Snow talent! People from all over the globe share their amazing creations on social media.

  • Amazing snowmen were shared by many people around the world.
  • One photo shows an octopus that is as big as small cars, but with large snow tentacles. 
  • Another man reveled in the small snowman that he created. 

The sky’s the limit for snowfall, whether it is a snowy graveyard with ice snow creatures or a Gulliver-like recreation. 

Bored Panda has compiled the best snow sculptures from all over the globe and gathered them in an amazing gallery.     

The snow sculpture was made by a long-haired dog and resembles a human. One snap shows a hungry snowman eating whole man.

Elsewhere, a man created a fire complete with logs and smores, while a fourth shows an octopus as big as a small car, with huge snow tentacles. 

FEMAIL presents some of the most impressive examples…

People from around the world have shared the most interesting snow sculptures they've made - with the very best collated in an incredible gallery by Bored Panda (pictured, this European sculptor created an incredible likeness to the Venus de Milo)

Many people from all over the globe have sent in their most memorable snow sculptures. The best were collected by Bored Panda and exhibited in an amazing gallery. (pictured: This European sculptor has created an astonishing likeness of the Venus de Milo).

This icy sculpture created by an American snow enthusiast was so convincing it actually looked warm, and that marshmallow looked surprisingly squidgy

The ice sculpture was created by an American snow fan and looked so warm it looked like it had been heated. And the marshmallow seemed surprisingly soft.

Spot the difference! Another person, from the US, shared their snow-dog which looked identical to their pooch in real life

You can see the difference. One person shared their American snow-dog with us. It looked exactly the same as their dog in real life.

Making the most of a little snow! One grandfather from South Carolina made the tiniest snowmen to impress his family

Make the best of snow! A South Carolina grandfather made one of the cutest snowmen for his family to impress them 

Even snow men are addicted to their phones! One British person shared this humorous snap of a very modern looking sculpture

Even snow men can be addicted to their phones. This funny snap was shared by a British citizen. It shows a modern-looking sculpture. 

Post your letters here! One US person decided to create this humorous snowman as a surprise for the mailman

Post your letters here! This humorous snowman was created by a US citizen as an unexpected surprise to the mailman.

It's a field of snowmen! One person, from an unknown location, was blown away after discovering hundreds of animated snowmen while out and about in the US

This is a field full of snowmen. After discovering hundreds upon scores of animated snowmen, a person from an unknown area was taken aback.  

I wouldn't want to come across this snow creature on a dark night!  Another person in the US was wowed by a sculpture created in their local neighbourhood

 I wouldn’t want to come across this snow creature on a dark night!  A sculpture in their neighborhood impressed another American.

Is this the most impressive snow sculpture EVER? One person in Lithuania crafted an incredible huge octopus

This is the largest snow sculpture ever created. This incredible, huge Octopus was created by one person in Lithuania 

Snowie Sanders! One enthusiastic American created this snowman based on the politician - complete with mittens and even a face mask

Snowie Sanders! This snowman was created by an American enthusiast based on the politician. It comes complete with gloves and even a mask! 

A snow Gulliver! Another person was stunned when they stumbled across a snowman who appeared to have been 'tied' to the ground by a hoard of smaller men

Snow Gulliver! A snow Gulliver! Another individual was shocked to see a snowman that appeared to be ‘tied to’ the ground by smaller men. 

The nightmare before Christmas! One person in an unknown location was left terrified after coming across several snow creatures bursting out of graves in a cemetery

It was the nightmare that preceded Christmas. Unknown location: A terrified person saw several snow-creatures bursting from graves.

Glowmen! The builder of these ghostly creatures illuminated the path home for others on a dark snowy night

Glowmen! Glowmen! 

Is this snowman builder talented - or TERRIFYING?  One person, in an unknown location, shared their unusual creation online

Are these snowman builders talented or are they TERRIFYING?!  A stranger shared his or her unusual creation on the internet

Feeling hungry?! One person, from the US, was left shocked after stumbling upon a huge snowman which appeared to be devouring a man

Feeling hungry?! A man from the US was shocked to discover a snowman that appeared to be eating him.  

Good boy! Another creative pet-lover built an amazing pooch from snow in tribute to their playful puppy

He’s a good boy. In tribute to their adorable puppy, another creative pet-lover created an incredible pooch out of snow.