A moment shop worker was rescued from an Indonesian mall after his HEAD became stuck in the escalator.

  • Rizki (identified only as Rizki) was said to be having fun with a friend
  • When he became stuck, he allegedly lean over the handrail and tried to speak to his friend.
  • This incident occurred at Mangga Dua Mall in Jakarta on December 23rd.
  • A mall official stated that Rizki did not sustain serious injuries. However, it caused him to suffer from pain in his shoulders and face.

After his head got caught between an Indonesian wall and the handrails of an escalator, a shop worker needed to be saved.

Rizki was later identified as the man. He was apparently having a laugh with Rizki who was at that time on the 1st floor of Mangga Dua Mall Jakarta’s December 23.

While he was going up on an escalator the man said that he leant over the rails and continued talking with his friend, until realised his head was against the wall.

Rizki avoided serious injury by the immediate stoppage of the mall’s security guard.

A group of people were seen rushing over to a shop worker who got his head stuck while on an escalator while in the Mangga Dua Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, on December 23

One group was seen running to the Mangga Dua Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia on December 23rd, helping a man who had his head caught on an escalator.

The man was eventually able pull his head out of the rail after several attempts to get it back by rescuers.

Footage captures Rizki hanging onto the handrails, clinging to his head as mallgoers attempted to remove him.

Rizki can be seen trying to untie the rail enough so that he is free from his cap.

Rizki, who is now standing upright on an escalator with his head back against the wall by the rescue team, can finally be pulled back by the rescuers.

After a few minutes of rescue, he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Jessica Melissa, a mall official said that the victim was an employee at a store in the mall.

“At that time, he was using the elevator from the first to the second floors.

The victim looked downward and his head crossed the handle on the escalator, until it hit the wall.

The woman added that the doctor examined him and determined that the injuries were minor to his face and shoulders.

Mall official Jessica Melissa said the man got stuck after he was looking down while taking the escalator from the first floor to the second

Jessica Melissa from Mall said the man was stuck because he was trying to take the elevator up from the first floor.

He was then allowed to return home once he’d been checked for serious injuries.

After the incident, the manager of the mall appealed to the public to observe the rules and be careful when using the escalator.

Jessica explained that a warning sign was placed on the elevator so visitors can be safe.

“We hope this rule will be strictly adhered to.”