The ‘nightmare actress’ who attacked and racially assaulted chip shop workers has been torturing businesses around the region for months. She also hurled racial abuses at anyone who spoke a different language, neighbors claim.

Sophie Gatacre described Hamza Ahmed as a dirty Bangladeshi male before hitting him on the face at The Chipping Forecast, Notting Hill in west London.

Three weeks later, Timothy Haigh, a 57-year old who had performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival was attacked by the attacker.

Gatacre was conditionally discharged for two years, fined £400 and order to pay compensation after pleading guilty to both assaults at Westminster Magistrates Court earlier this year. 

Before closing in August, the restaurant had received rave reviews. One customer commented on the ‘amazing service, extremely friendly, caring, and very adorable little place’.

Gatacre is now alleged to have terrorized their street over the past months. He even disguised himself in order to avoid an arrest. 

Sophie Gatacre (pictured for her comedy play Samantha's Hotline) assaulted the manager of an upmarket fish and chip restaurant and returned two months later to attack the owner

Sophie Gatacre (pictured for her comedy play Samantha’s Hotline) assaulted the manager of an upmarket fish and chip restaurant and returned two months later to attack the owner

According to them, the actress is well-known to All Saints Road in Notting Hill. She can clear a terrace of customers in minutes.

Pierre Saison (28), an architect hailing from Lille, said, “She was a nightmare for everybody on the street because she harassed their customers screaming and shouting insults.”

She was aggressive and required that the cafe and fish-and-chip shop next to her move customers every day.

“She would sometimes stay here for hours, between 10am and 3pm harassing everyone. Within 10 minutes, all the terraces were gone.

“She would insult any person who was not from this country, even our customers and staff.”

I’m French, my colleague Italian and she is French. She would shout “my dad is Scottish” or “this is my country” whenever she hears us speak another language.

Sophie Gatacre

Sophie Gatacre

Gatacre, who has toured with her comedy play as well as appearing in TV and film roles, was conditionally discharged for two years, fined £400 and ordered to pay victims compensation

One businessman just a few doors away, who requested anonymity, stated that Sophie is well-known to many people and has been accumulating over several months.

“Police were down there for Sophie many times before – probably 15-20 times.”

He was a foul-mouthed man. [Hamza]This is just horrible.

“She is always extremely aggressive and rude to anyone, even people walking with children.

“Once, she shouted at my in the street. She told me that she was a coffee shop proprietor, but I am an aristocrat who grew up in castles.

She was forbidden from walking down the street as there was an injunction.

Both assaults happened at The Chipping Forecast, in Notting Hill, which has since closed but neighbours of the upmarket restaurant say she has terrorised the whole street for months

The Chipping Forecast in Notting Hill was the victim of both assaults. However, neighbours claim that she terrorized the street for several months.

“But, guess what? He got her a face and black wig disguise. Her situation is typical of someone who desperately needs to be helped but hasn’t received it.

A woman owning a business down the street said, “Sophie was known by many businesses in this area because she was always creating havoc.”

“I believe she picked Tim at The Chipping Forecast as a target because he was tough with her.

It was a constant. She would often come into the restaurant at night and shout while people were dining.

“She was forbidden from going down the street, because she violated an injunction. But, she never gave up and found a way.

“Once, I didn’t allow her into the house because she was on Sunday. She just began banging and kick it.

“I have seen her shouting at shopkeepers and people on the streets. She is very attentive to anyone that gives her her attention.

“She is in desperate need of help but she doesn’t want or can’t get it.”