Amazon Web Services has been down again: This latest outage affects streamers, including Netflix. It comes just days after the last disruption which lasted for seven hours and shut down large swathes.

  • Amazon Web Services went down at 10:24 AM ET Thursday
  • The outage marks the second time a week the service experienced an outage 
  • The service went down seven hours on Dec. 9 and several websites that use Amazon’s cloud servers were affected.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), down for thousands worldwide users as of Thursday morning. It is the second time that the service has gone down in the past week.

Amazon’s Amazon platform was experiencing difficulties around 10:30 AM ET. Customers cite issues with their website, server, and hosting. 

Only a handful of countries (including the US, China, the UK, and India) have reported any problems. This is far less than the impact last week’s outage had.

Amazon Web Services crashed for seven hours December 9. It also took down several other sites that were using the cloud servers of the company.

However, DownDetector, which monitors online outages, shows Doordash, Netflix, and Twitch are experiences problems  – and they all use Amazon Web Services to host their websites.

Amazon Web Services is down for thousands of users worldwide as of Thursday morning, marking the second time in a week the online service has crashed.

Amazon Web Services crashed for thousands worldwide users on Thursday morning. It is now the second crash in as many weeks.

AWS’ service health dashboards show internet connectivity issues in northern California and Oregon, but DownDetector’s outage map highlights New York City and Boston as also experiencing problems. 

On the status page, a message reads: “We are investigating Internet connectivity issues in the US-WEST-1 or US-WEST-2 region.”

AWS provides cloud computing services to individuals, universities, governments and companies around the world.

If it is down, all other websites using its services will go down. This is embarrassing news for Amazon, as these sites, universities and governments are required to pay to access the services.