BREAKING NEWS: In North Carolina, two US Marines were killed and seven others are seriously injured in a collision between a military truck and a highway.

  • Two Marines died and seven other Marines sustained serious injuries in the crash of a North Carolina military vehicle. It happened on Wednesday.
  • Witnesses said that the Marines’ truck had been rolled on the spot.
  • The scene was quickly repopulated with a medical helicopter to take the wounded soldiers to the hospital. 
  • Five Marines were also in the car, but they were not hurt.

After a North Carolina military truck collided with a vehicle on Wednesday, at least two Marines were killed and seven more are in critical condition. 

According to WECT, the crash occurred around noon at US 17’s intersection with Highway 210. It was between Verona & Holly Ridge. 

One witness said that the Marines truck was damaged when it rolled in the wreckage. An ambulance helicopter was dispatched to the accident scene in order to transport those with injuries. 

The vehicle was not damaged by five other Marines. 

At least two marines have been killed and seven others injured in a military truck crash in Onslow County, North Carolina

In a crash involving a military truck in Onslow county, North Carolina, at least two Marines died and seven were injured.

The military truck crashed at the intersection of US 17 and Highway 210 between Verona and Holly Ridge at around 1pm on Wednesday

At around noon on Wednesday, the military truck collided with Highway 210 and US 17 between Verona & Holly Ridge. 

These soldiers were part of the 2nd Marines Logistics Group, which is located at Camp Lejeune.   

They tweeted, “We are aware that there was a rollover of a vehicle in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This involved servicemen with the 2nd MLG.”  

@camp_lejeune, Onslow County officials are being closely contacted to get more information about the incident. More information will be released as soon as possible. 

Later, they tweeted that there were multiple casualties due to the incident.

Since then, the county reported that several rescue vehicles arrived on-scene at Camp Lejeune to assist with firefighting and other emergency services.

The scene was also attended by ambulances from nearby Jones and Pender counties. reached out for comments to the 2nd Marine Logistics Group.  

This story is still in development. Keep checking back for more updates.