Sudden death of jailed Russian tycoon’s ex wife remains a mystery: Coroner reveals cause is still unknown after mother-of-two, 52, was found dead at £15m London mansion last month as Kremlin exiles call for MI5 probe

The death of a 52-year-old woman who was the wife of a jailed Russian Oligarch remains a mystery weeks after she was found dead in her £15 million west London mansion.

Last month Irina Izmestieva, the ‘Healthy” Irina Izmestieva, was discovered dead in her Kensington house. It prompted an investigation by MI5 into this matter.

Officers were flagged down on the Kensington street in London where Irina Izmestieva, 52, lived after being contacted by a worried friend on November 12.

They were able to enter through the basement window, where Ms Izmestieva (also known as Irina) was found dead on her couch.

Irina Izmestieva , 52 - also known as Irina Ford - was discovered dead on the sofa by friends

Friends discovered Irina Izmestieva, 52, also known as Irina Forrest dead on the couch

Irina Izmestieva

Igor Izmestyev

Igor, Ms Izmestieva’s ex-husband, has been sentenced for life in high security Russian prison

Igor her former husband, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Russia for contract killings thirteen years ago, was informed by the family that she had died.

Although police have confirmed that the death is not suspicious last month, the Coroner has said that they may open an investigation.

After being found in her house last month, it has been discovered that the cause and manner of Mrs Izmestieva’s demise remains a mystery.

The Telegraph received a statement from the Inner West London Coroner’s Office that said they were still investigating her death, and it might take four to six additional weeks to determine what caused her death.

The mother-of-two’s long-time friend and personal assistant, Oxana Mason also told the newspaper she hadn’t heard from the coroner yet, and was waiting to hear so that she could ‘organise the funeral’ for her friend of over 12 years.

She said that the coroner had not told us any information so we will wait for their report. There was only one quick call to inform them they were still investigating the matter and they would be waiting for it.