AJ Odudu was a star on Strictly who broke down after receiving ligament damage to the foot. This left her unable and unable for her to stand, and she had to be taken to hospital.

Television presenter and boyfriend Kai Widdrington (26), revealed that the injury she sustained this week has had a negative impact on her dancing. She is unable to lift any weight onto her foot.

AJ was sobbing on Wednesday as she reflected back on her Strictly experience, but she couldn’t confirm if she would perform Saturday night alongside Rose Ayling Ellis, 27, and John Whaite 32. 

In a later social media posting, she said she had confirmed the injury and that she had ‘projectile vomited’ when she tried to apply pressure to her feet.  

Devastated: AJ Odudu has confirmed she's suffered ligament damage to her foot, leaving her unable to stand and on crutches just days before the final

Devastated. AJ Odudu confirms that her ligament injury to her foot has left her unable stand, and she is now on crutches.

AJ stated: ‘Basically, it’s short and simple. I’ve hurt my ligament, so I’m unable to put any weight on the foot.

“We missed much of our training due to me being unable to stand, so I have crutches. I will do everything possible for Saturday night.

It’s frustrating, because these two dances are repeated from the series. We have not performed them for weeks.

“On Monday, our optimism was evident because we asked each other, “Do you know how the steps look?” Kai said that while the show dance is beautiful and impressive and something that Kai has mastered but that it requires practice.

“I’m very upset and frustrated at the moment.”

'Frustrated': AJ, who's partnered with rumoured boyfriend Kai Widdrington, revealed the injury has impacted her training this week because she's unable to put any weight on her foot

AJ is frustrated: Kai Widdrington and AJ are rumoured to be partners. Kai revealed that her injury had impacted her training because she couldn’t put weight on her foot this week.

Three dance performances will be given by the Strictly finalist on Saturday’s live performance. They include one judge’s selection, the couple’s favorite number, as well as their show dancing. 

Professional dancer Kai confirmed on Wednesday that the pair have only rehearsed their show dance once – and now they’re unable to practice until AJ’s foot is better.

He said, “We did our show dance rehearsals on Monday. We did our show dance, we got through it, obviously we still need to patch it up and connect everything there are a lot of lifts in there but the other dances we are going to do – we put the music on, and AJ knows them.’  

AJ said throughout Strictly that she is a big fan of the series and that it was a dream to compete with Kai, her partner in dance.

'Magical moments': AJ has admitted throughout the Strictly series that she's a huge fan of the show and it was a dream come true to compete, especially with Kai as her dance partner

AJ’s ‘Magical Moments’: AJ admitted during the Strictly series she is a big fan of the show. It was a dream come True to Compete, particularly with Kai as her partner in dance. 

Rumours that Kai and AJ are involved in a romance have been circulating since the beginning of the competition. The pair has not done much to deny the rumors.

When asked about their relationship, she stated that it was very touching. The series has many great moments.

“Obviously, our first dance. Coming out with that American smooth, the argentine Tango, making it to the final. No, we are not there yet, but everyone has voted for us. Kai has been such a patient, kind, brilliant person. Even though I am hobbling about the place, he is still positive, saying, “We’re going to get your on that dance floor.”

'A dream come true': Speculation AJ and Kai are in a romantic relationship has been rife since the start of the competition, with the pair doing very little to dispel the rumours

AJ and Kai: A dream coming true. Rumours of AJ-Kai being in a romance have circulated since the contest began. The pair has done little to defuse the rumors. 

“It has been a pleasure to spend my time with someone who believed in me. It has made the show so magical.

“We all can sit at home, watch something, and then say, “I’d love to be on that dance floor.” And when it happens, it feels like it is happening, and you feel so happy.

‘That feels… when dreams come true it’s amazing but it’s also quite moving, you can’t believe it’s happening. It was a wonderful experience, even though my foot isn’t moving at all.