EXCLUSIVE: Essex’s key sponsor leaves after Jahid Ahmad, a third ex-cricketer who claims he was subject to racist abuse at the club, storms the city

  • Essex saw a major sponsor withdraw their support from the club
  • Seetec is listed among eight Platinum Club Partners.
  • Jahid Ahmad is the third player who has claimed he suffered racist abuse.

Essex have seen a key sponsor distance themselves from the club after another of the county’s former players came forward with allegations of racist abuse.

Jahid Ahmed played for Essex from 2005 to 2009 and told The Cricketer that he had been bullied by his former coach, and was mocked and ridiculed by teammates and coaches.

Both Maurice Chambers and Zoheb Sharif had previously shared their stories about the abuses they suffered at the county.

Jahid Ahmed is the third former player to allege he experienced racist abuse at Essex

Jahid Ahmad is third player who alleges he suffered racist abuse at Essex.

Training provider Seetec is listed as one of eight ‘Platinum Club’ partners on the county’s website. Chelmsford will be alarmed by the move, as Essex chiefs have witnessed the economic fallout from the Yorkshire racism crisis.

In a statement, Seetec said: ‘We have suspended our ties with Essex County Cricket Club with immediate effect.

‘Through the services we deliver, our employee owners work with diverse communities to help people realise their life ambitions. As part of our larger commitment to social integration, this service is a key component. We believe that every community should have equal opportunities.

‘Any form of racism should not be tolerated.’

Former Essex players Zoheb Sharif (above) and Maurice Chambers have also spoken out

Ex-Essex players Zoheb Sharif and Maurice Chambers (above) have spoken out.

Essex opened a line of communication for players and staff who were discriminated against and is currently preparing an independent investigation into the historical racism that occurred at the club.

In the interview, Ahmed says he concluded that Essex was ‘a white man’s world where brown people were outsiders’ after being asked by a team-mate if he was ‘going to bomb’ the club.

Former fast bowler at 35, he played seven matches in first-class during his four year stint at the club. He also claimed that his voice was mimicked and mocked by coaches and players.

Earlier this month, former batter Sharif said he received racist abuse that included being called ‘bomber’ by his team-mates after the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

Former Essex chairman John Faragher denied using racist language at a board meeting in 2017

John Faragher, former chairman of Essex, denied using racist language during a 2017 board meeting

Chambers described the alleged racist bullying he endured for ten years, which included being thrown bananas at him and often getting racist jokes.

In response to Ahmed’s allegations, Essex chief executive John Stephenson said in a statement: ‘I am disheartened to learn of these new historic racial allegations from a former player about several of his ex-team-mates and a previous member of staff.

‘The allegations make difficult reading and they will be treated and investigated with the utmost seriousness.’

John Faragher was forced to resign as chairman of Essex on November 11. He had been accused of using racist language during a 2017 board meeting. Faragher strongly denied this claim.