A barmaid aged 49 died suddenly after she believed that she was spiked at nightclub.

Cordelia Stemp shared with friends that she was feeling unwell after leaving Hampshire Boulevard in Portsmouth.

Two-year-old mother texted Billy Marchant at 1.20am, to inform him that she was feeling ill and had been suffering from sweaty eyes.

The 49-year old woman arrived at her Portsmouth home and stated that she wasn’t herself. She also told Charlie Brown her friend from family, she felt like she had been spiked.

She Then, she collapsed and paramedics arrived to find ‘no sign or life’. 

Later, the’much-loved pub worker’ was confirmed to have died at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth in November 11.

A coroner has been appointed. However, the family of the grandmother was informed that toxicology results may take up to two months. Although the cause of her death remains mysterious, police are not treating it as suspicious.

After a string of reported spiking incidents in the UK, this incident is significant. A woman described how she was “spiked by needle” at Tunbridge Wells’ Pitcher and Piano bars. Six other people claimed they were also drugged.

Cordelia Stemp, 49, told friends she felt something was 'seriously wrong with her' when she left Hampshire Boulevard nightclub in Portsmouth feeling unwell

Cordelia Stemp (49) told her friends that she felt sick after she quit Hampshire Boulevard nightclub.

Casey Thompson was said she felt the ‘room spinning’ before she ‘passed out’, leading to a four-hour stay in hospital and HIV tests to stop her getting more ill. She was enjoying her night out at the Pitcher and Piano on Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, when she felt ‘a sharp pinch’ and a red lump formed on her arm.  

Portsmouth barmaid Cordelia Stemp’s 23 year old daughter, Yolanda Stemp, said it was peculiar for her mother to go home alone and she must have felt ‘awful’ to take herself home in a taxi.

Ms. Stemp stated that the family is overwhelmed by the unexpected death, the distressing circumstances and the response of the community.

According to the worker from ferry companies, “She texted.” [her friend]She said she wasn’t feeling well on the way back, and that it was 1.15 AM.

When she arrived at her home in Portsmouth the 49 year old 'was not herself at all', and told her lodger and family friend Charlie Brown she 'felt like she had been spiked'. Pictured with her grandson Riley in 2019

She felt like she’d been spiked when she got to her Portsmouth home. Photo of Riley and her granddaughter in 2019.

“At 1.20am, she texted her him saying, “I am burning, I’m shivering.”

“She claimed she felt a burning sensation in her stomach.

“When she returned home from work, her lodger friend was still in the living room. He said, “I feel like I have been spiked.”

“My mom clearly indicated in her texts that something was seriously wrong with me.

“I get that life is complicated. The main thing I can say is that my mother was very loved. But, there’s always the possibility of this happening. Although we don’t believe it, it remains to be a possibility.

“I want everyone to remember my mom as the bubbly, funny person she was.

“If you ever needed to chat to someone, even at 3 am on Facebook, she would be there. She was my best friend* I cry all day most days.’ 

The 'much-loved' barmaid, who worked at Lady Hamilton pub in Portsmouth, was later confirmed dead at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth on November 11

On November 11, the Queen Alexandra Hospital confirmed that Lady Hamilton barmaid and much loved, had died.

Tributes left outside Lady Hamilton pub in Portsmouth for their barmaid Cordelia Stemp

Tributes to Cordelia Stemp left outside Lady Hamilton Pub in Portsmouth

Officers evacuated Hampshire Boulevard after being alerted by police so that a thorough investigation could take place.

Marchant described being shocked by how suddenly Ms. Stemp, who went under the name Dee Skelton, fell ill.

He also said that the woman sent him a message saying she was feeling different than normal. She was a lovely and lovely woman.

Brown said Ms Stemp was not himself when she returned to the club.

“She was always happy and a wonderful person. She would always smile when someone was feeling down.

Casey Thomson, pictured, was enjoying a night out in Pitcher and Piano when she felt a 'sharp pinch' and a red lump formed on her arm

Casey Thomson (pictured) was out for a night at Pitcher and Piano, when she felt something sharp pinch her arm and formed a lump on her arm.

The Lady Hamilton, the pub where Ms. Stemp worked, was described by its landlord as a’shocked’ staff member.

Ivan Lim has been the landlord of the pub for five years. He said that he felt shocked and sad so he decided to plant some flowers in front.

“She’s lived in Portsmouth since childhood and has received lots of love from Portsmouthians ever since joining the pub.

“She was friendly and always smiled, if you got to know her. She did her best to make people feel better.

Jancie Dore, a fellow barmaid added that “She was a beautiful and lovely lady.” Her popularity was obvious – the abundance of flowers is not surprising.

Her death has ‘hit many hearts’. More than 130 people are expected to attend her funeral on December 3.

Ms Thomson described how within seconds the room was spinning and she passed out, and later shared this picture online of a 'needle' mark

Thomson described the moment that her room became spinning in seconds and she fell asleep. She later posted this image online showing a needle marking.

The new alert is now available on the app for venues in Portsmouth. This will keep patrons safe. 

In the meantime, Thompson posted her story on Instagram to bring attention to this disturbing trend.

She stated, “I will post it as many times to spread awareness.”

“The sick people who do this are not healthy.”

“A Saturday night spent with friends became a four-hour wait in the hospital after it was turned by police.

This happened at Tunbridge Wells Pitcher and Piano.

It felt sharp, like I was being pushed, so I turned my head to see if there was anything. A red lump appeared on my arm. The room started spinning in seconds and I passed out.

“Thank God @georgialello was there with me, so nothing more happened.

“Now, it’s HIV prevention and blood testing to prevent me from getting worse.

“This has stopped me from going out. Please be careful, SHARE.

Anthony Thomson posted on Facebook, following Casey’s complaint about the horrors he had at the Tunbridge Wells venue for middle-class commuters in Kent.

He stated, “Hi guys. Just thought I’d post a quick message to raise awareness.

‘On Saturday night I was spiked via an injection at Pitcher & Piano in Tunbridge Wells.

“I blacked myself out for approximately four to five hour and only have a limited amount of memory about what occurred.

“After the incident, I was informed by the police that the two girls who were injected had been injected on the exact same night at the same place.”

“You would never believe this type of thing would occur in your home town, especially to a man so be sure to keep an eye out for any signs that they might change their behavior.” 

Following the receipt of the complaints, the Pitcher and Piano were temporarily closed down by their owners. 

Kent Police demanded that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s licensing committee examine the licence of the venue, in light the circumstances of Sunday November 2nd.

This application raises concerns over the venue’s management and security procedures.

Kent Police posted the following: “This follows reports that officers received from officers that seven persons became sick while they were at Kent Police between 3AM and midnight on 21 Nov.”

“Those reporting incidents believed their drinks had been tampered with, and two of them thought that needles were used to administer substance.

“No other offenses were reported against these victims who were in their teens or 20s and no complainants saw needles being recovered.

“An investigation into these allegations is ongoing and officers work with the venue to investigate the circumstances including reviewing CCTV footage.

Now, the licensing committee of the council has suspended the venue’s license until December 1. They will install higher quality CCTV, better lighting, and metal detectors at each entrance.

On December 1, the suspension will end. The bar will then reopen under an amended license that includes additional conditions to promote safety and reduce crime at the venue.

On a confirmed date, the licensing committee will conduct a complete review of the license.

Kent Police reported that there had been three incidents, one involving three women and two men, as well as one involving just one man.

Chief Inspector Lizzie Jones (District Commander Tunbridge Wells) stated that the application was submitted to revise the licence due to serious allegations and concerns from officers about the need for more safety precautions for customers.

“We are pleased with the cooperation of the premises owners who took the extra step to close the bar until safety precautions were in place.

“We will continue our constructive work with the management team of the Pitcher and Piano after it has reopened.”  

The National Police Chiefs Council stated that there were 198 reported cases of drink-spiking between September and October and 56 reports of injectable incidents.

In order to raise awareness of the issue, UK girls and women boycotted nightclubs during a Girls Night In’ in October.