• Baldwin shot Halyna Utchins (42-year-old cinematographer) on the Rust film set on October 21st. 
  • Baldwin (63 years old) was holding a gun which he claims went off without him pressing the trigger. He also injured his wife. 
  • On December 2, he told ABC that he didn’t feel responsible and that somebody else was to blame, but that he would not say who. 
  • Baldwin said that he would have committed suicide if he felt guilty, and that he does not believe he will face criminal charges. 
  • Baldwin claimed that he did not realize he’d shot Hutchins until one hour later. 
  • He stated that he hadn’t known she was dead until the sheriffs informed him in Sante Fe. 
  • Baldwin maintains that the gun was empty and was not filled when it was presented to him. 

New Mexico police issued an arrest warrant for Alec Baldwin after Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on October 21st while filming Rust. 

Baldwin (63 years old) was given an antique pistol to use in the incident. He was informed that the gun was not loaded and it was “cold”.

While rehearsing, he pulled out his gun to perform a scene. Although he said that he hadn’t pulled the trigger on December 2, the gun still went off. 

The live round that Alec Baldwin fired and accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust may have been a homemade bullet, according to court documents

According to court records, the live bullet that Alec Baldwin accidentally shot on Halyna HUTCHINS’ set of Rust could have been a homemade gun.