Six Egyptians and five Egyptian boys were arrested on charges of “gang-raping” TEN girls underage daily, while they were being treated for coronavirus in a Sicily refugee centre.

  • At the Villa Sikania Centre in Sicily, one adult and five children were arrested.
  • According to the alleged victims, they were required to perform sex acts each night.
  • According to police, the gang raided their quarters then blackmailed them to remain silent. 

Police said that six Egyptians were arrested in Sicily following the rape of 10 girls underage at a reception center for migrants.  

According to police, the victims were mostly from Egypt and Tunisia. They are minors that had been in Covid Quarantine.

Five arrests were made in Egypt by children under 18, while the other one was an adult. They are being held for kidnapping and rape.

Six Egyptians have been arrested in Sicily after 10 underage girls were raped daily at a migrant reception centre, police said. Pictured: migrants arrive in Sicily (file image)

Police have arrested six Egyptians in Sicily, following 10 rapes of underage girls at a refuge for migrants. Photograph: Migrants arrive in Sicily (file photo)

According to police, the “rape gang” raided girls’ quarters at Villa Sikania Centre and committed the horrific attacks.

According to their alleged victims, the gang would go to large reception rooms almost every night and force the girls to do sexual acts.

Then, they threatened and forced them to stop committing the abuse. 

The reception center is undergoing Covid quarantine for migrants who arrive in Sicily. 

Police said the victims are mainly from Egypt and Tunisia and are all minors who were in Covid quarantine. Pictured: a migrant boat is anchored off Sicily (file image)

According to police, the victims were mostly from Egypt and Tunisia. They are minors that had been in Covid Quarantine. Image: A migrant boat anchors off Sicily. (file image).

The alleged abuse has been brought to the attention of police and they are now continuing their investigation to identify other possible suspects.

According to them, the probe might uncover ‘other episodes sexual violence and crimes against individual freedom and property.

Villa Sikania is managed privately by an association. It has served as a refuge for immigrants for many years.

According to La Stampa, the centre had seen previous riots and migrants fleeing during quarantine. There have also been reports of sexual promiscuity widespread.