Parents furious claim that their children were left “severely ill” and “doubled over in pain” after they received ‘completely uncooked’ chicken burgers from Nottingham academy

  • Parents have criticised the food served at Bulwell Academy in Nottinghamshire 
  • Lindsey McFarlane took this photo of her niece’s ‘raw chicken burger’ that was served to students
  • She claims her daughter was forced to leave school due to the fact that she had eaten the meal. 

An angry couple has criticized a school for their kids’ ‘completely uncooked’ chicken burgers. They claim that the children were left with food poisoning and are now in severe pain. 

Photo of a student Parents claim their children got sick after they ate the same meal at Bulwell Academy, Nottinghamshire on Wednesday 8th December. This has caused backlash online.  

Lindsey McFarlane took to Facebook to share the photo her niece took of the school dinner, while revealing her own daughter had eaten the entire undercooked meal and has been ill as a result. 

This criticism comes after students complained that they were being told outside to eat lunch in the cold. 

Parents have hit out at the 'horrendous' food being served at a Nottinghamshire school after images emerged online of a raw chicken burger (pictured)

Parents have hit out at the ‘horrendous’ food being served at a Nottinghamshire school after images emerged online of a raw chicken burger (pictured) 

Lindsey McFarlane took to Facebook revealing her niece had taken the photo of the 'completely raw chicken burger' served for lunch

Lindsey McFarlane posted on Facebook that her niece took the picture of the “completely raw chicken hamburger” she was served as lunch 

In a follow-up post, Lindsey said the school have removed the burger from their menu and blamed their supplier for the quality of the food

Lindsey reported that Lindsey had informed the school to remove the burger off their menu. She also blamed their supplier on the poor quality of their food. 

Lindsey expressed her frustrations to Nottinghamshire Live as well, saying that: “It is horrendous, and my daughter has been really sick.”

“Children are able to trust schools to provide them with food, but I didn’t think to ask her to verify that the food was cooked. It can be dangerous.

According to the mother, her daughter went home from school after suffering from pain for two days.

Lindsey stated that Lindsey woke up in a terrible state of health at 3 AM. She is consuming minimal food – she will eat what little food she has left.

“They need to check their meat. I hope that it wasn’t a mistake. I did get a call from the head teacher to apologize. However, I was absolutely furious and it is vital that they verify.

She explained that the school took out the burgers and blamed the supplier.

One parent said that their son was in constant pain and had to go to the toilet every day. The only thing he ate was a school chicken burger, which he replied that he had enjoyed. I thought it might have been a bug. 

Responses to Lindsey's Facebook post claimed their children were also unwell after eating a chicken burger at the school

Lindsey’s post on Facebook received many responses. They claimed that their children also felt sick after having eaten a chicken burger from the school. 

Another one said that she was blessed! We hope that she’s feeling well and feels better quickly. These are amazing! Even my 11-year old daughter can do better.

The third said: “Hope she is feeling better Lindsey. That poor thing sounds horrible. Shylah has been sent home feeling sick today. Her friend also asked about yesterday’s dinner and she said they had the chicken burger. 

A fellow parent, Christine Rae, 52, previously told how she’d been asked to pay £30 for a letter from her doctor so her daughter can have a pass to go to the loo in lesson time when on her period. 

Concerning food, she stated that “my daughter visits here for lunch since she says the dinners were absolutely disgusting.”

I can’t believe it! Because of all of it, I felt like taking my child out of school. It is terrible.

Bulwell Academy spokeswoman said, “Because our food safety is very serious in our kitchen, we have few incidents. If they do happen, appropriate action is taken – as it was in this case – to ensure the usual high standard of safety is not compromised. ‘