People around the globe are busy wrapping presents and hanging stockings in preparation for Christmas. 

Social media is the best time to show your social beauty, erecting a Christmas tree at the Great Hall, displaying festive attire, and setting up tables that are Instagram-ready for the big day. 

Alexandra Tolstoy (Zoe de Givenchy), and Emma Marchioness Of Bath are some of the most coveted hostesses. They have all shared photos on Instagram of amazing festive setups in the last few days. This has sparked envy from everyone who views them. 

Home sweet home! Countess Alexandra Tolstoy shows off the flickering candles in her cosy cottage in the Oxfordshire countryside as society girls prepare for Christmas

Home sweet home! As the Oxfordshire society girls are getting ready for Christmas, Alexandra Tolstoy, the Countess of Alexandra Tolstoy, shows off her flickering candles at home in her cozy cottage.

More is more! At Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, famous as a location in Netflix's The Crown, Emma, the Duchess of Rutland has decked the halls in twinkling lights, brought out the Christmas decorations and transformed the grounds into a winter wonderland

You can do more with less! Emma, Duchess Of Rutland, has transformed Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire into a Christmas wonderland.

Escaping the California sun: Socialite Zoe de Givenchy and her family are preparing to spend the festive season at their second home in Champagne. Mrs de Givenchy, a friend of Princess Eugenie, is married to Olivier de Givenchy, nephew of French designer Hubert de Givenchy

Escape from the California heat: Zoe de Givenchy, a socialite and her family will be spending the holiday season in Champagne. A friend of Princess Eugenie de Givenchy is Mrs de Givenchy. Olivier de Givenchy is her nephew, French designer Hubert de Givenchy.

Belvoir Castle is located in Leicestershire. It’s a popular location on Netflix’s The Crown. Emma the Duchess has lit up the rooms with twinkling lights. She also brought out all the Christmas decorations, and turned the castle into a Winter Wonderland.

Her Christmas Eve feast included a dinner with candlelight, string trio, and jazz music. 

The Marchioness and Marquess of Bath took advantage of Longleat’s space in Wiltshire and set up a Christmas tree that was tall for John, 7, and Henry, 5. 

For the occasion, Santa hats were worn by the boys and their matching red jumpers.  

Little princess: Estelle of Sweden and her younger brother Oscar got into the festive spirit

Little princess Estelle of Sweden was joined by Oscar, her younger brother.

Twinkling lights: The Marquess and Marchioness of Bath made the most of the space at Longleat, Wiltshire, and installed a towering Christmas tree for their sons John, seven, and Henry, five, to enjoy. The boys are pictured in matching red festive jumpers

Twinkling light: Marquess and Marchioness Bath used the Longleat space to install a massive Christmas tree for their seven-year-old sons John and Henry. These boys were dressed in festive matching jumpers.

Socialite Zoe de Givenchy is preparing for the holidays at her second Champagne home, as seen on the Channel. 

Mrs de Givenchy, a friend of Princess Eugenie, is married to Olivier de Givenchy, nephew of French designer Hubert de Givenchy. 

They spend the majority of their year together in California, but they fly to France every summer for Christmas and summer. 

Meanwhile, she is now heading to St Moritz for five-star Kulm Hotel, the exclusive Swiss resort, with Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece as her friend. 

Let it snow! Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, meanwhile, has left New York for the five-star Kulm Hotel in the upmarket Swiss ski resort of St Moritz, above

It’s going to snow! In the meantime, Princess Marie Chantal of Greece left New York City for the 5-star Kulm Hotel at the upmarket Swiss resort of St Moritz. 

Alice Naylor Leyland (Vogue contributor, Instagram royalty) is keeping it local and released beautiful Christmas table settings together with her company Mrs Alice. So that others can achieve the same high-society look at home.  

European royalty have also joined the festivities. Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle of Sweden decorated the tree while King and Queen Spain shared their Christmas cards with Sofia and Leonor. 

This is an event that’s more casual than usual. Alexandra Tolstoy (her ex-husband, was nicknamed Putin’s banker), hosts the affair. She makes her cottage home cozier with elaborate table linens, floral arrangements, and paper chains. 

Vogue contributor and 'Instagram royalty' Alice Naylor-Leyland is keeping things close to home and has released stunning Christmas table settings with her company Mrs Alice, so followers can recreate the high society look at home. Pictured the Alpine Berry Landscape, available at £390 for four

Alice Naylor Leyland, Vogue’s contributor and Instagram royalty is staying close to her home. She has created stunning Christmas tables with Mrs Alice so that followers can replicate the rich society appearance at home. Pictured the Alpine Berry Landscape, available at £390 for four