You can hop, skip and splash. One-time skipping woman plunges through wooden jetty into the river below

  • Benjarat Puttakhun (44), was jumping rope in Ratchaburi Province. 
  • On January 17, she videotaped in Thailand to view footage.
  • She fell to the bottom of the water just a few minutes into her exercise.
  • Her worried sons had to rescue Ms. Puttakhun and pulled her out.  

The moment when a skipping lady crashed through the wooden jetty, and plummeted into the river below. 

Benjarat puttakhun, 44 was filming her exercise with a speed jumping rope in a port, Ratchaburi province (Thailand), on January 17.

About a minute later, the decking collapsed due to the force of her bounce and she fell through the hole 2ft in diameter. 

She skips using her jump rope on the jetty

Ms Puttakhun falls into the hole

Benjarat Puttakhun (44), was exercising in Ratchaburi, Thailand on 17 January. She could then look at the video later.

Video footage shows that Ms. Puttakhun’s entire body disappears down the hole, as she plunges below into the water.

She tried to hold onto the holes and shouted “Help, Help” hoping that passing motorists would help her. 

This video shows her sons, her teenagers, running to her assistance after she had visited a Buddhist temple nearby.

But around a minute later, the jetty floor shattered under the weight of her bouncing up and down

The bouncing of the girl on the floor caused the jetty to collapse around one minute later

Ms. Puttakhun later said that although she was only 50kg, it shocked her when the floor broke. 

“I was unaware that the ground was so thin. It should serve as an example to others doing jump rope exercises.

“Be aware of what you’re doing, and how you’re surrounding yourself.

Minor scratches and bruises were sustained by the 44-year old on her arms and legs. She was treated at home with first aid supplies. 

Ms. Puttakhun also had to be compensated by the port owner for damages done to the Jetty. 

She replied, “I was not hurt so I don’t mind paying the floor.” She said, ‘I will now only skip on firm ground. 

Her worried teenage sons then dashed to the worrying scene to help her

Her teenage boys were worried and ran for help.