A single mother, who suffered a fatal heart attack in her 27th year and spent TWO YEARS in hospital, receives a life-saving organ transplant just in time for Christmas.

  • Victoria Guajardo was just 27, when she experienced a cardiac attack. Her heart stopped pumping and her body became inoperable.
  • At her local hospital she had unsuccessful open-heart surgery. Her heart stopped at twice during the procedure.
  • Her heart was saved by a pump that she received at a Houston hospital.
  • Guajardo stayed there for nearly two years, during which time she didn’t get to see her son, Alfredo De la Cruz, often
  • She received a brand new heart in October and is now recovering well

A single mom who suffered a heart attack at age 27 and spent two years waiting for a transplant got one just in time for the holidays — and now she gets to spend Christmas with her nine-year-old child. 

Victoria Guajardo (now 29) was 27 when she experienced a cardiac attack. Her heart stopped pumping, and her life changed forever, KTRK reports.

She spent two years in a hospital over 300 miles away from home, meaning she didn’t get to spend much time with her son, Alfredo De la Cruz.

But in October, she finally got off the transplant list and is now recovering with a new heart — and her little boy.

Victoria Guajardo, now 29, was just 27 years old when she had a heart attack that left her heart unable to pump

Victoria Guajardo was just 27 when she experienced a cardiac attack. Her heart stopped pumping and her life ended.

She spent two years in a hospital over 300 miles away from home, meaning she didn't get to spend much time with her son, Alfredo De la Cruz

Two years she spent in a hospital more than 300 miles from her home. She didn’t have much time to spend with Alfredo De la Cruz, her son.

After two years in the hospital, she finally got a new heart in October and can spend Christmas with her son

She finally received a brand new heart after two years of being in hospital. Now she can celebrate Christmas with her son.

Victoria experienced an unexpected heart attack in her youth, which left her body unable to pump blood properly. 

She went to a local hospital where she lives in Harlingen, Texas, where doctors rushed to shave her and  performed open-heart surgery.

During the surgery, her heart stopped two times.

She was then transferred to Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, which is about 330 miles — or a five hour plus drive — from home.

It was particularly difficult because her son, Harlingen, was still there.

KTRK heard him say that he felt sad for his wife when she moved to Houston. “I could not be there for her.” 

Guajardo needed an artificial heart to pump for her for nearly two years, so she was stuck in a hospital a five hour drive from home

Guajardo required an artificial heart pump to keep her alive for almost two years. She was forced to stay in hospital for five hours from home because she couldn’t drive there.

She said she is 'very grateful' for the donor and their family, adding: 't's a blessing to have a new heart this Christmas'

She expressed her gratitude to the donors and their families, saying that it was a blessing to receive a “new heart” this Christmas.

Doctors could. As she waited for a transplant, Dr. Ismael Salas, a cardiothoracic surgeon, performed another procedure at her hospital. He and his team installed a pump that would do her heart’s work.

As she waited to see if her name was added to the waitlist, she ended up being stuck at the hospital almost for two years.

Dr. Salas stated that she is an excellent person and fighter. “I’m proud of everyone on our team. It is not uncommon for people to give up on their dreams or stop moving forward.

Finally, in October of this year, Guajardo was at the top of the list and found a match, undergoing another surgery to get her new heart. 

“I’m extremely grateful” [the donor],’ Guajardo said. “For them, their families. It’s bittersweet. It is a joy to open a new door for Christmas.

She is reportedly doing well since the transplant and has a good prognosis — and fortunately, she gets to be home with her family for Christmas this year.