Stag fright! Family members put their lives in danger by getting too close to a rutting male Deer during peak breeding season.

  • A family was too close to a large red stag that was looking for mate in Tatton Park, Cheshire.
  • The bellowing stag charged at five family members but they were able to escape with their lives after it stopped.
  • Steve Clare, a 58-year-old amateur wildlife photographer, captured the family’s near miss in the deer park


After they got too close while taking photos, this is what a rutting stag did to a young family. 

These worrying photos show a young girl, and a woman, first approaching a large male deer.

The family appeared unaware of the risk posed by Britain’s largest wild land animal but that danger became apparent as the group trying to take photographs were suddenly charged by the stag armed with his huge antlers.

October is breeding season for deer. This is when testosterone-fueled stags compete with other males to become mates. 

The stag charged the family after they got too close to the deer as it was bellowing in the hope of attracting females to mate

After the family got too close to the stag, it charged them with a charge. The deer was bellowing in an attempt to attract females to mate.

Red deer mature males can weigh up 200kg, and when in rut, they have vicious pointed antlers that measure just under a meter in length. 

Thankfully, everyone was safe. Steve Clare, an amateur photographer of wildlife, hopes that his images taken in Tatton Park (Cheshire) on Sunday will serve to warn others.

Steve, a Warehouse Operator, is 58 and said that the people involved in this incident were very lucky that the stag didn’t continue its charge.

He said, “This could have been very dangerous if the stag continued charging.” The whole group was in danger, I believe.

The family were trying to take photos with the deer in Tatton Park, Cheshire and their near-miss was captured by amateur wildlife photographer Steve Clare

The family was trying to photograph the deer in Tatton Park in Cheshire. Steve Clare, an amateur wildlife photographer, captured their near-miss.

The stag stopped its charge before it hit the family but Steve said they could have lost their lives if the rutting deer had continued

Steve said the stag stopped its charge just before it reached the family, but Steve stated that they could have lost all their lives if it continued to rutting deer.

“I hope these photographs will serve a function and make people aware of the danger wild animals pose and prevent injuries or even death.

“About 15 minutes later, the same stag did not charge another person who got too close after I told them about what I had just witnessed.”

Steve stated that he was there to photograph the deer-rut, which he has been doing for two years. He was able to position his camera approximately 100 yards from the action, knowing the best way to approach these magnificent animals.

He said, ‘I saw a big stag with a herd of females. I also noticed a few more stags further away so I decided that my tripod and camera would be safe.

“The stag that was in the herd was prancing around and bellowing as he tried to mate with his does.

The large red stag was testosterone-fuelled as October marks the peak of breeding season for the large animals which populate several parks in Britain

The large red stag, which was testosterone-fueled because October is the peak breeding season for large animals which populate several parks throughout Britain, was a result.

“Other stags were behaving nearby, and then one of them tried to get in on the herd, but he was quickly chased away. As all of this was happening, several groups of people starting to form that looked like families.

“An adult woman with a child was standing next to the stag taking photos. I shouted at them and waved my arms to tell them to move.

“Even though the stag bellowed, they didn’t move.

“Then, the stag moved a few steps away and all the kids gathered together. This was when I focused on the deer.

“As I did so, he charged the entire group. It’s a miracle that no one was hurt.

“Most of the reactions since I posted the images has been about how stupid it was to get so close the stag.”