N-ice stick! Shandy, the collie, steals his owner’s snow shovel as he attempts to clean a Leeds pavement.

  • Leo Creighton tried to clean the street outside of his Leeds pub.
  • Chemic Tavern customer Shandy (7 years old) stole the shovel from him.
  • Shandy then appears to be strutting from Leo, a leaning Leo, with the shovel in his mouth.

It’s the moment border collie, who won a tug-of war with his owner about a snow shovel — before going off to strut away with it.

Leo Creighton was cleaning the streets outside of his pub The Chemic Tavern Headingley Leeds. His 7-year-old puppy Shandy watched over him on Nov 29.

Shandy started to bite Leo’s snow shovel shaft, trying desperately to grab it.

Leo Creighton, in his 50s, was clearing the snow outside The Chemic Tavern pub in the Headingley area of Leeds, North Yorkshire

Leo Creighton in his 50s was clearing the snow out of The Chemic Tavern bar in Leeds’ Headingley region, North Yorkshire.

The dog took full advantage of the icy conditions in order to take the tool away from Leo

Leo was unable to use the cold conditions so the dog used every opportunity possible to grab the tool.

After falling on Storm Arwen’s ice, Creighton let go of his shovel to break his fall.

Shandy then ran into the front yard of the Tavern to stop his owner getting the shovel back.

Gary Rawson, an old friend of the couple and Chemic Tavern regular took the video. 

Rawson stated: “Leo and Shandy, local celebrities. You can guarantee a warm greeting and a waggingtail whenever they are out and about.”

Leo slipped on the ice caused by Storm Arwen while in atug of war over his snow shovel with his 7-year-old border collie Shandy

Leo fell on Storm Arwen’s ice while fighting for his snow shovel and Shandy, his border collie of 7 years.

Shandy, who Leo adopted when his previous owner died three years ago, then strutted away from his owner with the snow shovel in his mouth

Shandy was adopted by Leo when his former owner passed three years back. He then ran away with his snow shovel in hand.

Shandy can then be seen retreating into the snow-covered front garden of The Chemic Tavern

Shandy is then seen retreating to the front yard of The Chemic Tavern, covered in snow.

After Shandy’s death, Leo and Shandy were together for three consecutive years.

Leo, now in his 50s was familiar with border collie, having walked the dog for several years, while Shandy suffered from a painful back.

Leeds got its snow during the severe cold snap that large portions of the UK experienced last week after Storm Arwen.

The winds in the UK’s north reached nearly 100 mph, and the temperatures at -6C were recorded as rain and snow fell on Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

After Arwen cut power lines, electricity was restored to nearly 21,000 British homes.