Today, after a drunken woman hurled an torrent of racist abuses at a Wetherspoons black doorman and spat on him, she was arrested for fourteen weeks.

Sharna, 25-year-old Sharna, erupted into a fit of fury and shouted at Tristan Price (26), when he kicked him out of the bar in Birmingham.

The tirade was caught on camera as she pushed the security guard and called him a ‘black c***’ and a ‘f***ing n*****’ in front of shocked onlookers.

Walker of Worcester had a verbal altercation with Walker outside Wetherspoon’s Figure of Eight in Birmingham’s bustling Broad Street. This was May 22, 2018.

Walker was today sentenced for her racially-aggravated common assault plea and criminal damage related to the smashing of the pub’s front door.

Sharna Walker, 25, ( pictured in black) was today jailed for 14 weeks after she admitted racially aggravated common assault and criminal damage at Birmingham Magistrates Court

Sharna Walker (pictured in black) was sentenced to 14 weeks today after admitting that she had committed racially-aggravated common assault as well as criminal damage at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

Sharna Walker (pictured at an earlier hearing), 25, who went viral online in May after the incident in Birmingham's Broad Street leisure district, was jailed for 14 weeks at court today

Sharna (pictured at an early hearing), 25. After the incident at Birmingham’s Broad Street leisure District, which went viral in May, Sharna was sentenced to 14 weeks in jail today

In an Instagram post, she said that the incident at nightclub had caused her to apologize publicly and that she was not racist.

“I’m a black woman who loves my black co-workers and has even been in a relationship with black men.” 

After insisting she was not racist, she said that everyone has the right to free speech and shouldn’t have to be punished for it. 

Price claimed that he was shocked by the event and that he felt ‘cut up.

“I had a knife pulled against me at work. It was shocking,” he said. However, this was the worst. I was affected more by it because it was so cruel.

“Too many times when we raise racism like this, it is ignored. But it’s an important issue that we must address. 

After it was uploaded to social media, the clip had accumulated more than 2.5 million views. This caused outrage.

The clip, which accumulated over 2.5million views, caused outrage at the time after it was posted to social media. It captured the moment Walker, then 24, was booted out of the pub and began yelling at Mr Price for her bag

It was viewed more than 2.5million times and caused outrage when it was shared on social media. This video captured Walker at the time, when she was 24 years old and started shouting at Price about her bag.

Tristan Price (above), a power lifting champion and machine operative by day, and doorman by night, said he was left shocked and 'cut up' by the incident

Tristan Price, a powerlifting champion, machine operator, and doorman, stated that he was shocked by the event and was ‘cut up.

Walker (24 years of age) was taken out by the police and ordered to leave.

She tries to shout at one of her friends inside the venue, before storming towards the entrance shouting: ‘Where the f*** is my bag moron, where is my bag. 

‘Get my f****** bag then, get my f****** bag.’

While Mr Price remains calm throughout the altercation, Walker appears to push him and calls him a ‘black c****’.

She then repeatedly shouts ‘f****** n*****’ before spitting in full view of fellow revellers as she walks away.   

After the incident, West Midlands Police said that a woman aged 24 was detained and then released after posting bail. However, she could not enter Birmingham. 

Price was a champion powerlifter and machine operator by day and a doorman at night. He previously stated that it was crucial to ensure justice is done for the abuses to end racism. 

Walker, appearing in the dock at Birmingham Magistrates' Court (file photo above) wearing a long black coat, carrying a handbag and with sunglasses on her forehead, also admitted causing criminal damage to a door, including its glass panel and hinges

Walker was seen in Birmingham Magistrates Court wearing a long, black coat with a handbag, sunglasses on her forehead and carrying a pair of sunglasses.

He added: ‘I don’t want to bring trouble to her door but this behaviour needs to be called out. 

It is unacceptable. Many people have died from the racism they endured. We can’t ignore it. 

Heath Curley from Regional Wetherspoons praised Price’s calmness and called him a “very nice guy”.

He said, “This behavior is totally unacceptable. This woman will never be accepted in any Wetherspoons bars in the city center again.”

James Spencer was the chief inspector of Birmingham Police. He stated that it was an awful incident which had left people disgusted. The investigation was prioritized and the suspect has been quickly arrested. 

“Our City Centre Police Teams have been hard at work with local businesses in order to make this a safe, enjoyable city to visit.

“Racism is totally unacceptable, and we take this report seriously.”