Shoppers say these ‘so so toasty’ fleece top and bottoms are the ‘most comfortable pyjamas ever’ – and the set costs just £23.99

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Amazon customers have discovered a set of fleece pyjamas that is super warm for cold nights and days.

A winter staple, the Ladies Fleece Pyjamas from CityComfort, which has been hailed as the ‘most comfortable pyjamas ever’, are a welcomed addition to any pyjama drawer as the temperatures take a tumble – and they’re only £23.99.

This popular set of fleece joggers is ideal for people who feel cold. It is made with super soft and plush fleece fabric that is both warm inside as well as out. A matching set includes fleece joggers that have an elasticated waist and cuffed edges, along with long-sleeved jackets.

The set is available in 12 colours, including grey, deep purple, black, pink and blue

Sizes run from small through XL

A winter staple, the Ladies Fleece Pyjamas from CityComfort , which has been hailed as the ‘most comfortable pyjamas ever’ – and they’re only £23.99

These are a cozy set to relax and unwind in, and they come in 12 colors, including black, grey, and pink. They also come in XL and SM sizes.

Amazon has received hundreds of reviews about the soft set. Over 3,000 customers have given it five stars. They’re also the top-selling set in Amazon’s Women’s Pyjama Sets Chart.

CityComfort fleece pyjamas have been praised by shoppers as being’so comfy’ and toasty’, meaning that heating is not required. Other customers love how soft they feel against your skin. They make great loungewear or nightwear.

A reviewer said, “These PJs feel so soft and comfortable.” Extra-large PJs are perfect for me. They are very cozy, which is why I like them.

“Who has heating?” Another shopper added his opinion. These were purchased for me to wear at night as it gets really cold in my office.

Several colourways also feature an oversized front pocket for warm hands

For warm hands, several colourways include an extra large front pocket.

‘So, so toasty! It’s very soft and cozy. They can be too warm when they are on. I would not recommend that you sleep in these unless the temperature is extreme cold.

Another person called them the “most comfortable pyjamas” and said that they are’soft inside and out, and that the trousers fit perfectly without digging in.

This fleece set by CityComfort will suit any occasion, whether you are looking for something casual to wear on a weekend getaway or something more cozy to lounge in after a hard day at work. Shop the set on Amazon for £23.99.