Sir Keir starmer attempted to make clear blue water available with Boris Johnson yesterday…by taking one look at Peppapig World.

Peppa’s amusement park was labeled ‘dreadful by Labour’s leader.

Sir Keir was also a father of two and said that he didn’t like the TV shows featuring children’s characters.

He made these comments just days following the Confederation of British Industry conference that the Prime Minister used to express his admiration of all things Peppa.

Johnson brought his infant son Wilfred along to the New Forest’s theme park. Johnson declared that he enjoyed it so much and said: ‘Peppapig World is exactly what I like.

Yesterday, Sir Keir, an ex-barrister, revealed in an interview that he had also enjoyed the pleasures of following his children around the venue. 

However, Labour leader David Cameron gave his opinion in remarks that seemed to portray him as serious and not as frivolous Boris.

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer (pictured) set himself on a collision course with both Boris Johnson and the much-loved animated animal by branding Peppa's theme park 'dreadful'

Sir Keir starmer, Labour leader and pictured here with Boris Johnson (pictured) sparked a row by calling Peppa’s theme park ‘dreadful’

After taking his baby son Wilfred to the theme park in the New Forest (pictured), Mr Johnson said he 'loved it' and declared: 'Peppa Pig World is very much my kind of place.'

Johnson, his infant son Wilfred and the New Forest’s theme park (pictured), said he enjoyed it so much that he declared “Peppapig World is my favorite place.”

Sir Keir branded Peppa Pig World (pictured) as 'dreadful' in an interview

Sir Keir described Peppa Pig World, pictured (pictured), as “dreadful” in an interview

The Times reported that he said: “I’ve been to Peppa Pig World. Of course, I’ve.” He declared, then,: “It’s terrible.”

Sir Keir acknowledged that Peppa Pig was a great success, and even admitted that Peppa Pig had been a long-loved friend of his. 

He stressed, however, that the Prime Minister’s paean of praise at the CBI event was proof the Tory Government was not serious, declaring: ‘This comes back to our central division between us and the Tories – you do need serious government.’

He claimed Labour was “absolutely” the party in Middle England and he shared colleagues’ concern that it should have performed better last week in the by-elections in Old Bexley, Tory-held Sidcup.

At first, the Labour leader’s office decided not to comment further on the PM’s Peppa comments – presumably to avoid more upset to children aged three and over for whom Peppa, not Keir, is a household name. 

Later, Sir Keir’s source joked about how this was not an important age group for his attempt to expel Mr Johnson.

She said: ‘Don’t let it be said Keir isn’t a savvy politician – he knows the coalition of voters he needs and it’s not the under-eights.’


Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, has declared in an interview that he thinks Peppa Pig World is ‘dreadful’. 

He has plainly found his daughter’s enjoyment of the harmless cartoon figure hard to endure. 

What a strange thing for someone who wants to lead the nation to treat such a well-loved and popular character as well as a British company with a great record of success. 

Even odder is Sir Keir’s scorn for Boris Johnson’s references to Peppa in a recent speech to the Confederation of British Industry. 

If the Opposition Leader thinks this is a sign that the Prime Minister is not serious, how does he explain that the animated porker was invited, in 2010, to take part in Labour’s Election campaign? 

She had been scheduled to be there alongside Yvette Cooper (frontbencher), a favorite of Sir Keir. 

Peppa must be so happy that she pulled out last-minute to save her impartial bacon. 

The source could have added – but didn’t – that Labour might just have captured the votes of weary parents forced to traipse round after their offspring in raptures at the wonders of Peppa Pig World.

However, not for the first time it appeared that Boris Johnson – or at least, his wife Carrie – reckoned Labour was off down another electoral cul-de-sac. 

Mrs Johnson took Wilfred last week to see the Peppa Pig musical at London’s Haymarket Theatre. Peppa is said to be having a wonderful time, with George, Mummy Pigs and Daddy Pigs, as well as Miss Rabbits and Gerald Giraffe.

Labour MPs did not make bets last evening that Sir Keir, a’serious” politician would soon be purchasing tickets for the musical.

Tory MPs joked privately that Sir Keir’s “downer” on Peppa Pig was part of his attempts to balance the ‘charisma gap’ with Mr Johnson. They repeated: “The joke isn’t funny anymore.”

James Mancey (operations director, Paultons Park), where Peppapig World is situated, stated last month that Johnson was delighted to have visited the attraction.

The company chose to keep a respectful silence yesterday about Sir Keir’s comments. 

Alexander Stafford, Tory MP and joker last night said: “It’s funny Sir Keir doesn’t like Peppapig World because like Peppa the Labour Party leader lives in a fantasy world without any connection to reality.

“I suppose it’s predicable Sir Keir doesn’t connect with such an amazing British success story.