23-year-old struggling mother, supporting husband and son with autism, quits low-paid job at OnlyFans and now makes $34,000 per monthly

An Australian family struggling to make ends meet has turned its fortune around using OnlyFans and hard work.

Two years ago, Audrey Aura, a 23-year old Audrey, supported her husband and young son with autism.

Audrey was unable to work part-time because she couldn’t make $2,000 per week.

A struggling mum, 23, who supports her husband and son with autism has told of how she gave up her low-paid job for a career on adult website OnlyFans - and now earns $34,000 per month

23-year-old struggling mother who supports her son and husband with autism, has shared how she left her job at a low-paying job to pursue a career as an adult on OnlyFans and is now making $34,000 per month

Audrey had to reconsider her financial plan after the Covid-19 epidemic.

OnlyFans is an adult-only subscription company that she discovered and realized it was the perfect career choice for busy moms looking to have financial security as well as the flexibility of working from home.

Audrey was quickly popularized on OnlyFans and earned more money per month than her earnings in a full year.

She explained that while $2,500 was my highest-earning day, I earn an average of $800-1,800 per day.

Audrey is currently the top creator of 0.49 percent on one account and top 3.2% on another account. She earns approximately $34,000 per month.

I’m the household’s sole income earner. She said that her husband and their toddler both fall on the Autism spectrum.

'Audrey Aura' soon became popular on OnlyFans, earning more cash in a month than she used to earn in a year. Pictured: Audrey's website where she describes her 'hyperactive sex drive'

Audrey Aura, also known as Audrey on OnlyFans became very popular and she soon earned more in a single month than in a whole year. Pictured: Audrey’s website where she describes her ‘hyperactive sex drive’

“We had to rely upon government payments and loans from our family. Sometimes, we even lived with the family. My family is dependent on me to support them and provide for their future. I am working hard right now.

“My favorite thing about being an OnlyFans creator was the freedom to work on my own time. It allows me to be closer with my family while still working with my natural biological clock.

“I am a night owl, and I feel most productive when the sun goes down. It allows me to be creative and productive when it suits my needs.

Audrey discovered that OnlyFans provided financial benefits in addition to her mental well-being.

According to her, “This job gave me more self worth than I expected and increased my confidence.”

Benefits: Audrey believes OnlyFans offers a viable, flexible and profitable platform for forward-thinking females who are looking for financial security

Benefits: Audrey believes OnlyFans offers a viable, flexible and profitable platform for forward-thinking females who are looking for financial security

“I’ve struggled with body image and selfworth my whole life. At age 12 I became anxious and depressed. And at 15 I had an eating disorder.

“I feel more confident about my body and happier than ever.

Audrey is supported 100 per cent by her husband for Audrey’s professional career. He sees how the platform has helped his wife in self-confidence as well as their career.

Audrey, determined to pass on her success, is an OnlyFans Coach and in the process to establish an OnlyFans Masterclass. It is due to launch in 2022.

OnlyFans provides a flexible platform, which she considers to be profitable for forward-thinking women who want financial security.

“I did not start OnlyFans as it was the last thing I tried to do.” [to]Make quick cash, but I was able to do it because I was a busy person and my family wasn’t moving due to Covid. I thought, “Why not try?” It was something I’d thought of for many years, but had never taken the plunge to do.

“I am so grateful that I took the plunge and opened an account.”