As police investigate death of baby, mother-of-4 (aged 30) pays tribute to her beautiful five-month-old boy

  • Bryony Black (aged 30), left Shaw Black a tribute of flowers after her devastating loss.
  • Little Shaw became ill Monday. He was taken to the hospital and later died.
  • Dewsbury property has been sealed off by police as they investigate the death of a baby.

Today, a mother of four posted an emotion-filled tribute to her five-month old son. Police are investigating the incident.

Bryony Black (aged 30), was devastated and left behind a floral tribute as well as a card of sympathy in memory of Shaw Black who died on Monday.

The boy was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. He later succumbed.

The baby’s murder is being investigated by police and a Shaw Cross property has been sealed off in Dewsbury West Yorks.

Shaw’s mother Bryony placed a floral tribute at the scene. 

On a note she left along with the tributes, she said: To my wonderful baby boy. You will always be loved by Mummy, and I can’t begin to express how much.

Devastated Bryony Black, 30, left a floral tribute and a heart card in honour of little Shaw Black (pictured), who was taken ill on Monday

Bryony Black was 30 when she died. She left behind a flower tribute and a handwritten card to Shaw Black in her memory (pictured).

Police are investigating the baby's death and have sealed off a property in Shaw Cross, Dewsbury (pictured)

The baby’s murder is being investigated by police. They have also sealed off Shaw Cross in Dewsbury.

“The world is silent, still, and quiet without you. You are the one who sets it right. 

“You left a huge hole in my heart, along with your brothers and many other family members and friends.

I will continue to love you. Give and receive hugs and kisses till you see my beautiful face.

Little Shaw was survived by his twins, Andy and Billy (both six years old) and another child, James.

Since the child’s birth, Bryony and Alex separated. 

West Yorkshire Police continue to investigate Windsor Gardens, Dewsbury.

According to the force spokesperson, emergency services were dispatched to Dewsbury Monday in response to reports that a child had fallen ill.

“The boy died after being taken to the hospital. Investigations are continuing into the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death. 

“The family is supported by specially-trained officers.”

Neighbors said that Bryony lived in the flat with two bedrooms for about four to five years.

A close friend stated that they don’t know the cause. We know that the baby is dead. Nobody knows everything. It’s impossible to know the location of mum.

“The police are guarding the front door. They have been there since Monday. However, we don’t know exactly what is happening.

Last night, a floral tribute was left at the scene from Shaw's mother Bryony. In a heart card left with the tributes, she wrote: 'To my beautiful baby boy. Mummy can't even begin to tell you how much you will be missed.'

Shaw’s mother Bryony left a floral memorial at the scene last night. She left a card with her tributes that included the words: “To my precious baby boy. You will always be loved by Mummy, and I can’t begin to express how much.

Local grandmother and friend to the family said that he was a charming little boy. He was a lovely, little boy. It is very sad.

Our grandkids would play with their grandchildren. Her baby used to be with her. She never gave up on the children.

Locals added that police are on guard and no one can enter the apartment. Police have taken pictures of the interior but don’t know what they’re looking for.

« The flowers she left there on Tuesday. The top apartment was her home. Alex never lived in the top flat. Shaw was born to Shaw’s parents.

“The children were always out playing. For hours, she would go out with the kids to play soccer. Her purchases included pencils and colouring books for her children.

She spent 60 of her seventy-pounds on Nerf guns, which are toy guns that fire sponge bullets – and were bought for the children in the neighborhood.

“They were filming them everywhere on the estate. We took three hours to collect them all.