The 24-year-old waitress at Smokehouse Restaurant was driving four times the legal limit for drugs when she was stopped by police after she had consumed cannabis during her night shift.

  • After finishing her night shift in Cheshire, Clair Cannon had a smoke with her ex.
  • Cannon, 24 years old, drove one mile towards her family’s home and was contacted by police.
  • Cannon was smelled cannabis before being tested. He was found to be over the limit.
  • Cannon has been banned from driving for 12 months and ordered to pay £395 

Pictured Clair Cannon has been banned from driving after she was found to have cannabis in her system while behind the wheel

After being found with cannabis in her system, Clair Cannon was banned from driving.

After being caught driving with four times the legal limit of marijuana in her system, a waitress was banned.

Clair Cannon, 24, had smoked the drug with her ex-boyfriend after finishing her shift before driving home to her family’s £850,000 mansion in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 

Cannon made the one-mile trip home, but was stopped by a patrol of police. They spoke to Cannon when she was turning onto her driveway.

Officers smelt cannabis coming from her Vauxhall Adam car with tests showing she had 6.9 micrograms per litre of blood of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in her system. It is 2ug.

Cannon, who was arrested at Stockport Magistrates Court for drug driving and possessing marijuana, was sentenced to a 12 month ban from driving.

She stated that she was using cannabis for the “trauma” of having to meet her biological parents.

Cannon was returning home from Wilmslow when she finished her shift in the Wilmslow restaurant. She had been on her way back to her house along the A34 Wilmslow bypass.

Gareth Hughes was the prosecutor. He stated that: “In early hours, police followed Vauxhall Adam for some time. When this defendant drove into the driveway of her home, officers approached the woman and began to speak with her.

“They detected cannabis smell in the car and performed a drug test. It was found that cannabis had been detected in the vehicle.

Cannon was not convicted in the past.

Miss Lesley Barnett, a mitigation defense lawyer said that she met her ex-partner on the night of May 31, and that’s where the cannabis was found.

‘It was given to her by her ex partner and she has not purchased the drugs which were worth £10-£15.

Cannon (pictured) shared some cannabis with her ex-boyfriend after finishing a nightshift at a smokehouse restaurant in Cheshire before driving home and being stopped by the police

Cannon (pictured) had some cannabis after she finished a nightshift at Cheshire’s smokehouse before returning home. She was stopped by the police for driving too fast.

“She is a waitress who works long hours and would like to go to midnight with her friend to get a cup of coffee.

“She drove just one or two more miles to get home. There was no issue or incident with poor driving and the roads were quiet. She was stopped by police as soon as she got to her house.

She is a waitress. Her home is about one mile from her work. Her work day begins at 11 AM and ends around 2AM.

“The problem she will have, is that her walk home from work isn’t going to be very safe. This will impact the family who will need to support her return to work.

“She’s been through some very hard times with the closing of the hotel sector, and would like to continue her job.”

Miss Barnett stated that her client fell in a poor crowd while attending college and attempted cannabis for the very first time.

“It was during this period that she had contact with her biological parents. It was very difficult for her. She found that a little cannabis supplement helped her more than the medication.

She was taken to hospital after being spiked in 2019. She stopped using drugs in April 2019 and was admitted to hospital.

“It was never used for recreational purposes. Her apologeticism is extraordinary. The amount of marijuana was very limited and the distance traveled was very brief. The boyfriend of her best friend lives quite far away. She will have to deal with it.

Cannon was also fined £276 with £119 in costs and surcharges.