings, talk about red lines and concerns are only treated superficially.

Putin expressed concern over US naval exercises at the Black Sea for several days. He told his French counterpart this week that they were “provocative” and had led to an increase in tensions between Moscow and NATO.

He also attacked Ukraine’s use of a Turkish-made drone to attack pro-Moscow rebels.

Dmytro Kuleba is the Ukraine’s foreign Minister and said that they are currently working to reach an agreement on a Russian containment plan’ with Washington, Brussels. This includes ‘increased sanctions’, as well as additional weapons.