Even though she has cancelled her visit to Sandringham, the Queen will likely be joined by at most ten other senior royals, including Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Edward.

The Duke of York and Sarah, the Duchess, will be visiting on December 25. They are likely to also have their daughter, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

With their children James and Lady Louise, the Earl and Countess are almost certain to also be present. It is also possible that Princess Anne, along with her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence will attend.

It is unknown if the Prince of Wales and Duchess Cornwall, as well as the Duke and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Princess of Cambridge, will celebrate Christmas Day together with Queen Elizabeth, who was her first widow since Prince Philip’s April death. 

Andrew will soon be with his attorneys as they prepare for the hearing next month in New York. This is where a judge will determine whether or not a Virginia Giuffre sex abuse case against Andrew can proceed to trial. Her claims are strongly refuted by him.

As Covid-19 cases rise, the 95-year old monarch has cancelled plans to celebrate Christmas at Sandringham in Norfolk. She will instead remain at Windsor Castle. According to sources, the queen made the decision personally yesterday.

One source claimed that plans were being confirmed, and there are only three days before the traditional Christmas Eve gathering. However, a source close to the royal family said that some members of their families would attend Christmas Day.

The Sandringham Estate is where the Royals celebrate Christmas.

Many festive occasions for the Royal family were held at Windsor Castle during the 1960s, as the Queen’s children were still young.

But in 1988, when the castle was being rewired, the royal Christmas moved to Sandringham, the Queen’s country estate in Norfolk.

They loved the peace and quiet of Norfolk’s estate covering 20,000 acres.

Traditionally, the Queen spent Christmas and New Year on the estate. She then left in February. On the anniversary of her father’s death, February 6, she usually visits London or Windsor.

And this coming February will be a particularly poignant date, for it marks the 70th anniversary of the death of her father, King George VI – and the point at which the Queen will have been on the throne for seven decades.


The authors added that the decision was taken after thorough consideration, and it reflects a cautious approach. 

“There will be family visiting Windsor during the Christmas season and all relevant guidelines will be observed.”

William, Kate, and Louis, along with their children George, Charlotte, and Louis, are likely to keep their Christmas plans at Anmer Hall in Norfolk. However, they will go to the Queen before departing.

Prince Charles, Camilla and his family spent Christmas Day in Highgrove last year.

The Queen won’t attend public worship, she will instead go to Windsor Castle for private services. 

Her annual Christmas message has been recorded and will be broadcast that day.

This is her second consecutive year of having to move her Christmas celebrations from Norfolk towards Windsor.

She was however in a bubble’ last year with Philip (her husband of 73years) and a few loyal staff. 

Following his death at the young age of 99, it is his first year since then.

After a series of health problems, the Queen was unable to be seen publicly since October.

Her royal doctors ordered her to go to bed and admitted her to the hospital for initial investigations.

Also, the monarch injured her back. She was told to withdraw from attending many events including Remembrance Sunday.

To fulfill ‘light duties’ at work, she has cancelled all public appearances. 

2019 — 2019 — 2019 — 2019: The Queen departs St Mary Magdalene’s Church following the Royal Family’s Christmas Service on December 25, 2019.

2018 -- The Queen arrives at St Mary Magdalene's Church for the Royal Family's Christmas Day service on December 25, 2018

2018 — On December 25, 2018, the Queen will arrive at St Mary Magdalene Church in London to perform the Royal Family Christmas Day service.

2017 -- The Queen leaves St Mary Magdalene's Church in Norfolk after the Christmas Day service on December 25, 2017

2017. The Queen has left St Mary Magdalene’s Church of Norfolk following the Christmas Day service.

From 1988 to 1988, the Royal Family celebrated Christmas at Windsor. They then moved to Sandringham as part of a rewire. 

They loved the privacy and space of their 20,000-acre property and they have been returning there since.

This year, the monarch had hoped that he would be back in Norfolk.

Sources indicated, however, that the Queen believed it to be too difficult for her family to safely move between their residences, despite being warned by officials. 

“Her Majesty is always an example to follow,” stated one.

RICHARD KAY: Her Majesty’s will be very sorry to miss the family. This year, Sandringham will not be celebrating Christmas.

It is not hard to see how crushing the disappointment could be. Despite her best intentions, Sandringham will make the Queen very sorry for not being able to celebrate Christmas.

Not only will she be absent again from Norfolk’s estate, which holds many of her most prized Christmas memories, but she will also be deprived once again of the company and support of many members of her family.

It will be especially felt by her great-grandchildren.

After losing her husband Prince Philip in December, it was a difficult year. Her hopes were raised when she saw the opportunity to host a Sandringham first family gathering since 2019.

The event was expected to be the largest royal gathering in years with the US-based Prince Harry, the Duchess and their children absent.

Despite the murmurs from royal aides that the Queen will be visited by family over Christmas – with ‘all appropriate guidelines’ followed – it inevitably means that the normal celebrations will be considerably scaled back.

Palace officials insist the Queen’s decision was a personal one and only taken after ‘careful consideration’, which is thought to have included medical advice.

2014 -- Queen Elizabeth II leaves St Mary Magdalene's Church  after the Christmas Day service on December 25, 2014

2014 — Queen Elizabeth II leaves St Mary Magdalene’s Church  after the Christmas Day service on December 25, 2014

It also seems likely that next year’s Platinum Jubilee events almost certainly featured in the decision-making process.

‘The Jubilee is a significant – and personal – landmark, and Her Majesty wishes to minimise any risk to events,’ says a courtier.

‘Putting herself, potentially, in harm’s way with a big family gathering is one such possible threat.’ Up to 50 family members were set to join the Queen, who had been expected to travel to Sandringham by helicopter either today or tomorrow.

Additional royal guests would arrive on Christmas Eve.

Although not ‘bubbled’ with key staff at Windsor as earlier in the pandemic, special precautions had been taken to keep the Queen safe and Covid-free. These precautions include daily lateral flow tests by her staff.

I understand that one servant had tested positive in recent days, but this played no part in the Queen’s decision to remain at Windsor.

However, I do understand that aides were concerned about the possibility of the Queen being exposed to infection with such a big group assembling at Sandringham – the same reason why this week’s wider Royal Family lunch was cancelled.

Now, the question is: Which members of your family will be present with Queen Elizabeth II on Christmas Day?

The Queen receives the Sultan of Oman and his wife, the first lady of Oman, during an audience at Windsor Castle- on December 15 in what was one of her most recent official engagements this month

The Queen received the Sultan of Oman’s wife and the first lady Oman during an audience held at Windsor Castle, on December 15. This was her latest official engagement.

The possibility exists that Prince Andrew, the beleaguered prince, lives near the Royal Lodge and may stay at Windsor in order to visit his mother. Prince Edward, the Countess and their children could also be at Windsor.

Although the plans are not yet firm, I am told the Queen will ‘not’ be eating her Christmas lunch alone.

Although it was unclear if any family members would still be able to travel to Sandringham House, it is believed that Prince William and the Duchess are planning to stay at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, which is close to Sandringham House.

The Duchess and Prince Charles spent Christmas Day last year at Highgrove in Gloucestershire, where they were hosted by his country estate.

The Queen will spend the Christmas season in Sandringham for the second year in 33 years.

To celebrate Christmas, Windsor Castle was the only place where it was celebrated until 1980. But, with the advent of her children, Windsor Castle became a more spacious home for the royals.

It is still possible that the Queen will be able to travel to spend some of her winter break up at Sandringham – she usually remains there until February 6, which is the anniversary of her father King George VI’s death. It will also mark the 70th anniversary since her accession.