23-year-old shop worker finds dead baby in plastic bag stored at neighbor’s house. Police arrest two females, aged 17 and 45 on suspicion of murder.

  • Darnell Jackson (23 years old) rushed home to South Yorkshire around noon yesterday
  • His partner Carol Hirst, 28, told him she had seen a dead baby at the property
  • Shortly thereafter, police were dispatched to Rossington in Doncaster.
  • Police have taken two women aged 45 and 17 into custody 

One shop worker was horrified to report that he found the body of his baby inside a plastic bag stored at his neighbor’s freezer. 

Darnell Jackson (23), rushed to South Yorkshire’s home at midday yesterday, after Carol Hirst (28) told him that she saw a baby dead there. 

The baby died at the scene after police arrived at Rossington, Doncaster shortly after 12.15pm.

The arrests of two young women (aged 17 and 45) have been made on suspicion that they are murder suspects and the police continue to hold them.

Darnell Jackson (pictured above), 23, rushed to the home in South Yorkshire at around midday yesterday after his partner Carol Hirst, 28, told him she had seen a dead baby there

Darnell Jackson, 23, (pictured above), rushed to South Yorkshire’s home at midday yesterday when his 28-year-old partner Carol Hirst told him that she saw a baby dead there.

Police were called to the property in Rossington, Doncaster, shortly afterwards at 12.15pm but the baby was sadly pronounced dead at the scene (police car pictured outside home)

Officers were dispatched to Rossington, Doncaster at 12.15pm. The infant was declared dead on the spot (picture of police car outside the home).

Jackson stated that he believed she was telling the truth, but he had to check it for himself. Carol told me that there was a baby dead and she then hung up.

She was calling the police from the telephone and she had to take me through her first living room. 

“I was walking through the second living space and noticed the Herons plastic bag that had been taken from the freezer.

“I literally reached for the bag and took a quick look. I immediately knew it was dead as Carol and my daughter had just given birth so there was no doubt in me.

The baby was placed in the foetus’ position. The baby’s skin was clearly frozen. There was also a lot of frost at its legs.

“I was stunned and speechless. The bag was immediately recognized by me at Herons, the nearby supermarket.

A police officer is pictured at the scene. The force has asked people to avoid the area and for the public not to speculate the circumstances around the baby's death.

An officer from the police department is seen at the scene. Force asked for people to stay clear of the scene and that they refrain from speculate about the causes of death.

A police car parked outside the home in Rossington, Doncaster. A cordon remains in place on the street while officers carry out investigations

The police car was left parked at the Rossington, Doncaster home. While officers conduct investigations, a cordon is still in place.

“I fled because I could not stay at the house. I smoked a pipe in the backyard to soothe my nerves. I was physically sick, and I waited to see the police.

Ms Hirst was his partner. She said, “I was traumatised from what I saw and I had to go home and see my baby, Ivy Marie Jackson.” 

While police investigate, officers maintain a perimeter around the area. 

Force asked that people avoid the area, and the public refrain from speculation about the cause of the infant’s death.

Jamie Henderson, temporary superintendent, said that it was a very tragic case. I am sure the people in my community as well as those farther afield are going to be shocked by what happened.

“At this point, our investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of the baby is still in its early stages. We ask you not to speculate on the matter.”

“There’s a cordon on Norman Crescent, Rossington. While our officers do their jobs. We ask the public not to go there.

Anyone with information that could assist police enquiries is urged to call 101, quoting incident number 325 of 16 December.