This beautiful LUXTRA bucket bag with apple skin from LUXTRA makes a great eco-conscious gift.

  • The Daphne Bucket Bag is their newest addition to LUXTRA’s luxury vegan range
  • LUXTRA bags are 100 per cent cruelty free and made with plant-based leathers 

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Many people are becoming more concerned about the environment and choosing veganism. 

It’s easy to find a gift for the vegan in your family with so many lifestyle, beauty, and fashion brands that offer amazing products. 

LUXTRA should be on your radar if you are looking for luxury gifts that will make your loved one feel special this Christmas. 

Daphne Bucket bag is the latest brand addition. This gift ticks all the right boxes. 

LUXTRA is an 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free brand that creates incredibly chic looking bags and accessories made from fruit leathers

LUXTRA is a 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free company that makes beautiful bags and accessories from fruit leathers.

LUXTRA is a conscious luxury brand that exclusively chooses materials that have ecological or plant-based characteristics, meaning that it’s perfect for those looking for stylish vegan fashion products.   

The brand has plenty of timeless accessories made from leather alternatives, including those made from apple skin and Piñatex made from waste pineapple leaf fibre.

This is a great option to leather, and it has amazing durability. It’s both timeless and modern. What’s It’s also more affordable than genuine leather, and is almost impossible to distinguish the two.  

LUXTRA offers a wide range of vegan accessories that are natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free. 

The newest addition to LUXTRA is the Daphne Bucket Bag. Incorporating food-waste to their designs, the bucket bag has been made from AppleSkin™ – an eco leather alternative made from apples.

Putting to use materials that would just go to waste, LUXTRA has reworked the classic bucket bag, creating an eco-friendly and ethical take on the quintessential shape.

Black Vegan Bucket Bag, £279

Ivy Vegan Bucket Bag, £279

The Daphne Bucket Bag is made from AppleSkin™ – an eco leather alternative made from apples that’s both robust and waterproof

The bag looks remarkably similar to real leather yet is made from AppleSkin, a robust, waterproof Italian leather alternative

This bag is very close to leather but made with AppleSkin, an Italian waterproof leather. 

There are three colors available for the Daphne Bucket Bag: Ivy Green Pumpkin Black.

The bag is very close to leather but made with AppleSkin, an Italian waterproof leather.

It’s the perfect bag for everyday use. Large enough to carry a 9-inch tablet, and it can also be carried across your body or one shoulder. 

Priced at £279 it’s a more affordable investment than most leather bags whilst also leading a positive change in fashion. LUXTRA’S Daphne Bucket bag is sure to please, whether you are trying to make better fashion decisions or looking to give a gift to a vegan.