Amazing moment TWELVE Zookeepers wrestle Kanye, the 350kg monster reptile, to ‘alligator Jail’ until he stops attacking other animals and cools off.

  • The Australian Reptile Park takes a rogue American Alligator to isolation in order to stop him from attacking animals.
  • Kayne, named after the US mega-rapper, recently became hyper aggressive and needed to cool off in ‘jail’
  • The 12 wildlife experts at zoo had to catch the sex-obsessed creature because he is so powerful


An American Alligator was found at an Australian Zoo. He is so aggressive and sex-obsessed, 12 zookeepers had no choice but to wrestle him and put him in isolation.

Kayne West, named after the US rapper megastar, was taken to the zoo’s alligator prison where he will spend a few months with his victims to ‘calm down.

However, the 4m-tall creature shares a lagoon with 54 other reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park on NSW Central Coast. It was difficult to ‘take off an arm’ without breaking a sweat.

Kanye, an American Alligator at the Australian Reptile Park (pictured) has become so sex-obsessed and aggressive, 12 zookeepers had to wrestle the beast and take him to isolate

Kanye, an American Alligator from the Australian Reptile Park (pictured), has become so sex-obsessed, and aggressive that 12 zookeepers had the task of wrestling the beast and taking him to isolation 

The team started by lassoing Kayne's top jaw and dragging him away from the water's edge where the prehistoric predator can easily grab a hold of a person and quickly drown them under the surface into a death roll

Kayne was first dragged away from the water’s edge by the team. The prehistoric predator can grab hold of people and quickly drown them.

“So the plan was for Kayne to be caught and taken out the back so that he could have a little time out,” Daniel Rumsey (head of reptiles & spiders at the zoo), said. 

It isn’t easy to move a 350kg American Alligator. It was intense. 

“He’s one the most dangerous and aggressive here and at his height he’d be able to take an arm off without any worries.

Kayne was first snatched by the team. They then dragged him from the water’s edge, where the predator can easily grab a person’s neck and quickly drown them in a death roll.

With his 80 teeth and strong jaws, he can crack turtle shells far enough from the lagoon. Twelve wildlife experts were then assigned the unenviable task of pinning on the turtle’s back and taped its jaws shut.  

The team eventually managed to get him off to a quiet place where he can no longer do any harm.

Head of Reptiles and Spiders at the Central Coast facility, Daniel Rumsey (pictured over the on the alligator's back) said there is nothing easy about moving a 350kg American alligator. 'It was intense'

Daniel Rumsey is the Central Coast facility’s Head of Reptiles and Spiders. He can be seen looking over the back of the alligator. Rumsey said that it was not easy to move a 350kg American alligator. “It was intense”

Twelve wildlife experts then had the unenviable job of pouncing on its back and taping its jaws shut (pictured)

Twelve wildlife experts had to then take the unenviable task (pictured) of taping its jaws shut and pouncing on its back (pictured).

The 350kg monster was carted off to the zoo's alligator jail where he will have to spend a few months away from his victims to 'calm down'

The 350kg beast was taken to the zoo’s Alligator Jail where he will spend a few months away form his victims to ‘calm him down’

Zookeepers reported that male alligators have become more aggressive since the weather is warming up and that mating season has begun.

It’s not unusual for reptiles roar to attract females. However, Tim Faulkner, park director, stated that Kayne was charging at zookeepers while terrorizing other alligators.

‘Kanye has come out of hibernation explosive, therefore, he’s a danger to himself, to the other alligators and staff,” he told ABC 12.    

“Kanye has made other alligators very nervous.

‘He’s a young bloke, full of testosterone, and he’s raising havoc right now. It’s best to send him to the naughty corner to get some quiet time.

Back in March, 20 alligators were introduced to the lagoon were there were already 45 adults. Pictured: Kayne arrives in alligator jail

In March, 20 alligators arrived in the lagoon to replace the 45 adult ones. Pictured: Kayne arrives into alligator prison

It appears the influx of outsiders rile up Kayne, with alligators known to be extremely territorial. Pictured: Wildlife experts slowly move away from the dangerous predator

Kayne seems to be agitated by the influx of outsiders. Alligators are known for being extremely territorial. Pictured: Wildlife experts slowly move away the dangerous predator.

The zoo hopes that when his hormone levels drop back to normal after the summer, Kanye (pictured) will be able to return to the lagoon

Kanye (pictured), hopes to be able to return the lagoon to normal hormone levels after the summer.

Back in March, 20 alligators were introduced to the lagoon were there were already 45 adults. 

Kayne seemed to be agitated by the influx from outsiders. Alligators are known to be territorial. 

The zoo hopes that his hormone levels will drop to normal after the summer and that he will be able return to the lagoon. 

Rumsey stated, “Kayne will spend a few more months out there and once his calm down is over we will re-introduce them back to the lagoon along with the rest if his alligator mates.”