After mother-of-2, 34, disappeared nearly two weeks ago, a second man (53) is taken into custody on suspicion of murder.

  • Alexandra Morgan (34), Sissinghurst in Kent was last seen November 14.
  • Rose McAuley 32 is a friend and manages the station. Rose described Rose’s disappearance in a complete mystery. 
  • Previous to her stalking fears, Morgan wrote online about them. 
  • Two suspects in murder are arrested – a 43-year-old man and a 53 year-old. 

Two weeks after the disappearance of a mother-of-2, who believed she was being followed, a second man was taken into custody on suspicion that he murdered her.

Alexandra Morgan (34), from Sissinghurst in Kent was last seen at Cranbrook station at 7.20am Sunday, November 14.

Kent Police have declared that Ms Morgan’s disappearance is being investigated as possible murder and said she has not been heard from her family since November 14, which seems ‘completely outlandish’.  

In connection to Ms Morgan’s mysterious disappearance, two men were arrested – one from Hastings (53 years old) and another from St Leonards-on-Sea (40 years). 

Police released a photo of Morgan’s Mini Cooper white with a black roof. It is registered number MF55YHM. 

According to police, it traveled between Hastings and its home on Sunday November 14th and Monday November 15th.  

Kent Police officers are supported by Sussex police officers to search four places in Hastings-on-Sea for Ms Morgan.

Alexandra Morgan, 34, from Sissinghurst, Kent, was said to be concerned she had a stalker and was last seen at a petrol station close to Cranbrook at 7.20am on Sunday November 14 (pictured). Her friend Rose McCauley served her and said she bought petrol, a snack and a coffee

Alexandra Morgan (34), from Sissinghurst in Kent was believed to have been concerned about a stalker. She was last seen near Cranbrook on Sunday, November 14, at 7.20AM. Rose McCauley, her friend served her. She said that she purchased petrol and snacks as well as a cup of coffee.

The Sun reported Ms Morgan’s 2018 online posting about a stalker. She also referenced it again in 2018.  

When asked by a friend where she’d been, she replied: ‘I’ve lived the greatest life in which no one followed me every move.

A friend of concern said that she was also ‘wondering’ where her friends had been and “hoped everything would be ok.”

One 2019 blog post mentioned another potential stalker. It was captioned, “Hi stalker!”  

The 34-year-old wrote: ‘Stop stalking my page lovelies.

‘It’s quite sad… not only that but you’re making it more obvious by the day, seeing as we are not even friends on Facebook.

‘Nothing to see here pal unless I want you too… If you carry on I’ll post your antics for all to see. You have a beautiful day.

Kent Police are treating the disappearance of Alexandra Morgan as a potential murder inquiry and have said her family have not heard from her since November 14 which is 'completely out of character.' Pictured: Ms Morgan

Kent Police have declared Alexandra Morgan’s disappearance a possible murder investigation and said that her family has not heard anything from Alexandra Morgan since November 14, which seems ‘completely outlandish’. Pictured by Ms Morgan 

Rose McAuley (32), a petrol station manager, was a friend of Morgan’s and served Rose on Ms Morgan’s disappearance. She said that she purchased fuel, coffee, and snacks.

McAuley stated that McAuley arrived at her house early one morning. This was not her usual behavior and she was dressed up. Her disappearance is a mystery. 

According to her, she’s not embarrassed by anything so it is no surprise that she comes home scared. 

Residents can count on seeing more police officers as they continue to investigate the incident. 

The Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber stated that it was completely inappropriate for Alexandra to not contact her family and they are treating the case now as a possible murder.

“We continue to investigate, but I encourage anyone who saw Alexandra’s white Mini Cooper or its black roofed roof to call us.

“If you believe you might have seen Alexandra, or any other suspicious activity, do not hesitate calling us to let us know.

Pictured: Ms Morgan's white mini cooper on CCTV with the 34-year-old mother-of-two driving it

Pictured is Ms Morgan driving her white mini cooper while the camera records it being driven by the 34-year old mother-of-two. 

Both men are still in police custody and will be questioned further. 

Kent Police is asking anyone who saw Ms Morgan’s car or has any information to call them at 101, quoting the reference number 18-0280.

Other information, CCTV or dashcam footage that may be able to assist officers can be uploaded to the Major Incident Public Portal via this link:

Crimestoppers is also available anonymously via 0800555111 and their anonymous online form.