Jack Shepherd (33) is a speedboat murderer and will now be moved to HMP Frankland. There he’ll serve his manslaughter sentence along with Wayne Couzens, Levi Bellfield, Ian Huntley, and Levi Bellfield.

  • Shepherd was transferred to HMP Frankland in County Durham, a category A prison. 
  • There are two inmates: Ian Huntley, a Soham killer, and Levi Bellfield (a serial killer).
  • In 2018, Shepherd was convicted of manslaughter of Charlotte Brown, 24; she died after his boat capsized on Thames on a date 
  • A six year sentence was handed down for gross negligence manslaughter.

Jack Shepherd, speedboat murderer, has been moved to category A prison. He will be serving the remainder of his sentence with Wayne Couzens (ex-police officer who killed Sarah Everard) and other inmates.

According to Mirror, Shepherd is currently a HMP Frankland inmate.

Other prisoners in County Durham jail include Soham murderer Ian Huntley as well as serial killer Levi Bellfield. 

“He writes to his family, friends, and gets on well with other inmates. According to a source, prison has been an humbling experience.   

Shepherd was sentenced to six years after being convicted in 2015 of manslaughter through gross negligence. He had been following Charlotte Brown’s death when his speedboat flipped on the River Thames.

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd (above) has reportedly been moved to a category A prison where he will serve the rest of his sentence alongside Sarah Everard's killer ex-police officer Wayne Couzens and other notorious inmates

Jack Shepherd, the speedboat killer (above), was reportedly moved to a Category A prison. Here he will spend the rest of his sentence along with Wayne Couzens, Sarah Everard’s ex-policeman killer and other inmates.

Charlotte Brown, 24, was killed after Shepherd's boat capsized on the Thames near Wandsworth Bridge in 2015

Charlotte Brown (24 years old) was killed in 2015 when Shepherd’s boat capsized near Wandsworth Bridge.

After meeting through OkCupid, Ms Brown was from Clacton in Essex and went on her first date to Shepherd. 

Shepherd’s 10-year sentence was reduced to 78 days in July 2020 because he spent time waiting for extradition from the UK.

The three appeal judges ruled that Shepherd’s 78-days in Georgian custody while awaiting extradition should be counted towards the sentence he was serving.

Shepherd faced trial on July 18, 2018. The jury heard that he bought the boat in the 1980s from Gumtree, and was trying to impress women with it.

However, his first date with Ms Brown turned tragic when her 14ft Fletcher Arrowflyte GTO was damaged and hit a tree. It capsized, causing them to be thrown in the Wandsworth Bridge.

Later, he drew outrage when he launched an appeal against his conviction in Georgia while on the run – and was granted funds.

The speedboat owned by web designer Jack Shepherd, which crashed in the Thames in 2015

Jack Shepherd’s speedboat, which crashed on the Thames in 2015, was owned by Jack Shepherd.

In 2019, Shepherd (above) was moved to a different high-security jail after being bullied by other inmates. He was transferred for his own safety to HMP Woodhill, near Milton Keynes. Shepherd was being held at Wandsworth jail in South London but was moved after being spat at

Shepherd was bullied by inmates and moved to a higher-security jail in 2019. Shepherd was taken to HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes for his safety. Shepherd, who was currently being held in Wandsworth prison in South London was released after being spat upon.

Shepherd spent ten months running and was eventually extradited. He will serve six-years with six consecutive months for failing to appear in court on April 19, 2019.

The web designer admitted to hitting a Devon barman on the head with his vodka bottle at a Devon hotel. He was then given an additional four-year term.

In 2019, Shepherd was moved to a different high-security jail after being bullied by other inmates.

For his safety, he was moved to HMP Woodhill near Milton Keynes.

Shepherd was currently being held at Wandsworth in South London, but was eventually released when he was spat on.

Couzens has a long history of being convicted for the murder of Ms Everard. He used his position as a London police officer to abduct her last year.

Bellfield was sentenced to life for the murder of Milly Dowler (13 years old), Marsha McDonnell (19 years) and Amelie Delarange (22)

Huntley was previously a school caretaker and was found guilty of murdering Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman, schoolgirls from Soham.