The sister of the alleged drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has claimed that Pablo Escobar may have been kidnapped. As it turns out, Escobar boasted to his associates about having $30million in savings as well as ‘running’ the country’s cocaine market. 

Mostafa Baluch is alleged to have fled for unknown parts on Monday night after he skipped bail, cut off his ankle bracelet, and fled his home on Sydney’s northern shores. This triggered an international search. 

Police claim the fugitive is the sole financier of a shipment containing cocaine estimated to have a street value of $AUD270million. 

Authorities believe the missing restaurateur may have fled NSW aboard a private jet departing from Bankstown Airport.

Wagma Baluch’s sister believes her 33-year-old brother has been kidnapped. 

Mostafa's sister Wagma Baluch (left) is adamant her brother has been kidnapped despite police alleging he has fled Sydney after cutting off his ankle monitoring bracelet

Wagma Baluch (left), Mostafa’s sister, is determined that her brother was kidnapped. Police claim that he fled Sydney after taking off his ankle monitoring bracelet.

Former restaurateur Mostafa Baluch, 33 (pictured), had been charged with financing a 900kg shipment of cocaine to Australia and was granted bail just days ago

Mostafa Baluch (33) was a former restaurateur. He was charged with financing a shipment weighing 900kg of cocaine to Australia. He was granted bail just days later. 

“How do we know he’s not being kidnapped?” According to Ms Baluch, The Australian. 

“I just hope that he is somewhere safe and that no one has hurt him.” 

She denied that her brother had escaped by private plane and said he had been cuddling all his nieces and nephews in those days before he disappeared. 

However, she stated that she noticed the fugitive did not seem mentally well.  

“He wasn’t afraid. He was quiet like normal. He is not a talkative person. She said that he knew he would be appearing in court. 

Another family member described the location as a’million-dollar mystery’. 

“We all want to know. The relative said that we all are a working family. “Everyone is grieving, reputations are at stake.”

Police claim that the 33-year old has been active in contacting underworld contacts to arrange an escape from NSW. 

Court documents show that Mr Baluch communicated with police via the app An0. This app is used by thousands underworld figures, but is closely monitored by police. 

One police transcript records the alleged drug kingpin brag to an associate, saying “We control market”. 

Baluch, another associate, said that he was examining the impact of a cocaine shipment upon market prices. 

Pictured: The final images of 'Australia's Pablo Escobar' Mostafa Baluch before he disappeared on Monday after cutting his court-ordered ankle bracelet

Pictured: The last images of ‘Australian’ Pablo Escobar’ Mostafa baluch before he disappeared Monday after he cut his court-ordered ankle band

The family of an alleged drug kingpin who is on the run have held crisis talks on the balcony of the sprawling home where he was last seen

A family belonging to a suspected drug kingpin is currently on the run and has held crisis talks from the balcony at the sprawling home where they were last seen.

Baluch, who has been held in custody since June, was released on bail Friday despite opposition by police that he posed too much risk to the community.

His strict bail conditions required him to not leave his Bayview home but to report to Mona Vale Police Station. He offered the property, estimated at $4million, as surety, and also wore his monitored ankle wrist bracelet.    

Police claim Baluch allegedly cut the device and fled his home at 10.45pm Monday. 

Detective Superintendent Rob Critchlow, head of NSW Police organised crime, alleged Baluch was offering money to criminal networks to fly him out of the state.

He stated that removing a bracelet from his ankle, which was imposed by court, shows a serious intent to flee. “But we do believe he is still here,” he added. 

It is unclear where he might have traveled, but there is an international manhunt underway.

Detectives on Thursday released two pictures of Baluch in the hours leading to his disappearance, the first showing Baluch smiling easily in Mona Vale.

Another image, taken after Baluch had fled, was CCTV footage showing Baluch in a black car wearing Queensland number plates. Baluch was reportedly speeding down the M4 Motorway, near Croydon, approximately 50 minutes away from his home. 

Two additional people were also in that car.  

At least four of Mostafa Baluch's relatives - including his immigrant parents - were still at the Bayview family home on Sydney's Northern Beaches on Wednesday

At least four of Mostafa’s relatives, including his immigrant parents, were still at the Bayview family residence on Sydney’s Northern Beaches Wednesday

Police allege Baluch (pictured) was the sole financier of a shipment of cocaine worth a total street value of $270 million

Police allege that Baluch (pictured), was the sole financier for a shipment containing cocaine with a street value totaling $270 million

It comes as the family members of the alleged drug kingpin have asked for their privacy as they hold crisis talks.

At least four of Mostafa’s relatives, including his immigrant parents, were still at the Bayview family residence on Sydney’s Northern Beaches Wednesday.

They were seen huddled on the balcony of the $4 million sprawling home, which they will lose unless Baluch gives himself up as it was pledged as his bail where he was last seen, while cleaners tidied up inside.

Baluch is believed that he spent his last weekend with friends and family before fleeing to several farewell barbecues. 

Baluch’s father, an elderly man, told Daily Mail Australia that he had no idea where the fugitive might be as he was allegedly fleeing the state Monday night.

A younger woman in the home agreed that the family knew nothing. Another girl stated that they were dealing with the aftermath as a family. 

She stated, “We just want everyone respecting our privacy.” 

Two cleaners arrived carrying buckets and squeegees about midday for their regular scheduled service

Two cleaners arrived with buckets and squeegees around midday to provide their regular scheduled service.

Baluch¿s mother appeared distressed as she put her head in her hands while speaking with the younger women

Baluch’s mother seemed distressed when she put her head in the hands of younger women while she spoke with them.

Baluch cut off his ankle monitor at the golf course behind his sprawling home in Bayview

Baluch took off his ankle monitor on the Bayview course.

Baluch’s mother invited the two young women to crisis talks on their front porch. 

Baluch’s mother looked distressed as she pressed her head into her hands while speaking to the younger women.

By Wednesday afternoon, it was business as normal. Two cleaners arrived around noon with buckets, squeegees, and other tools for their regular scheduled service.

The women were dressed in black-and-white uniforms and spent at least two hours inside while the occupants moved about the house to keep them out of their way. 

Baluch’s parents, who came from Afghanistan to provide a better life for their children, are well-liked in the tight-knit Northern Beaches community.

Detectives have reason to suspect he fled to Bankstown Airport, where a private jet was waiting to fly him out of NSW

Detectives suspect that he fled to Bankstown Airport where a private jet was waiting for him to fly out of NSW.

Baluch pictured outside his home in Mona Vale on Monday hours before the international drug lord disappeared - with authorities fearing he's left NSW on a plane

Baluch is seen outside his Mona Vale residence on Monday before the international drug lord went missing. Authorities fear that he has fled NSW on a plane.

In 2000, they purchased Lucky and Pep’s pizzeria. They still run the restaurant as a family business with their three children.

Baluch opened Cervo, a Northbridge restaurant with his parents. He was also a chef.  

Locals in his quiet neighborhood – home to silver screen star Rebecca Gibney, and Richard Bell – are shocked that he was ever released.

Local cafe owner says he cannot understand why a magistrate would agree to bail when it placed the community at such a high risk.

Baluch hadn’t seen him in months, so he assumed that he’d been keeping a low profile.

Baluch’s stature is impressive, but the cafe owner said he never had any reason to dislike or fear him.

The 33-year-old was granted bail on Friday despite opposition from police that he posed too great a risk to the community

The 33-year-old was released on bail on Friday despite opposition by police who said he posed too big a threat to the community

The last sighting of Baluch shows CCTV footage of him flying down Pittwater Road near Bayview in his black Range Rover at around 10:30pm that evening

Baluch was last seen flying in his Range Rover black Range Rover down Pittwater Road, Bayview, at around 10:30pm on that evening.

“He was always polite. He was quiet, however. He said hello, got his morning coffee, and would always go,” said he.

He was stunned when cops stopped by his waterfront cafe and asked him questions about the alleged dealer in drugs.

Police were informed Tuesday morning that Baluch had fled to continue asking questions.

Baluch was taken into custody as part of international AN0M raids. He has been called ‘Australia’s Pablo Escobar.

The US Navy intercepted a boat with 870kg cocaine aboard in October 2020 off the coast Colombia. A second boat with 900kg cocaine was intercepted near Ecuador in April 2020.

A $4million home in Sydney's exclusive Northern Beaches (pictured in June) will be seized by police after the owner of the property allegedly cut off his tracking device and fled

Police will seize a $4 million home in Sydney’s exclusive Northern Beaches after the owner allegedly fled from his tracking device.

A black Range Rover with Queensland plates was left behind, reportedly used to flee

A Range Rover black with Queensland plates was left behind. It was reportedly used to flee. 

Both shipments were determined to be destined for Australia by officers as part of a conspiracy supplying 3,000kg to NSW. This is more cocaine than NSW residents can buy in a year.

The street value is approximately $900million

David Elliott, Police Minister, stated that police involved in the case were “devastated” and was furious that Baluch had been released on bail.

“To say I’m mad would be an understatement.” He said that he was infuriated, and that he had spoken to Sydney radio 2GB on Wednesday.

“I’m getting sick of these magistrates, judges. They don’t take into account the danger that police pose to them, and I don’t believe they reflect the sentiment of the community they are there to serve.

Two golfers were pictured at the course after police revealed he dumped his tracking device in the area

Two golfers were photographed at the course after the police revealed that he left his tracking device there.

“I’m sick of reminding the legal community that we aren’t dealing with parking tickets. We’re dealing instead with international drug lords associated with terrorism and kidnapping. But, more importantly, I want my kids to be able to get drugs that will kill their bodies.

Mr Elliott said that he had spoken to Mick Fuller, the Police Commissioner, about the difficulties in capturing an escapee.

He said, “This will be a hard job for the NSW police – make no mistake,”

The Australian Federal Police is also involved, as are its international law enforcement partners.

“We have the technology, the manpower, the international law enforcement credentials, but we also have to explain to some international law enforcement organizations how he lost,” Mr Elliott stated.

Mr Elliott said he had spoken to Police Commissioner Mick Fuller about the difficulties in capturing the escapee. 'This will be a tough job for the NSW police - make no mistake,' he said

Mr Elliott stated that he had spoken with Mick Fuller, Police Commissioner of NSW, about the difficulties involved in capturing the escapee. He stated that it would be difficult for the NSW police to capture the escapee.

He said that police ‘work their hearts out to keep our community safe’ but had been ‘let down’ by the system.

Elliott stated that he was dealing with international drug lords associated with terrorist activities, kidnapping, or prostitution.

“This guy was (allegedly), part in an international racket that involved drugs at levels we haven’t seen before.” The police told the court that he was a bad person.

Detectives are asking for dashcam footage that could help them identify the Range Rover’s movements. The Range Rover has a Queensland registration plate of 861CU3.

Anyone with video that was taken in the Mona Vale and Bayview areas near Pittwater Road between Monday and Wednesday, or on the M4 motorway near Croydon at the beginning of Tuesday morning is being encouraged to come forward.

If Baluch is captured and convicted, he could spend his entire life in prison.