The ‘Turnip Prize for Bad Art’ is awarded to Toy Panda. It recognizes art that has been created quickly and with minimal effort.

  • Artist Panda Mick was the recipient of the Turnip Prize
  • A mock prize is awarded to the artist who has put in the most effort when creating a piece.
  • Trevor Prideaux was inspired to create the competition after viewing Tracey Emin’s “My Bed” – controversial artwork which was displayed at Tate Gallery 

Britain’s most recognizable spoof of modern art award has been won by a toy panda named Mick.  

The Turnip Prize was won by the author of ‘Panda Mickey’, a subtle tribute to ‘pandemics’, in front a full audience at The New Inn. Wedmore. Somerset. 

The crowd cheered when the 69-year-old winner, who was using an alias with the surname ‘Pi Pi Ee’, accepted the prize – a turnip mounted on a six-inch nail.

This mock prize, which rewards artists who put in the most effort to a piece of work, was originally given as an insult at contemporary art in 1999.  

Trevor Prideaux came up with the competition idea after seeing Tracey’s Emin’s ‘My Bed’ – a controversial work which was exhibited at the Tate Gallery as one of the shortlisted works for the Turner Prize.

The Turnip Prize was awarded to the creator of 'Panda Mick' - a not so subtle homage to 'pandemic'

The Turnip Prize went to the inventor of “Panda Mick”, a subtle tribute to “pandemic”

The crowd cheered when the 69-year-old winner, who was using an alias with the surname 'Pi Pi Ee', accepted the prize - a turnip mounted on a six-inch nail

When the winner of the contest, aged 69, was able to accept the prize, a turnip on a 6-inch nail, the crowd cheered.

Speaking after ‘Panda Mick’ won this year’s Turnip Prize, Mr Prideaux said: ‘I am delighted with the lack of effort taken to create this work.’

Australian architect, The Artist, stated that she was originally from Sydney and had grand plans for art. She wanted to create something modern to add to the black and white foundation.

The winner of the prize, now living in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire added that it was a tremendous honour to be awarded this prestigious award.

Emma Jones, the representative of the artist who won the award, pictured with the Turnip Prize and 'Panda Mick'

Emma Jones, who is representing the artist that won the award. Pictured with Turnip Prize & ‘Panda Mick.

Pictured: One of the finalists, 'Glowball Warming' - a glowball on a hot water bottle

Pictured: One winner, “Glowball Heating” – A glowball placed on top of a hot water container

Another finalist, 'Green Energy' - a green 9v battery - is pictured above

The above photo shows another finalist, Green Energy. This is a green 9v battery. 

Prideaux stated that the event had attracted 96 entries this year, and added that this year’s winner “clearly has everything it takes to become recognized in contemporary art circles” and will be remembered for his contribution in art history forever.

He added: “I believe the Turnip Prize has produced by far superior works in the past 23 years than Alex Farquharson, The Tate Britain Gallery or any other gallery could ever hope to show.”

The New Inn, Wedmore Somerset, will have the final four contestants on display until Friday, December 3. I encourage you to continue supporting your local pub in these tough times.

“All entry at the pub on Friday after 3pm will be taken to the skip.”