Former guest star on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, she has joined the chorus of women accusing Chris Noth for sexual misconduct.

Zoe Lister Jones, an actress, posted a Thursday Instagram story about her interactions with him. She claimed that he was inappropriate to sexually act towards women working at the New York City club where he lived and that he sniffed her neck when he was drunk while filming the detective series.

Her allegations come just hours after The Hollywood Reporter published two other women’s claimed he raped and sexually abused them.

Since then, a newspaper clipping has also emerged featuring claims by model Beverly Johnson who claims that Noth had attacked her and threatened to kill her while they were dating in the 1990s. 

Los Angeles Police Department says that they no longer have an investigation into the Sex and the City actor’s claims of rape in his LA apartment. Noth (67) has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Noth Although he admitted that he had ‘consensual encounters with’ the accusers in the Hollywood Reporter article, a strong denial was made about any abuse. reached out to Noth for more information.  

Zoe Lister-Jones has claimed that actor Chris Noth was 'sexually inappropriate' to female workers at a club he owned in New York City and once sniffed her neck as she guest starred on an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent in 2005.

Noth,67, has vehemently denied the claims of sexual abuse

Zoe Lister Jones, left, claimed Chris Noth, actor at the club in New York City, was “sexually insensitive” to women workers. He once sniffed his neck while she appeared on an episode in Law and Order: Criminal Intent 2005. The claims of sexual abuse have been denied by Noth (right).

Noth returned to his role as Detective Mike Logan following the original run of Sex and the City

After the first run of Sex and the City, Noth was back in his original role as Detective Mike Logan.

In her Instagram story on Thursday, Lister-Jones said she was 'relieved' by the death of Chris Noth's character on And Just Like That because she remembers him being 'consistently sexually inappropriate' with a female promoter and sniffing her hair when she guest starred on Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Lister-Jones stated that she is’relieved’ by Chris Noth’s death on And Just Like That. She said it in an Instagram post on Thursday. Lister Jones recalls Noth being “consistently sexually inappropriate” with a female promoter and sniffing at her hair while she guest starred as Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Lister-Jones (39), was the first female to call out Noth’s alleged inappropriate sexual behavior on Thursday night in her Instagram post.

The actress wrote that her inspiration to tell her story came after two women (Zee now aged 40 and Lily now 31, respectively) told The Hollywood Reporter about their experiences.

She began the statement by the actress who is best known for her role in Life in Pieces: “Last week my friend asked me what I thought about Mr. Big’s passing on And Just Like That. I replied honestly that I felt relieved,” she wrote. This was in reference to Noth’s roles on Sex and the City and its spinoff.

“He was curious and asked me why. I explained that I couldn’t tell the actor apart from the male, which is the reason the man is a predator of sexual relations. 

“My friend was concerned about my use of the word. To be honest, I was too.

An old newspaper clipping posted to Instagram on Thursday appeared to show court documents accused Noth of 'battering' model Beverly Johnson back when they were dating

A clipping from an old newspaper that was uploaded to Instagram Thursday showed court documents showing Noth accused of “battering” model Beverly Johnson in the past.

“I had not thought about the man for so long, but there was something deep in my vocabulary that brought out a virile quality.”

Lister Jones explained, “In my twenties I worked at New York’s Chris Noth club and, on the few occasions that Chris would appear, he was constantly sexually indecent with a female promoter.” 

The same year I also appeared as a guest star of Law and Order. This was the first time he returned to Law and Order as a detective since “SATC.” 

She stated that “He was drunk” and added: “During my interrogation scene, he had a 22-ounce beer under his table, which he would consume in between takes.

In one breath, he came to my side, sniffed me neck, and said, “You smell nice.”

“I did not say anything.” My club friend never spoke. This is rare.

Noth's most famous role is as Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) love interest John James 'Mr. Big' Preston on Sex and the City and now its spin-off

Noth’s most famous role is as Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) love interest John James ‘Mr. Sex and the City with Big Preston and its spin-off

She claimed that her experiences were small in comparison to the other allegations against Noth that were reported on Thursday

Her experiences, she said, were not as significant as the others against Noth reported Thursday.

She concluded her statement by cursing out Noth's character on Sex and the City, claiming that he capitalized on the role to seduce women

Her statement ended with a cursing of Noth’s character in Sex and the City. She claimed that he took advantage of the opportunity to seduce women.

She said, “Part and parcel of being a woman is knowing how to manage yourself in these situations,” she added. 

“In negating their effect as a way of survival. The feelings associated with transgressions we were taught to avoid is perfectly normal.

“My experience is small in comparison with the stories of violence that have been bravely shared today.

All women have to carry the burden of navigating predation at every level. For the most part, there’s no accountability nor consequence.

‘Chris Noth capitalized on the fantasy that women believe Mr. Big represented,’ she alleged, concluding: ‘F*** Mr. Big.’ 

Lister-Jones was a guest star on Law and Order: Criminal Intent 2005. This episode, entitled Diamond Dogs, marked Noth’s first return to the series after the initial run of Sex and the City.  

She didn’t specify which club Noth claims she was sexually inappropriate at. Page Six reports that Noth owns The Cutting Room in Manhattan, and is an investor in The Plumm.   

After the reboot of Sex and the City, And Just Like That, allegations of sexual misconduct against Noth surfaced, they were brought back to HBO.

There is no evidence that Sex and the City co-stars made comments about the claims.

In fact, Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte, failed to mention them entirely when she appeared on the Late Late Show on Thursday. 

James Corden was also adamant about avoiding the subject. She simply answered, “Good,” when he asked how she felt about the spin-off. 

After The Hollywood Reporter had published additional allegations about Noth, Lister-Jones appears to have confessed.

The report stated that Noth had been having sex from behind with both of them in front of mirrors. This first attack was alleged to have occurred in 2004. However, the second one reportedly took place in 2015. 

The two women both also allege that the attacks took place in one of Noth’s homes – the first in his Los Angeles apartment and the second in his New York City property – after the actor invited them over. 

According to both women, the Sex and the City revival – and Just Like That – has triggered painful memories about their past encounters with Noth. Noth is a shock victim of Mr. Big’s sudden death.   

Noth, who was married to Wilson but has two sons, Keats, and Orion, said that he did have ‘consensual interactions’ with Wilson’s women. However, he strongly denied all allegations that he assaulted the women. 

The statement states that “the accusations made against me by people I have known for years or even decades are categorically false.” 

‘These stories could’ve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross. These encounters were consensual. 

‘It’s difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I don’t know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.’ 

Married Sex And The City star Chris Noth - pictured with his wife Tara Wilson this month - has also been accused of rape and sexual assault by two other women

Chris Noth of Married Sex And The City – seen here with Tara Wilson this Month – was also charged with rape, and sexual assault by 2 other women 

Noth has two sons with Wilson - Orion (pictured), 13, who was born in 2008, seven years before the alleged second attack took place, and Keats, one, who was born in 2020

Noth has two sons with Wilson - Orion, 13, who was born in 2008, seven years before the alleged second attack took place, and Keats (pictured), one, who was born in 2020

Wilson and Noth have two sons – Orion (left), 13, was born in 2008 seven years before the second attack. Keats (right), was born 2020.

According to one of the accusers, Zoe, she claimed that Noth first met her while working in an entry-level role at a well-known firm where Noth was a regular client. 

The actress, who at the time was the height of Sex and the City fame and according to Zoe’s then boss was considered a “god” by colleagues and her peers, began to flirt with her at work. 

‘It was very painful. I yelled, “Stop!”” Noth says that Noth was his first victim. He left Noth bleeding in his LA house.

Zoe, 40-year-old Zoe was Noth’s first accuser. Zoe claims Noth invited Zoe to Los Angeles to pick up a book and then raped her. 

She claimed that he “kissed” her at the door and then she ‘tentatively smacked him in return’. 

Zoe claims that an actor pulled Zoe toward himself, moved her towards the bed and took off her bikini top and shorts, before beginning to rape her from behind while she was ‘facing a Mirror’. 

It was extremely painful, and I shouted “Stop!” According to her, he didn’t. ‘And he didn’t. He didn’t. I asked him, “Can you get at least a condom?” I laughed and he agreed. 

Zoe claims she noticed blood on Zoe’s shirt after the incident and went back to Noth’s apartment to wash it off. 

Her friends encouraged her to visit the hospital, where she received stitches. 

“I was stitched. Two officers arrived. I wouldn’t say who it was,’ she says, claiming that she feared she would ‘not be believed’ and could ‘be fired’ if she publicly accused Noth of rape.

Noth was dating Wilson since 2001. Wilson had previously been with Noth for three years. The couple met at The Cutting Room in New York, where Wilson worked as a bartender. 

Zoe claims that the actor started leaving flirty messages on Zoe’s voicemail, which was noticed by her boss. 

The boss spoke to THR and confirmed she knew about the messages. She said it was strange for the actor to reach out to her younger worker, but she insisted that they were not a concern. 

Zoe alleges that Noth assaulted her at West Hollywood’s apartment. She was 22 when he abducted her. The friend who confirmed their visit to the pool said that Noth raped Zoe and that Noth left Zoe a book while she went to his apartment to make a call.  

According to her, Noth asked her to bring the book back to him and told her that he would ‘love for her to tell his thoughts’. 

Zoe went to Noth’s home to hand the book back. Zoe says Noth “kissed” her right away as soon she walked in the door. But she later revealed that she didn’t feel initially bothered by her kiss. 

But she claims Noth pulled her towards himself, moved her onto his bed, and then removed her bottoms and bikini underwear, before they raped her from behind while they were looking at a mirror.   

The actress also said that the actor didn’t use protection and that he laughed at her when she asked for a condom. She claims that she was left with bleeding from the attack and that she had to be admitted to hospital to receive stitches.  

‘It was very pain and I yelled, “Stop!” She told THR. ‘And he didn’t. He didn’t. I replied, “Can we at least get condoms?” I laughed and he agreed.  

Following the incident, Noth claims she went to her friend’s place, in the same building, to try to get the blood off her shirt. She was then urged to proceed to Cedars-Sinai by her friends, who told her that she had been attacked.  

“I was stitched. Two officers arrived. I wouldn’t say who it was,’ she says, claiming that she feared she would ‘not be believed’ and could ‘be fired’ if she publicly accused Noth of rape.  

Zoe does not believe Noth was assaulted or raped, however she claims that she did talk to people about the attack, such as her boss, who said THR that Zoe called her after the alleged sexual assault and told her Noth had attacked. 

According to Zoe, her boss, who is now deceased, said Zoe was upset and in shock during the call. She relayed details about the horrible incident but she insists that Zoe not reveal it. 

“I was 25 when I did it. It was overwhelming. I didn’t know what to do,’ the unnamed woman said.

It does not appear that any of his Sex and the City costars have commented on the allegations. In fact, Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte, failed to mention them entirely when she appeared on the Late Late Show on Thursday

The allegations have not been made public by any of Sex and the City co-stars. Kristin, the actress who plays Charlotte, did not even mention these allegations during her appearance on Thursday night’s Late Late Show

Both women told THR that the recent publicity surrounding the release of the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That prompted them to come forward with their claims

They both claimed to have been inspired by the public attention surrounding the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That. 

Noth has featured heavily in the press in the past week after his character, Mr. Big, died of a heart attack in a shocking twist in the first episode of the new reboot

Noth was prominently featured in the news this week, after Mr. Big died from a heart attack. This shocking twist occurred in Episode 1 of the New Reboot. 

Noth’s second accuser, Lily, who is now working as a journalist, told a similar story to THR, alleging that the actor raped her in his home in Greenwich Village after they struck up a flirty relationship while she was working as a server at former New York nightclub No.8 in 2015, when she was 25. 

Noth, then sixty years old, had been married for three years to his wife. They had had one child, Orion in 2008, and had had one more. Keats, their second son was born in 2020. 

Actor’s second victim alleges that he assaulted her in New York.

The second accuser – a woman using the pseudonym Lily, now 31 – alleges that Noth assaulted her in his apartment in Greenwich Village in 2015 after he invited her on a date at Italian restaurant Il Cantinori.

Lily said that they had to drink wine together because the restaurant kitchen was closed when they arrived. Noth recommended that the pair return to their home in order to sample some of his whiskeys. 

They spent some time listening to music and talking about his books on art and fashion, she says. He then tried to get in a relationship with her. 

Lily said that she had ‘cautiously entertained him’, but that he became more assertive with time. 

He kept trying to keep trying. I could have said nothing more, but he left. The next thing she knew, he had pulled his pants down and was standing right in front of her,’ she said, adding that he then “thrust his penis into my mouth”.

Noth, who she claimed was married to Tara Wilson and they had one child together at that time, said that her marriage was a scam and that “monogamy wasn’t real” before torturing her. 

‘[Suddenly]She said that he was going to have sex from behind a chair with me. She said, “We were standing in front of the mirror. It was quite distressing.

Lily claimed that Lily went to the restroom and changed into her skirt after the incident. 

Describing herself as a long-time fan of the actor – whom she knew from his days starring in Law & Order, as well as his role on Sex and the City – Lily says she was ‘truly star-struck’ when he began ‘hitting on her’. 

“He was hitting on my, for certain. He was very kind to me. She said that she knew he was married.  

Lily claims that Noth sought her number and then asked her to go out to dinner with him. They arranged to meet up at Il Cantinori, an Italian restaurant – featured on an episode of the Sex and the City original series.  

But, the restaurant had already closed by the time the couple met, and Lily said they “had wine at the bar” and talked about Noth’s inability to appear in Sex and the City 3.

Lily acknowledges that she “had too many to drink” but insists that it was not a serious problem when she went to Greenwich Village with actor Michael Jackson to sample some of his whiskeys.   

According to the woman, who said she was not sexually active at that time, she insists she didn’t believe that he would attempt to have sex. She simply thought they’d ‘drink whiskey’ and talk about their acting careers. 

Lily said that the couple listened and discussed music in his home before Lily began to try to have sex with him. 

While she acknowledged that she entertained him with caution, she stated that she hesitated because he seemed older and more mature than she. 

Lily however claims that he became stronger over time and claimed that he just kept trying. 

“I shouldn’t have said more and then left,” she stated, adding that the next thing she knew he was standing before her, pulling down her pants, and before she could say anything, he had ‘thrusting her penis into his mouth.   

He claimed that she had told her about his wife and children, but then he said to her that “marriage was a sham” and “monogamy wasn’t real”. Lily says that Noth then sexually assaulted her behind while she was sitting in a chair facing a mirror. 

“He was having sex from behind me in a chair. He was looking at us through a mirror. She says that she was almost crying during the incident. 

Lily claims that after the assault, Lily went to the toilet and changed her clothes. She claimed she felt ‘awkward’ and was ‘totally violated.  

She added, “All my fantasies with the star that I had loved for so many years were over,” 

The second woman - Lily - claims that the alleged attack took place in Noth's Greenwich Village apartment (building pictured) after they met while she was working as a server in a club

Lily, the second woman at issue claims that Noth was attacked in Noth’s Greenwich Village Apartment (pictured). Lily met Noth while she worked as a server in an evening club.

Lily says she was working as a server in the VIP section of New York nightclub No. 8 (pictured), which has since closed, when Noth 'hit on her' in 2015

Lily claims she worked as a server at the VIP section in New York’s nightclub No. 8 (pictured), has since been closed by Noth. 

Lily said that while in Uber, she talked to Alex (THR) on the phone. Alex informed Lily about Noth’s sex and told her she acted ‘pretty violently’. Although her friend insisted that Lily phone the police to report it, she said she didn’t.  

Alex Lily, Lily’s friend confirmed Lily’s story. Alex claimed Lily listened after the incident to Noth’s voicemail.

According to Alex, Noth said in the message: ‘Hey, hope you didn’t take anything wrong last night. It was great fun. Just want to make sure you didn’t take it the wrong way.’ 

However Lily offered a different recollection of the message, claiming that Noth told her: ‘I had a nice time and would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t talk to your girlfriends. That would be awesome if you could keep the conversation between me and you. 

Lily also gave The Hollywood Reporter text messages between Noth and herself in March 2015 and April 2015. The actor asked Lily whether she enjoyed their evening last week, and Lily replied that he thought it was great fun, but wasn’t sure what her feelings. 

The outlet reported that Lily replied she enjoyed it. [Noth’s]Company’s but she said that she felt ‘a little used’ before suggesting they keep their conversation going over the phone.  

Noth suggested that they meet again. She sent messages to her suggesting that they “have a cocktail” and that she didn’t have it at his house, even though he’s the best whiskey. 

In another message seen by THR, Noth reportedly asked Lily: ‘Oh mysterious one… where did you go.’

Lily states that she had agreed to have dinner with him on one occasion, but they ultimately cancelled and never met again. 

According to Lily, she and Noth went on a date to Italian eatery Il Cantinori - however the kitchen was closed by the time they got there, so she says they drank wine at the bar

Lily said that Noth and she had gone on a date at Il Cantinori, an Italian restaurant in Rome. But the kitchen was shut by then so Lily claimed they went to the bar to drink wine.

The restaurant actually featured in season four of Sex and the City, serving as the location for lead character Carrie Bradshaw's 35th birthday party (pictured)

This restaurant was actually used in the fourth season of Sex and the City. It served as the venue for Carrie Bradshaw’s 35th birthday celebration (pictured). 

Zoe and her have never spoken openly about the allegations. Zoe and Sheryl first became aware of the publicity around the Sex and the City reboot in January this year. 

Noth was accused of making false accusations just one week ago. He had been reprising his role in Sex and the City’s reboot And Just Like That, in which his character dies from a heart attack following a Peloton-bike workout. 

The shock death of Mr Big caused outrage in viewers and provoked furious reaction from Peloton, who saw their shares drop 11% after the premiere episode.

Peloton airs a Peloton commercial featuring Noth playing Mr Big three days after his first episode on HBO Max. This was alongside Jess King, a real-life trainer who appeared in And Just Like That.  

Peloton has removed the commercial from their social media accounts. King was also featured in it. 

A spokesperson for Peloton stated that Noth’s allegations of sexual assault must be investigated and taken seriously in a statement to 

‘We were unaware of these allegations when we featured Chris Noth in our response to HBO’s reboot. We are currently investigating the allegations and have stopped advertising this video or archived social posts.

HBO Max has not yet commented publicly on the allegation; has reached to Noth’s representatives.

Peloton DELETES viral advertisement starring Chris Noth and Mr Big, from social media after bombshell claims of sexual assault… Ryan Reynolds cut clip in record-breaking time

  • Two anonymous women have accused Chris Noth of sexual assault.
  • SATC’s actor denies the allegations, calling them “consensual encounters”.
  • After his departure from the show, Noth joined forces with Peloton to create a commercial.
  • Peloton deleted the entire ad from their social media accounts.
  • Fans on Twitter also challenged John Foley, CEO of Peloton. Advertisement

Peloton deleted the viral Peloton commercial featuring Chris Noth playing Mr. Big on its social media accounts after gross sexual assault allegations were levelled against Noth.

Noth, now 67, denies the claims made by two anonymous women to The Hollywood Reporter. The one who claims she had stitches for an alleged assault at his home in 2004, when he was 49, and she was 22, has come forward.

These claims were made after Noth joined forces with the company to capitalize on the controversial death scene he was seen riding a Peloton bicycle in the Sex and the City reboot and Just Like That.

Peloton has deleted its viral ad starring Chris Noth as Mr Big from social media in wake of bombshell allegations of sexual assault made against him by two women

Peloton’s viral ad featuring Chris Noth as Mr Big has been removed from social media following two bombshell sexual assault allegations against him.

No longer available: A link to the original post by Peloton is no longer showing up on its Instagram

It’s no longer possible: The original Peloton post link is not showing up anymore on the Instagram. 

Peloton said in a statement to Thursday that every sexual assault claim must be investigated. When we responded to HBO’s HBO reboot, Chris Noth featured these accusations. We are still trying to find out more about these allegations and have stopped sharing this video or archived social posts.

Ryan Reynold (a star of Hollywood) produced the advertisement. He also provided voiceovers. This commercial was produced in record-breaking time of only 36 hours.

Reynolds, who now has it removed from his Twitter, came up the idea for the 38 second commercial featuring Peloton CMO Dara Treseder.

Jess King (senior fitness instructor at Peloton) also deleted the ad and it was removed from the company’s YouTube channel.

Peloton shares plunged 11% last week after Noth, his character who was last seen riding the bike, was murdered.

According to Dr Suzanne Steinbaum (cardiologist), the company issued a statement insisting that Big’s use of a Peloton bicycle would have delayed his fatal heart attack.

After the HBO Max episode had aired, Ryan Reynolds produced a Ryan Reynolds-produced commercial that was released on Sunday, 12/12. 

Hitting out: Many took to social media to call out Peloton following the claims of sexual assault against Noth who starred in the ad

Peloton called out by many: Following the allegations of sexual assault against Noth, the actor in the advertisement, many took to social media and called out Peloton. 

Angered fans took to social media immediately after the Noth story broke Thursday morning to demand that the advertisement be removed.

“And now Chris Noth is being accused of sexually assaulting 2 women. All losers, please delete this message,’ one angry Peloton fan wrote to the official Peloton Twitter account.

Peloton received a tweet from another user asking, “So you now use an accused Rapist Chris Noth for your ads? It’s when you place hype above integrity. You don’t have to wait for 24 hours before you plan next time.

John Foley, co-founder and CEO at Peloton was directly tweet to with the following question: “Are you sorry that Chris Noth is being hired?” Hire sexual predators not to appear in your ads.

“Please pay as much attention as possible to Chris Noth’s story and these women’s stories,” Abby Honold, a survivor of the Peloton incident tweeted to THR.

Honold said: “And remember that coming out about sexual assault doesn’t mean you’re rewarded with fame or money. It can be brutal, frightening, and even painful.

Another tweeted: ‘So peloton should just pack it all up and call that a day. This is a pretty bad look considering the Chris Noth allegations.

Claims: Co-founder and CEO of Peloton John Foley was also directly tweeted at with a tweet accusing Noth of being an alleged sexual predator

Claims: Co-founder and CEO of Peloton John Foley was also directly tweeted at with a tweet accusing Noth of being an alleged sexual predator 

And Just Like That: The actor teamed up with the company to cash in on the viral moment from the show

This is how it works: An actor teams up with the company in order to capitalize on the momentous virality of the show.