‘I’ve blown up every part of my life’: Shamed Matt Hancock apologises again in first TV interview since losing his job and wife over office affair

  • Matt Hancock was caught on CCTV cheating on his wife with his aide Gina Coladangelo in June, breaking social distancing rules he had created
  • Ex-Health Secretary admitted that he’d ‘blown up all parts of my life’
  • Hancock admitted that he’d ‘let people down’, and apologized to the hurt he caused. 

Shamed Matt Hancock admits that he had “blown up all parts of my life” after being caught cheating with his wife on CCTV. 

Ex-health secretary captured on video passionately kissing Gina Coladangelo, his married assistant and millionaire lobbyist, against his Whitehall office door in June.

After it was discovered that they had been seeing each other, even though she was his aide, and were violating social distancing guidelines Mr Hancock had established for them both. He lost his job.

Hancock, his first interview after quitting as health secretary following the loss of his wife for having an affair, apologised to his victims and said he’d ‘let people down’. 

Matt Hancock has admitted he had 'blown up every part of my life' after he was caught on CCTV cheating on his wife with his most senior aide

After he was captured on CCTV cheating with his wife, Matt Hancock admitted that he’d ‘blown everything up in my life’.

Mr Hancock was forced to resign for breaching social distancing guidelines after he was shown in CCTV footage kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo inside his ministerial office

After being caught on CCTV kissing Gina Coladangelo, his aide in the ministerial office, Mr Hancock had to resign. 

Speaking to ITV political editor Robert Peston on his show, Mr Hancock said: ‘Well, as you can imagine, the first thing that I focused on was my personal life, and then I focused on my professional responsibilities, and I decided that I had to resign.

“I’d blown up all of my lives and concentrated only on my personal, as I can imagine. This was the right decision.  

After he was found kissing Martha Coladangelo in his private office and violating his social distancing guidelines, the Tory MP exposed his cheating. 

Mr Hancock attempted to weather the political storm over his violations of Covid-19 and marital infidelity, but was forced to resign. 

Asking Mr Hancock on Peston if Boris Johnson surprised him not to sack Boris Johnson, he said that he wasn’t going into details about the conversation he had with the Prime Minster.

“I took the decision” [to resign]This was the right decision. Sorry again, for… I have let down a lot people and I am sorry to those who were hurt.  

After the shocking revelation of his affair with Oliver Bonas founder Oliver Tress’ aide, Hancock was forced to resign from his position as health secretary. 

In his first interview since quitting as health secretary, Mr Hancock said tonight he had 'let people down' and apologised to those he had hurt

Tonight, in his first interview as Health Secretary since his resignation, Mr Hancock stated that he’d ‘let people down’. He also apologized to the hurt he caused.

The Tory MP was exposed in June cheating on his wife Martha after he was caught kissing Ms Coladangelo, who he had appointed as an adviser, in his private office, breaching the social distancing guidelines that he had established. Pictured: Hancock and Ms Coladangelo in 2019

In June, the Tory MP, Martha, was discovered cheating after he was seen kissing Ms Coladangelo (who he had named as his adviser) in their private office. This was in violation of his social distancing guidelines. Photo: Hancock with Ms Coladangelo, 2019.

Hancock stated that he’s not in any hurry to get back to Government.

He explained that he enjoys being on his backbenches. This is a crucial job. 

“I believe contributions from people who were there in the heat… Theresa May’s contributions as a former Prime Minster. It would be a great honor to make such a contribution[then I will be pleased].’

According to reports, Mr Hancock is still seen by Ms Coladangelo but they are seldom seen together.

After marrying in 2006, the Hancocks had been living with their 14-year-old daughter and two of their sons (13 and 8 years respectively) in London until Mr Hancock’s affairs were exposed. 

The footage was shown and Mr Hancock resigned. He said that he would’reiterate [his] apology for not following the guidelines’.

He added, “The last thing that I want to do is have my private life divert attention from our single-minded focus in this crisis.”

“I would like to reaffirm my sincere apology for not following the guidelines and to apologise for making this difficult for my loved ones and family. I must also be present for my children during this difficult time.

A letter was also sent to the public, which read: “I am writing to resign from my position as Secretary of State Health and Social Care.”

“We’ve worked so hard in fighting the pandemic. It is not what I want for my private life distract me from the singular-minded focus which is helping us get out of this crisis.