“Isn’t that an episode on Star Trek?” Humorous memes posted by social media users include WHO’s new Covid variant Omicron

  • Today, the UK was home to two new Omicron Covid variants.
  • Boris Johnson will address the nation about variant response later today
  • Some fear that it might make vaccines 40% less effective in stopping transmission of HIV than those made from delta.

Some social media users have taken to Twitter to celebrate the announcement of the new Covid-19 variant.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced earlier this week that a number of countries including South Africa, Bostwana and Zimbabwe could be placed on a Red Travel list after cases of a new super-mutant Covid Variants were discovered, with WHO calling it the Omicron variation.

Today, Javid confirmed the two first confirmed cases in Britain of this variant. The Prime Minister will deliver a speech to the nation about the new variant later today.

However, despite the initial panic caused by the discovery of the new variant, which is feared could render vaccines at least 40 per cent less effective at preventing transmission compared to Delta, some people have tried to joke about the situation.

Many people took to Twitter to mock the change, posting jokes and memes to their timelines.

Someone joked the variant sounds like Star Trek episodes, but others quickly noticed the similarities between Covid’s latest variant and the fictional world in Futurama.




People have been taking to social media over the last couple of days to try and make light of the news that a new Covid variant has been discovered - with some noticing the similarity between the name assigned to the variant, and an alien race in the cartoon Futurama

Social media has seen many people take to Twitter to discuss the recent discovery of a Covid variant. Many have noticed the similarities in the names of these variants and alien races from Futurama.