Hallmarked for its fizzy charm and fruity flavors, Sparkling Ice is a beloved sparkling water brand developed by Talking Rain Beverage Company. Since its inception, Sparkling Ice has effortlessly captivated audiences with its delicious, sugar-free flavor offerings. From Black Cherry and Black Raspberry to Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Mango, this sparkling water powerhouse has introduced a variety of tasty beverages. In 2019, Sparkling Ice took it one step further when they unveiled a new line extension, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine. Much like its name suggests, this drink combines full-flavored sparkling water with an added boost of caffeine.

In October 2020, the brand announced that Sparkling Ice +Caffeine was getting a new packaging design. Described as a “colorful refresh,” the new aesthetic includes bright hues and an ombre-esque design. When creating their revamped packaging, Sparkling Ice hoped to mirror the functionality and liveliness that their drinks embody. The packaging design was created by  Talking Rain’s in-house graphic design team. While the captivating colors and vibrant shades surely catch the eye, Sparkling Ice also added another thoughtful detail to the packaging.

Each can features a sleek plus sign, which represents the “supercharged element” of the product. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long to see the new and improved design in person.  Sparkling Ice plans to release the updated packaging across the country beginning this November. Members of Talking Rain’s marketing team hope that the latest design will draw attention to the perks that Sparkling Ice +Caffeine offers.

Though Sparkling Ice +Caffeine has only been on the market for a short time, consumers have fallen in love with the sparkling water. Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Cherry Vanilla even received a Best New Product Award from Convenience Store News earlier this year.  With full flavor, antioxidants, vitamins, and 70mg of naturally sourced caffeine, this beverage is touted as one of its kind on the market. 

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine is available in six different flavors including Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla, Orange Passion Fruit, Strawberry Citrus, and Triple Citrus. As Talking Rain continues to dominate the sparkling water market, they’ll no doubt develop even more new products that’ll keep consumers on their toes. To learn more about Sparkling Ice products and what’s new with their brand, visit their website.