Hellish stay! These shocking photos show how guests left their mark on hotels and vacation rentals, from broken glass tables to broken sinks.

  • All over the globe, social media users have shared terrible hotel rooms
  • The most disturbing images have been compiled by Traveler Door 
  • One photo shows a bathroom sink that has a big hole that exposes pipes. 
  • Another snap reveals graffiti sprayed on walls in a wrecked living room

Although guests have the option to read hotel reviews before booking a hotel, these images show that sometimes hoteliers should verify customers’ behavior before giving them rooms. 

Many social media users around the world shared horrifying photos showing how holiday rentals and hotel rooms were left after guests had returned. Other images show the condition in which the room was found by state guests.  

Some of the most beautiful examples were posted on an Israel-based blog Traveler Door 

Untrained hotel workers discovered art on the wall of a bedroom and trash all over the floor. One hotel worker found the headboard with leather quilted design completely destroyed.  

The visible pipes are seen after the sink has been smashed. Another photo depicts an apartment that is void of ceilings and with graffiti on the walls.    

Traveler Door rounded up photos of chaos left behind by destructive guests at hotels and Airbnbs - including British guest who left pipes exposed after smashing the bathroom sink

Traveler Door has gathered photos from Airbnbs and hotels of the chaos caused by guests who have broken into bathrooms or left their pipes open. 

Another photograph would leave even the most experienced cleaner baffled about where to start tidying up, after David Lee Roth trashed his hotel room during the 1982 Van Halen Tour

A second photograph will leave any cleaner stumped as to where to begin cleaning up after David Lee Roth destroyed his hotel room on the 1982 Van Halen Tour.

Snacks as you splash! A photograph of an indoor swimming pool in America shows that a guest left behind the bones of their Popeyes chicken

Get snacks as you splash. An American indoor pool photo shows how a guest has left behind their Popeyes chicken bones. 

One photograph reveals the outcome of letting a family stay in a luxury suite, after the children popped half the buttons in a headboard

After the kids had popped half of the buttons on a headboard, this is the result. 

Another snap captured the shattered glass after a table broke beyond repair when professional basketball plater Stephen Curry practiced golf in the room of his hotel in Atlanta

Another picture captured the glass shattering after the table was broken beyond repair by professional basketball plater Stephen Curry. He practiced his game of golf in an Atlanta hotel’s room. 

Another anonymous hotel guest tried to reassure the cleaner that the stain in their room is from dropping a pork chop

An anonymous guest at the hotel tried to assure the cleaner that their stain was caused by dropping a pork chop. 

The guests in this room left behind three bags of rubbish and had ruined the bed - the mattress was torn apart and there were no springs

This room was occupied by three guests, who left behind three bags full of garbage and had damaged the bed. There were no springs and the mattress was torn.

This woman was reportedly paired with a stranger for a twin room in a budget hotel. The room itself was fine, but the woman was horrified by the other person's messiness

The woman was apparently paired up with someone else for a double room at a low-cost hotel. Although the room was clean, the women was disgusted by the messiness of the stranger. 

One guest walked into a bathroom, believed to be in the US, to find a soiled nappy on the changing table, which was left open for everyone to see

One of the guests walked in a US-based bathroom looking for a wet nappy to change on the table.

Good riddance! A woman took to her social media account to boast about stealing an expensive wine glass as a souvenir

Good riddance! One woman posted on her Facebook page that she had stolen a high-end wine glass to commemorate the occasion. 

Not so sweet dreams! A guest, believed to be in the U.S, removed his clothes and fell asleep on the floor outside of his room

Not so sweet dreams! Unknown guest, who was believed to have been in the U.S., took off his clothing and fell asleep outside his bedroom.