Sophie Wessex wore an elegant emerald dress in a green gown as she joined Prince Edward to open the Commonwealth Games Birmingham. 

As the Royals sat down, the Countess and Prince Charles, both 57 years old, exchanged a warm kiss.   

In an effort to continue taking a break from the royal duties of her mother, Princess Charles (73) is at the sporting tournament representing his mother, Queen Elizabeth (96). The Queen currently is on an annual summer vacation in Balmoral (Aberdeenshire). 

A kiss for Charles! The Countess of Wessex, 57, greeted her brother-in-law Prince Charles with a kiss on the cheek as the royals took their seats ahead of the stunning spectacle

Charles, a kiss Charles, the Countess, was greeted by the Countess Of Wessex at 57 with a hug and kiss.

Gorgeous in green: Sophie Wessex put on an elegant display in an emerald green dress as she joined her husband Prince Edward at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Thursday

Gorgeous in green: Sophie Wessex put on an elegant display in an emerald green dress as she joined her husband Prince Edward at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Thursday

Let the games begin! Performers lit up the stadium during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Let’s get to the games! During the opening ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham, performers lit up the stadium

A tribute to history: The opening ceremony chartered the history of the host city, including the rise of women's rights

An ode to history: The ceremony opened the city’s history, which included the rise of women’s rights.

Showstopping: One of the centrepieces of the opening ceremony was this enormous raging bull that trundled into the stadium

It was a show-stopper: This enormous, raging bull walked into the stadium and became the centerpiece of the opening ceremonies.

Sporting extravaganza: Thousands of people turned out to watch the extraordinary opening ceremony in Birmingham

Extravaganza in sport: Many people attended the spectacular opening ceremony at Birmingham.

For the spectacular opening ceremony, he was joined by the 75-year-old wife of the Duchess, the Duchess and the Earl and Countesss of Wessex. 

The Commonwealth Games are next week’s host venue. 

The engagement was a simple, green satin shift dress featuring three-quarter sleeves. For her hairstyle, the Countess chose to wear her natural blonde curls in soft waves. 

The Duchess Of Cornwall was seen in a black tunic with contrast white trim. 

While watching the action unfold, Sophie took out a pair of binoculars and put on an animated performance.  

The Commonwealth Games opened with an emotional tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s 70 year history of ‘passion’ and ‘commitment’ towards participating countries. 

Warm welcome: The Countess of Wessex gave brother-in-law Prince Charles a warm greeting at the opening ceremony

Warm reception: Prince Charles received a warm welcome from the Countess de Wessex during the opening ceremony 

Royal arrival! (From left) Prince Edward, the Countess of Wessex, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are representing the Queen at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

Royal arrival! The Queen is represented by Prince Edward and Prince Charles (from left).

Hello there! Sophie Wessex waved at someone as she and Edward (pictured sitting) took their seats at the opening ceremony

It’s me, hello! Sophie Wessex waved to someone while Edward (pictured sitting), took their seats in the opening ceremony

VIP viewers: (From left) Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation Dame Louise Martin, Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex

VIP Viewers: (From left to right) Nadhim Zahawi the Chancellor, Prince Charles the President of Commonwealth Games Federation, Dame Louise Martin and Prince Edward the Countess Of Wessex 

Let me get a closer look! At one point the Countess of Wessex whipped out a pair of binoculars for a clearer view

Here’s a closer look. The Countess de Wessex pulled out two pairs of binoculars to get a better view.

The Prince of Wales, and the Duchess Of Cornwall arrived in Birmingham at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in a soft-top blue car. They were met by huge cheers from an enthusiastic crowd.

At the same time, 72 other blue, red or white cars linked to Birmingham entered the arena. The Union flag was placed in Alexander Stadium’s centre.

After the couple had taken their seats, they watched the Red Arrows aerial display team fly overhead leaving a trail of red and white.

Malala Yousafzai said that young athletes at the Games serve as a reminder to all children that every child has the right to achieve her maximum potential and live up her highest dreams.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla appeared at the official start of the games where the senior royals represented Her Majesty, who is patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and Head of the Commonwealth

Prince Charles and Camilla were both present at the start of games, where senior royals represented Her Majesty.

The senior royals arrived at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham in the Prince’s custom convertible Aston Martin

The RAF Red Arrows perform the classic flypast during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games

During the opening ceremony for the 2022 Commonwealth Games the RAF Red Arrows do a classic flypast

In a powerful but brief message the author and activist stated that the competitors of the child rights movement represented the millions of children in the world and their’shared hope for the tomorrow’.

She said, “Tonight, 72 teams and territories from 72 countries join Birmingham people to celebrate friendship across all borders.”

“The Commonwealth’s young athletes will be competing over the coming weeks. They represent the Commonwealth’s shared hopes for the future. Imagine a future in which every child has access to education, all women have the opportunity to be part of society and families live happily in peace.

“As we witness the extraordinary athletes from the Commonwealth Games over the coming weeks, let us remember that each child has the right to realize her full potential. Let’s not forget about the possibility of pursuing her wildest goals.

Driving into the ceremony! A total of 72 red, white or blue cars with links to the Birmingham car industry formed a Union flag in the centre of Alexander Stadium

It was fun to drive in the ceremony A total of 72 red, white or blue cars with links to the Birmingham car industry formed a Union flag in the centre of Alexander Stadium

Let's celebrate! Birmingham's rich cultural diversity was celebrated through the medium of dance in the opening ceremony

Let’s celebrate! Birmingham’s cultural diversity was highlighted through dance at the opening ceremony.

Local history: This portion of the opening ceremony commemorated the burning down of Birmingham's first free public library in 1879

Local history. This section of the ceremony commemorates the 1879 burning of Birmingham’s original free public library.

The Commonwealth Games: Which events will Royals participate in?

Thursday, August 28

At the opening ceremony, The Queen will be represented by The Prince of Wales and the Duchess. 

Prince Edward will be vice-patron for the Commonwealth Games Federation, while the Earl and Countesss of Wessex of Wessex are also expected to attend. 

Prince Charles will deliver a speech in Birmingham at Alexander Stadium, where he will also relay a message from Her Majesty. 

Friday, 29 July

The Earl of Wessex and the Countess are expected to attend several sporting events. Details will be announced in due course. 

Anne, Princess Royal will be visiting the Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village, Warwick University, where she will interact with athletes participating in the games. 

The Rugby Sevens will be followed by a viewing at Coventry Stadium. She will view the following matches: England, Samoa, South Africa, Malaysia and Scotland. Canada will also be there. 

Saturday, 30 July

The Duke and Duchess will be at Lee Valley Velopark, London to watch the cycling and present the medals to the winners.

Monday August 1

Between Monday and Wednesday, the Earl and Countess will be back in Birmingham to observe events. 

Tuesday, August 2,

Along with the Earl of Wessex and the Duchess, the Duke and Duchess will be attending the games. 

Saturday, August 6th – Monday, Aug 8th

The Earl will be present at a number of fixtures during the Commonwealth Games. Also, he will meet with volunteers and staff members involved in the running of the event and give them a sincere thank you. The Earl of Wessex will deliver a speech during the ceremony’s closing ceremony, Monday August 8.