Tweeters mock Meghan’s embarrassing interview with Ellen Degeneres, calling it so awful they wanted to vomit.

The internet is abuzz with funny memes, such as Kris Jenner declaring, “This is ridiculous”, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn doing a sick look, Ru Paul declaring, “Who cares!” 

Meghan left a group of Los Angeles street vendors open-mouthed in shock by dancing and singing in front of them while referring to herself as ‘mommy’ as part of a cringe-worthy on-the-street prank during the show.

Having shared several insights into her ‘happy’ family life in California with Prince Harry and their two children, five-month-old Lilibet and two-year-old Archie – who was seen in a new picture shared by the Duchess during the show – Meghan, 40, made a clear attempt to distance herself from the royal family’s reserved image with the toe-curling bit.

One critic said: “Meghan appearing on Ellen proves that she doesn’t understand the distinction between a royal member and a celebrity.” It was an incredible fall from the summit. 

Twitter users are mocking Meghan's cringeworthy interview with friend Ellen Degeneres for her chat show, declaring the segment so 'awful' it made them want to vomit

Tweeters mock Meghan’s embarrassing interview with Ellen Degeneres, calling it so awful that they wanted to vomit

Social media users flooded the internet with Gifs and memes after the interview, with some declaring the Duchess had had an 'epic fall from the top'

Following the interview, many social media users posted memes and GIFs to the internet. Many claimed that Duchess Had suffered an ‘epic decline from the top’. 

One critic shared a meme of Real Housewives of Orange County star Victoria Gunvalson declaring: ‘You can’t fix stupid.’

One other person simply uploaded an image that Pumba took from the Lion Kings singing: “Oh the SAME!”  

The surprise Ellen appearance saw the Duchess pull off a joke on three vendors. She was forced to say and do whatever she was told to by the host of Ellen’s talkshow. 

Ellen (63), who was giddy, asked Meghan to first touch her elbows and nose. Then she did a squat in order to verify that she heard all the talks. One of the producers then approached vendors and informed them that Meghan would like to peruse their stalls. 

Prankster: Meghan swigged milk from a baby bottle, sang a kitten song, and danced to 'hot, hot, hot' while taking part in a toe-curling on-the-street prank with Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday

Prankster Meghan consumed milk from a bottle and sang a kitten song while she danced to the ‘hot,hot,hot’ beat. She also took part in a street prank on Thursday with Ellen DeGeneres.  

'Let mommy have a taste': The 40-year-old made a clear attempt to distance herself from the royal family's reserved image by pranking a trio of street vendors while her close friend Ellen, 63, told her what to do and say

'Let mommy have a taste': The 40-year-old made a clear attempt to distance herself from the royal family's reserved image by pranking a trio of street vendors while her close friend Ellen, 63, told her what to do and say

“Let mommy take a bite”: This 40-year old made a bold attempt to break away from the Royal Family’s reserved image. She prankked three street vendors and her friend Ellen, 63, instructed her on what to say. 

They were told by Pwamma that she was Meghan’s executive assistant. She just wants to be treated normal. You don’t have to behave any different, it is perfectly normal. Are you cool with that? 

Meghan approached the first vendor, and she began to inspect the crystals. Ellen then instructed Meghan to take one of the crystals to her head. 

The mother-of-2 said, “I’m going hold it against my head,” before closing her eyes. She then added, “That’s wonderful.” 

Next, Meghan moved on to the next vendor. He was showing different types of hot sauce. She began “bouncing up, down” in excitement for Ellen’s request. The man then asked Meghan: “What are we doing here?” You want to know what do you have, how much have you spent, and what are your plans for the future. 

The prank began with Meghan doing a squat in the street to confirm to her close friend Ellen that she could hear her instructions via the ear piece

To confirm that her friend Ellen could hear her commands via her earpiece, Meghan did a street squat to begin the prank.

Meghan inspected the hot sauce bottles on the table and told the vendor, “Let mommy taste it.” He then replied, “My boo loves hot Sauce.”  

Following being given a hot sauce-covered chip, Ellen ordered the Duchess to take it down ‘like an chipmunk’. Ellen then instructed Ellen to do the same. Ellen nibbled on the snack with her two hands before telling Ellen: ‘That’s too spicy! Please, let me give you something hot.

Let’s make it spicy and hot!  

Meghan took another chip from her man and was told to “shove it in her mouth” – then she began furiously fanning her face, saying, “Oh Lordy, lordy!”   

‘I’m feeling hot, hot, hot,’ she then sang to the tune of the hit song by The Merrymen, while doing a brief dance to the tune. 

Ohm: Meghan approached three stalls and browsed the wares of each one - including a range of holistic items on the first, where she put a crystal up to her head and began groaning

Ohm. Meghan reached three stalls, looked at each one’s wares. One had a selection of holistic items. The second was where Meghan placed her crystal and began to groan. 

After exclaiming, “Mommy need milk!” she pulled out a bottle of baby milk from her bag and began to drink it vigorously, even while the others watched. Vendor looked at him open-mouthed, unable to conceal his surprise over her behaviour.  

The Duchess of Sussex’s surprise trick bag was used at the final stall. Yasmin, a young seller, presented the Duchess with a selection of cookies. 

“Can I have some of this?” The Duchess replied, and then she ate the food again like a chipmunk. 

Yasmin continued to question her, asking if she would like to hear some jokes. She replied to Yasmin: ‘Why did elephant put his trunk inside the cookie jar? 

At one point, Meghan also pulled two pairs of cat ears out of her purse, telling a third vendor that she wanted to show her 'what she does for her kids to entertain them'

Meghan took out two pair of cat ears and said to a third vendor, “What she does for her children to entertain them”

The vendor was waiting for the punchline. Meghan stood still and then burst into laughter, yelling, “It’s funny!” Yasmin was confused and stared at Yasmin as they waited to hear the funny line. 

“Yasmin, you know what?” What do you do to keep my children entertained? The mother-of-2 went on to the shocked seller while pulling two pairs from her bag and giving one to “Pwamma”. 

She said, “Pwamma & I will show you mommy’s tricks,” She said, “Pwamma put one on and then I’ll add one.” To cheer up my children, this is how I treat them.

Meghan then broke into song. She danced with her ears up, while her hands were raised like kitten claws. You’re a kitten mew mew mew. “Mew mewmewmew,” mew usw mew.