Stunt cyclist rides along the blade of a 230ft turbine to highlight renewable energy in advance of the COP26 climate change summit

  • Danny Macaskill rides a bike along the 230ft windmill at Alveston Wind Park
  • Before he rides towards the edge, he places his bike on the blade of the turbine.
  • He executed the daring challenge ahead of the the COP26 summit in Glasgow

This is the thrilling moment when a stunt biker rode along the blades of a 230ft windturbine in an effort to raise awareness about climate change.  

Danny Macaskill, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, cycled across the blade of the towering turbine at the Alveston Wind Park in Gloucestershire, ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow – which is set to commence this Sunday.

The cyclist, who in 2012 was given the honour of baring the Olympic torch during its tour in Glasgow, undertook the daring challenge in an effort to show how much of the world’s energy originates from renewable sources.

Later, he said that he felt ‘unrealistically high-up’ during the daring stunt.     

Danny Macaskill, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, cycles onto to the 230ft turbine at the Alveston Wind Park in Gloucestershire

Danny Macaskill from Dunvegan on Skye cycles to the Alveston Wind Park in Gloucestershire’s 230ft turbine.

The cyclist looks at the scenery around him before undertaking the heart-pounding stunt

Before undertaking the heart-pounding feat, the cyclist looks around.

The clip features the cyclist standing at top of the turbine before he inserts his bike onto the blade. He is attached to a rope. 

After completing the stunt successfully, he stands up on the blade of a wind turbine and lifts the bike above him.

He said to Cycling Weekly, “It’s so high it doesn’t feel very high, it’s unrealistically higher up.”

‘I will tell you that fibreglass and bike tires don’t work well together. It’s slippery stuff. 

“I made this movie for Cop26 and didn’t realize how abundant renewable power was. It’s a great feeling to know that renewable energy is gaining momentum and that the balance is shifting. 

The cyclist demonstrated a variety of tricks at the Britwind warehouse, Stroud, Scotland. He also carefully maneuvered his bike around boxes and crates inside to emphasize the importance of a sustainable future.

He stated, following his stunts: “It’s been really awesome for me to be a part of this project.

“It’s opened up the possibility of renewable energy. COP26 is one the most important events currently taking place.

“I hope to highlight to the audience, younger audiences as well, that I believe things need to change.”

He added: ‘There were tons of features to work with. I tried to ride along the top of the turbine blades that we had. It was a lot fun to play with crates and all the other things around.

“It’s great to see COP26 come to Glasgow. It’s code-red for the climate right now. 

The cyclist slowly moves his bike across the blade in an effort to raise awareness of climate change

In an effort to raise awareness about climate change, the cyclist slowly moves his bike along the blade.

After executing the daring stunt as park of the climate games the cyclist said it was 'unrealistically high up'

The cyclist admitted that the stunt was a park of climate games.

The stunt cyclist stands on the blade and lifts his bike in the air after completing the daring stunt

After completing the daring stunt the stunt cyclist stands on a blade and lifts his bike into the air.

In 2012 the cyclist was given the honour of baring the Olympic torch during its tour in Glasgow

The Olympic torch was presented to the cyclist during the 2012 Glasgow tour.

“It’s only big changes that need to be made.

“Maybe after the pandemic, it might be just right time to make some lifestyle changes. I believe people will have to make some changes in how they move and what food they eat. 

“We can look forward to the future and hope that we can release some positive change,” 

Matt Knight, Britwind’s Head of Operations, stated that this was the biggest shoot they have ever had in the factory.

“The guys have used everything, from our demo models to crates or boxes.

Mr Macaskill completed 29 tricks ahead of Cop26 to represent the 29 per cent of the planet’s electricity that is generated from renewable sources. 

The cyclist also carried out a series of stunts at a renewable energy factory in Stroud, Scotland

The cyclist also performed a series of stunts at Stroud’s renewable energy factory, Scotland.

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon challenged polluting nation ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The First Minister of Scotland made a speech prior to the Cop26 summit in which he called on leaders from high-emitting countries to make a’significant increase’ in their ambition to address the climate emergency.

The Cop26 summit will see world leaders from 120 countries, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden, descend on Glasgow on Sunday for one of the most consequential climate conferences in history.