After eating SIX boxes of Christmas chocolate coins, Staffordshire bullterrier received life-saving surgery.

  • Six bags of chocolate coins were consumed by Hugo, six-year old Staffordshire bull Terrier.
  • Plymouth’s owner Amie found her chocolate missing when she returned from shopping.
  • A six-year-old dog needed lifesaving surgery at Plymouth PDSA Hospital 
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After he had consumed six Christmas chocolate coins, a Staffordshire bullterrier underwent’miracle surgery’ that saved his life.  

Amie is the owner of Hugo the six-year old dog. She had gone to the shops to buy chocolate, but returned to her Plymouth home to discover all her wrappers and her chocolate gone. 

Amie called PDSA after the dog began vomiting and had a seizure.

Hugo was taken by the PDSA to the local pet hospital. The vets decided to do surgery to save Hugo’s health.   

Hugo (pictured) who ate six bags of chocolate coins

Pictured: Some of the wrappers which were strewn on the floor when Amie returned home

Amie, the six-year-old owner Hugo (pictured to left), had gone to the shops but returned to find her entire chocolate stash and all the wrappers on her Plymouth, Devon, home.

Amie claimed that Hugo was a PDSA patient and described the PDSA procedure as a ‘Christmas miracle.’ She added: ‘I had only gone to the shop briefly, and when I returned, there were foil bits and pieces of foil scattered all over the place.

“At first Hugo appeared fine. But I was sickened by worry when he started vomiting blood. Then he had a terrifying seizure, and I immediately called PDSA.

Hugo was sedated at the PDSA hospital, and also received an X-ray.

The six-year-old dog (pictured) was assessed and sedated at a PDSA hospital nearby. His stomach was found to be full of foil

A nearby PDSA hospital assessed the six-year old dog and administered sedatives. It was discovered that his stomach was full of foil

Pictured: Hugo. He is now on the road to recovery after his surgery at the PDSA hospital

Pictured: Hugo. Now, he is well on his way to recovery from the PDSA surgery.

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Source: ACANA 


Hugo had a stomach full of foil, and needed to have surgery. 

Donna Southwould (PDSA vet) said, “Hugo was held in overnight after major surgery. 

He needed medication, an intravenous fluid drip and skilled nursing care.

“He was extremely lucky and could not have died if it wasn’t for his timely treatment. 

“Whilst Hugo has not yet recovered fully, Hugo is now in a comfortable place of rest and recovery.

The vet nurse advised owners to be careful with festive treats around their pets and said: ‘Many of us have treats, sweets and chocolates aplenty in the house, and while the festive period can be a time for indulgence, it’s important to remember that some of these foods are very harmful to our pets.

Foods like mince pies, chocolate, onion, raisins, grapes or some nuts are all potentially harmful to dogs and must be safely kept out of reach.

“Instead of giving your pet extra food this Christmas, you can give them extra playtime.”

Amie stated that she couldn’t have imagined what life would be like without the incredibly caring and kind staff of PDSA – it was amazing. 

Hugo without Hugo is not possible, I’m sure.

“They were a great help to him, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.” 

“There was so much I was afraid of losing him. It’s a miracle that he is home at Christmas.

A spokesperson for PDSA stated that if you suspect your pet has eaten something illegal, it is important to call your vet right away.

Amie shared that “I don’t know how I would have survived without the incredibly kind, caring staff at PDSA – they were incredible.” 

“I don’t believe Hugo would have been here without them.

“He was so grateful to them, and they will remain in my heart forever. 

“There was so much I thought about losing him. It’s a miracle that he is home at Christmas.

A spokeswoman from PDSA stated that if you suspect your pet has eaten something illegal, it is important to call your vet right away.