Moment security guard being manipulated by teenage yob outside amusement park. He then FLOORS him and chokes friend who attempts to intervene

  • Footage shows a fight between youths and a security guard at a Torquay arcade
  • The three 14-year olds had a row at 5.30pm on Tuesday, October 26th
  • In defense of his friend on the ground, one boy is choked by an employee
  • Golden Palms Amusement Arcade has declined to comment

Two of the three youths are seen being thrown to the ground by a security guard as they clash at Torquay’s arcade entrance.

The video shows one of the three boys, aged 14, arguing with the security guard and then slapping his face against the door of Golden Palms Amusement Arcade at 5.30pm on Tuesday, October 26th.

The footage shows the boy hitting the security guard across the face. To his surprise, the man grabs the boy’s arms before shoving him on the ground.

The security guard and the 14-year-old boy stand face-to-face with one another at the doors of Golden Palms Amusement Arcade in Torquay

The security guard is standing face-to-face in front of the 14-year old boy at the Golden Palms Amusement Arcade doors in Torquay.

The situation quickly escalates after the boy slaps the security guard around the face, to which he responds by grabbing the boys arms and shoving him towards the floor

The situation quickly escalates as the boy slaps at the security guard. To which he replies by grabbing the boy’s arms, and pushing him towards his death.

The security guard then placed his knee on the boy’s chest and held him down for a second.

Two other boys can also be seen pushing the man away from their friend. However, he retaliates by grasping one of his arms and tying his neck with his arm.

One of the friends shouts, “Don’t choke him!” 

The security guard grabs the boy by his neck and says: “You like it, don’t you?”The security guard pulls the boy by the neck and says, “You like it, do you?” To which the boy responds, “Get off my neck, get off my back.”

A parent filed a police report alleging that the guard was involved in an altercation with three Torquay boys on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 5.30pm.

The parent has also complained about the Securities Industry Association, which registers door staff and owners of the arcade at Cary Parade.

He claimed that his son, who was seen in red trainers in the footage from his phone camera, was going to defend his friend. 

The same parent took photographs of the marks his autistic son left on his neck and wrist.

The security guard has his knee on the 14-year-old's chest before getting up and dropping his walkie-talkie

The guard gets pushed off the boy on the floor by his two friends, but quickly retaliates by grabbing the boy with the red trainers, pictured right, around the neck

The parent of one the boys in the video with the red trainers claims that he pushed a security guard to defend his friend. He also took photographs of marks on his autistic son’s neck and wrist.

One of the boys’ fathers admitted that the first boy had slapped the guard.

“But that security guard should not have thrown a fourteen-year-old to the ground and then proceeded to wrap his hands around the boy’s throat.

“All my son did was push this security guard from his friend.

“At the conclusion, the security guard films them all using his personal mobile phone. He threatens the children by threatening them that he will find the kids when he finishes at work.

MailOnline reached out to Golden Palms and an employee of the company said that they are not permitted to comment on the incident or whether the security guard is still employed by them.