Small houses have a really warm feeling about them. They feel cozy and are preferred by many but the big problem is the lack of space. While feeling cozy is great, the situation is not perfect when there is not much space available and you need to store something. 

The good news is that there are many different things that you can do in order to maximize the space that is available in small homes. Let’s highlight some tips to make the most of what is available, thanks to data provided by DecorationThoughts.

Focus On The Use Of Windows

The simplest possible way to make your home feel bigger is to light it up as much as possible. This becomes very simple when you can add some windows. They are particularly effective if you place them really high up towards the ceiling so that there is some extra room available on walls. 

When you add more windows, more space is used. However, if it is really important for you to live in a room that feels airy and light, windows get this done. 

Use Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves

The layout of the small house should be approached strategically. This is because all decisions lead to something that you lose. Because of this, instead of using a loftier window, it is a good idea to install shelving so that you can stash your clothes, books, plates, and practically anything else you want. 

Add Hooks Or Shelves To Doors

The door is often not utilized to store anything and the truth is that it is not really a good idea to use doors that are swinging when opening if the space available is not much. However, if you do love the aesthetic, you can maximize all the space available with the addition of storage options. You can utilize hooks on any side of y our door and smaller shelves are perfect in many situations. Use this extra storage space for coats, bags, or practically anything that you could. Put hooks on desk doors for things like blue light glasses, and keys.

Remove Walls

An open space always looks larger than when walls are present. This is why it is such a good idea to have a living room, dining, or/and kitchen space flowing into another room. Such areas always end up feeling more spacious. Walls just take up a few inches but they do create a disproportionate effect from a psychological point of view. 

If the house is tiny, it might be difficult to create an open space. However, it will help even if you can only remove a single wall. 

Don’t Forget About Space Under Your Stairs

Under-stair space can be an incredible storage area that you can take advantage of. While not all the small houses have stairs, if you do have them, some sort of lucrative storage space can be created under your stairs. 

Think about what you can add under your stairs so that you can store something. You might even use shelves in order to store some books if this is something that makes sense for you.