Aled Jones, a singer and TV presenter, talks about his travels. He also discusses the bomb-scare terror he experienced on a flight.

Singer and TV personality Aled Jones checks in to our travel Q&A

Singer and TV personality Aled Jones checks in to our travel Q&A

This week Aled Jones, the Welsh singer and radio and television presenter, checks in to our travel Q&A. 

He recalls performing at Kensington Palace for Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and tasting sushi for the very first time in 1980s Japan. He also faced a terrifying bomb scare during a flight. 

Your earliest holiday memory

As a child, many holidays were spent on my father’s boat. We’d drop anchor near Nefyn in North Wales, where there is a pub on the beach.

First trip abroad? 

Menorca. I was only five years old and was terrified of the plane. My mom had bought me a cream trouser suit, and I poured my coffee all over it.

Did you find things settled down after you arrived?  

No. I drove my parents mad as I’d run around the hotel bar pushing billiard balls into pockets while people played.

Favourite holiday destination? 

Mustique in the Caribbean. I love that there is nothing to do but relax.

Do you own a beach that is the best on the island? 

Macaroni, which experiences spectacular waves.

Pictured is Britannia Bay in Mustique - Aled's favourite holiday destination. 'I love that there is nothing much to do other than relax,' he says

Pictured is Britannia Bay, Mustique – Aled’s favorite holiday destination. He says, “I love that there is nothing to do but relax.”

Where would you choose to live if you could?  

Australia. I love Melbourne and Byron Bay.

Have you ever sang in an unusual spot?  

Prince Charles’s living room at Kensington Palace for just him and Princess Diana aged 14. Charles called my dad and said they’d love to hear my voice before it broke.

Is there a place that you haven’t been recognized?  

As the rain pours down, you can reach the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

What is the strangest thing you eat while traveling?   

Sushi in Japan, 1980s. I’d never heard of it then.

Which is your favourite part of Wales  


Snowdonia National Park, pictured above, is Aled's favourite part of Wales

Aled loves Snowdonia National Park. 

What would you do for a city break? 

I want to see as much as possible and eat at the most interesting restaurants.

Ever experienced a terrifying flight?

I was flying with the London Symphony Orchestra at the time of the bomb scare. I wrote a note to my mom saying how much she was important to me.

What’s your top tip for flying? 

Book an aisle seat so you can go to the loo without having to climb over anyone. 

Aled Jones’s new book,Bobby Dean Saves Christmas, is published in hardback (£8.99, Hodder Faith Young Explorers).