Spanish Bishop Quits the Priest to Be with His Sexologist Lover has been accused of being “possessed” after he found a job in exporting Pig semen. 

Three months ago, Xavier Novell (52) announced his resignation from the post of Bishop in Solsona in Catalonia due to’strictly personal’ reasons.

According to Spanish media outlet ABC, he has found employment with Semen Cardona, a company that exports high-quality pork semen to over 20 countries across the globe.

According to reports, ex-colleagues condemned him for changing professions. Some clergymen believed he was being possessed by the devil. 

Novell was first in the news after Religion Digital, which revealed that he fell for Silvia Caballol 38 years old, a divorcée author of erotic novel.

Ex-bishop stated that he was in love and wanted to do right.

Xavier Novell (pictured above), 52, announced three months ago that he was resigning from his post as Bishop of Solsona in Catalonia for 'strictly personal reasons'

Xavier Novell, 52 (pictured above), announced that he would be resigning as Bishop of Solsona Catalonia three months ago for’strictly private reasons.

Novell first hit headlines in September after news site Religion Digital revealed he had fallen for 38-year-old Silvia Caballol (pictured), a divorced author of erotic novels

Novell made headlines for the first time in September when Religion Digital reported that he was married to Silvia Caballol, 38 (pictured), an author of erotic books.

A priest said to know Novell told Spanish media: ‘It’s like the Parable of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke, the son who abandoned the Father to lead a debaucherous life, and ended up wishing to eat pig slop.

‘But in this case it’s the beast/devil, because he masturbates them.’

On its website, Semen Cardona states: ‘We produce and distribute a highly specialised product, doses of porcine semen of the best genetics.’

It adds: ‘Spanish export leaders and one of the industry’s leading global referents, we distribute approximately 3million of doses annually. 

“Semen Cardona offers highly valued services from top European swine breeding companies and stallions with the highest quality, prolificacy, and biosafety.

The company, headquartered in Barcelona, has 19 artificial insemination centres (AICs) alongside international offices in Spain, Mexico and the Philippines.

Spanish media was informed by a spokesperson for the firm that they are a private company and can’t disclose personal information of workers as a result of data protection laws.

Novell was reported to have met Caballol after beginning demonology. He studied yoga, sexology and Islam. 

Caballol has written novels about characters who are ‘possessed of the demon lust’, a fact that raised eyebrows among Novell’s old colleagues. 

Her publisher described her books as “turning all our moral or ethical considerations upsidedown.” 

Caballol promises that The Hell in Gabriel’s Lust is his most recent novel. It contains ‘prisons and psychopathy, sects. sadism. madness. lust, and… gradually… the unreality and struggle for immortality between good and bad, God and Satan and angels and demons. 

Novell, who was among those affected by the demons in the past, is not a stranger to them. handful of Spanish bishops to decline having an exorcist appointed in 2015, opting instead to perform the role himself. 

The Hell in Gabriel's Lust, Caballol's most recent book, promises 'prisons, psychopathy, sects, sadism, madness and lust'

Caballol promises ‘prisons’, psychopathy and sects in The Hell In Gabriel’s Lust. This is Caballol’s latest book.

After being elected as Spain’s youngest bishop at 41, Novell was seen as an icon in the Catholic Church of Spain.

However his ascent stalled, The Times reported, with the election of Pope Francis in 2013.

Francis is leading the Vatican to more liberal stances that his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Novell has supported gay conversion therapy, and called abortion and euthanasia ‘genocide.’ This is not in keeping with Francis’s mood.

The Pope accepted his resignation and has yet to comment. 

Novell was also the first bishop to vote openly in 2017’s controversial Catalan independence referendum, which is illegal according Spanish law. 

MailOnline reached out Semen Cardona to get more details.