A viral video shows the moment a man taking the subway with his children in tow socks a woman in her face for telling him to ‘take a chill pill’ in the latest violent  attack on straphanger in crime-plagued New York City. 

“Tell me to take some chill pills!” The man roars at the woman in video. “Say the words “chill pill!”

She replies, “Chill pill,” and looks him in the eye.

The deranged dad then jabs her in the face with a right hook, evoking gasps from other passengers on the packed subway train as  crime in transit system has soared by nearly 60 percent in one month.

'Tell me to take a chill pill! Say the word "chill pill!"' the unknown assailant dared a fellow subway rider yesterday. 'Chill pill,' she replies, looking him defiantly in the eye before he punches her in the face

“Tell me to take the chill pill!” Speak the word “chill pill!” The unknown assailant challenged a fellow subway rider yesterday. “Chill pill,” she replies, looking him in the eye before he punches his face in the face.

'All [the woman] said was he needs a chill pill & his kids repeated it to him and it was just up from there,' the original poster captioned the TikTok video capturing the attack

‘All [the woman] said was he needs a chill pill & his kids repeated it to him and it was just up from there,’ the original poster captioned the TikTok video capturing the attack

Although it is not clear what caused the attack in the video which was deleted by its original poster at TikTok, it was viewed almost 2.5 million times since it got reshared on Twitter Wednesday. 

The original poster wrote that the man was already agitated when he got onto the train, telling other passengers to ‘gtfo out of him & his kid’s way.’

One thing is certain. The man’s victim told him that he should take a chill pill. He then tells him again that he will. [his]Face now.

‘All [the woman] said was he needs a chill pill & his kids repeated it to him and it was just up from there,’ the original poster captioned the TikTok video capturing the attack.

“You wilin’, her a female,” says woman filming.

“Mind Your Business, Say It Again,” the man threatens as he moves back towards the car’s other side. 

“You wilin’, she’s a female!” The filmer replies.

‘Mind your business — say it again,’ the man threatens the woman again as he moves away. ‘I’m tired if you n***** in my black business, you understand?’

‘I’m dealing with my f–king kids, you understand? It ain’t about being a role model, it’s about getting respect from people like you. Mind your own business, all these other races.

The man launches into a tirade and addresses the entire train, telling riders to “move out the way” if they see their family members on the train. 

According to the New York Post, the NYPD is currently investigating the incident and has determined that the victim did not report the assault. 

Earlier this month, NYPD Inspector Raymond Porteous told the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board that there was an ‘uptick in overall crime’ within the city’s subway system, according to CBSN New York. 

The ‘uptick” is actually a massive 58.5 percent increase of major crimes in September, compared to August. This includes a shocking 88% increase in grand larcenies as well as a 50% increase in felony attacks. 

Last month, there was 96 grand larceny in the subway system compared with 64 in August and 55 July. The number of smaller robberies increased by 18 percent to 52 incidents last month, compared to 44 in August.

There were 96 grand larcenies within the subway system last month compared to 64 in August and 55 in July, the New York Post reported. Smaller robberies jumped by 18 percent last month, too, to 52 incidents from 44 in August (robbery data for July was unavailable)

The New York Post reported that there were 96 grand larcenies in the subway last month, up from 64 in August or 55 in July. The number of smaller robberies increased by 18 percent to 52 incidents, compared to 44 in August (robbery statistics for July were not available).

Throughout the city, felony assaults are up 7.7 percent from the same time last year, and misdemeanor assaults up 6.1 percent

The number of felony assaults in the city is up 7.7 percent compared to last year and the number of misdemeanor attacks up 6.1 percent.

In the city, felony and misdemeanor assaults are up 7.7 % compared to the same time last years.

According to the NYPD the overall crime rate in the city is down 25% from last year. However, it is higher in certain categories like assaults and rape which is up 2.7 percentage points over last year.    

On Monday, a man sitting on the Northbound N train was  shot in the leg after he didn’t give his cellphone to a mugger quickly enough. Detectives arrested the man after he committed a robbery that day. The description of his robbery was similar to the one that occurred in the subway. 

 ‘It’s disturbing … to see that many firearms out on the streets and on our subways,’ Chief of Transit Kathleen O’Reilly said on Tuesday, according to Pix 11. According to Pix 11, Chief of Transit Kathleen O’Reilly stated that “but our transit officers were deployed at the correct places at the appropriate time.”

MTA Communications Director Tim Minton stated that hundreds of additional MTA officers were deployed in the subway system.  

NYPD is hunting for the suspect, pictured, who shot a straphanger in the leg during a rush-hour robbery Monday at the Union Square Subway Station

NYPD is searching for the suspect (pictured), who shot a straphanger in his leg during a rush hour robbery Monday at Union Square Subway Station

A man who was shot in the leg while on a New York City subway train can be seen sitting in an ambulance on Monday afternoon near Union Square

A man who was shot in his leg while riding a New York City subway train is seen sitting in an ambulance Monday afternoon near Union Square

Also, earlier in the month A woman shoved a commuter onto a train in Times Square earlier in the month.

Liliana Sagabaicela, 42 years old, was pushed off the platform and into the train at the station in an apparent unprovoked attack.

After suffering facial injuries, she was taken to a nearby hospital and was in stable condition. 

 One subway rider, who witnessed the shoving, said the crime at the station is not surprising.

The individual stated that it was similar to what it used be like in the 80s.

Anthonia Egegbara (29), of Queens was arrested for attempted murder several days later after surveillance footage showed her jumping from a bench to push Javier as the train rolled into the station. 

Horrifying surveillance video shows the moment when a woman pushed a fellow commuter into a train at the Times Square subway station on October 4

Horrifying surveillance video shows how a woman shoved a fellow commuter in a subway train at Times Square on October 4

Egegbara has a long history of arrests, including multiple attacks against women on public transport.

 Officers were called to the Times Square station again on Monday, around 12pm, for reports of shots fired. 

A 39-year-old from Brooklyn was urinating in the corner of West 40th Street and Seventh Avenue, near a McDonald’s and sushi restaurant Wasabi, when he was shot in his right leg, according to the New York Post. 

Two thugs attacked a 30-year-old woman, stomping on her head, as they robbed her in Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood at 3.15 am.  

According to Pix 11, the female suspect continued to punch the victim and kick her to the ground. The male suspect grabbed the victim’s purse, two phones, cash, and a neck chain. 

The female suspect could be seen stomping on the victim's head at least seven times in the October 6 attack

In the attack on October 6, the female suspect was seen stomping on victim’s head at least seven more times