Shocked McDonald’s customer films bags full of takeaway food being thrown on the floor when he goes to find out what has happened to his delivery

  • Ryan Covill (35), filmed McDonald’s employees in Dartford Kent, throwing food bags.
  • Drivers crowd the streets to see empty bags being dropped on the ground. 
  • Facebook comments on this video indicate that it was a problem with delivery apps  

Here’s the moment that a stunned McDonald’s customer captured bags of food being dropped onto the ground by the staff.

Ryan Covill (35), a floor layer, claimed that he took the video in McDonald’s Dartford on December 3, when he was frustrated by the delay of his delivery.

You can see delivery drivers waiting while staff attempt to organize a stack of orders.

One driver, who claimed to be part of the video’s comments, stated that the issue was due to a problem on Just Eat. He also said that the bags found on the floor should be put in the garbage bin.

You can see drivers crowding around McDonald’s workers as they sort through bags that are filled with orders.

The employee grabs some orders from the customer and then throws them onto the ground.

One witness can be heard saying, “She is throwing the food like no one’s food. Someone’s got to have that.”

Brian Covill posted the video. It is captioned “McDonald’s Dartford tonight.” He went to McDonald’s because his son didn’t like the food. 

The employee can be seen throwing bags full of food on the floor at a McDonald's branch in Dartford, Kent on December 3

On December 3, the employee at McDonald’s Dartford in Kent can be seen throwing food bags on the ground. 

“After waiting over an hour for my food, I decided that it was worth the wait.”

Order was placed from Just Eat. We drove there. When I arrived at the Mac D’s, my order had been cancelled. So I told the Mac D’s what happened.

“Then, she began throwing all of the food onto the ground. It was nuts, that is someone’s business and they just throw profit away and could of at least offered it to drivers etc but just throwing around in front of people, joke.’

The staff try to sort through dozens of orders, before some are suddenly chucked to the ground

Staff try to sort through the dozens of orders before they are all thrown away.

It has been viewed over 11,000 times, and some viewers have raised questions about hygiene. Catherine Carter commented, “Disgusting. Disgusting. The food hygiene was poor. 

However, one commenter, who claimed to be a delivery driver said the bags on the floor were meant for the bin, as orders that came through on the drivers’ app had not come through on the McDonald’s system. 

They also said that the orders were the mixes-ups which went in the trash. 

Delivery drivers and some customers wait around the counters as the employee sorts through the bags

Some customers and delivery drivers wait at the counters while the worker sort through bags. 

Laura Fletcher commented: “My food was always cold after it was delivered. I have had many orders where food went missing, so I took the entire order down to get hot food.

But Kirsty Reyland added: ‘The food isn’t being thrown on the floor then given to customers. If that is what you believe, then it’s crazy.

“The staff were clearly overwhelmed with orders and didn’t push drivers, so the customers were left waiting. This happens at all McDonald’s locations.

The disgusted customer films the McDonald's staff looking through bags and placing  orders on the ground

The disgusted customer films the McDonald’s staff looking through bags and placing  orders on the ground

According to a spokesperson from Just Eat: “At Just Eat we want our customers have positive experiences when they order food online.

“We are still investigating this matter and we are in touch to the restaurant partner. 

McDonald’s spokeswoman said that there were issues with McDelivery, but it is available through Just Eat or Uber Eats.

The staff stated that McDelivery had been unavailable for the last weekend, which led to delays in picking up orders.

“Our Dartford team worked quickly to correct the situation and prepare fresh orders.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you,”