Britons, eagerly awaiting Sue Gray’s report into ‘partygate’, are comparing it to the buildup to Christmas or their GCSE’s results. One joke is that ‘I hope they’re not as disappointing as mine.

The senior civil servant’s highly-anticipated report into claims of parties held at Downing Street during Covid lockdown could be published as early as today.

Boris Johnson has been insisting that people wait until the results of the report are available. He is now bracing himself for an intense 48-hour period that could determine his premiership.

The news comes amid reports that Ms Gray identified eight individuals who have violated the rules. obtained images of Mr Johnson ‘by bottles of wine’ at an alleged lockdown breaking party.

The country is eagerly awaiting the publication of this report. If Tory MPs choose to place a non confidence vote, Mr Johnson could be removed as premier. Britons are using social media to mock the situation.

Users of Twitter have flood the site with memes and poems about the waiting, some even writing poetry about it.

One user on Twitter wrote, “Waiting to see the Sue Gray report makes it more thrilling than waiting until Christmas.”

One other wrote, “Waiting to see the Sue Gray Report is like waiting for GCSE Results. I hope that people will not be disappointed as I was.

Others likened the waiting to Line of Duty which left millions of people in suspense. They eagerly waited for H to reveal his identity, only for H to emerge as an unmasked police chief.

According to The, “Waiting for Sue Gray’s report is like watching the final episode of Line of Duty.”

“It is kind of thrilling. Although you hope that the movie will give all of the answers, there are some lingering doubts about the final outcome. 

Britons eagerly awaiting the Sue Gray (pictured) report into 'partygate' are comparing the wait to the build up to Christmas or to their GCSE's results - with one joking: 'I hope they aren't as disappointing as mine'

Britons, eagerly awaiting Sue Gray (pictured), report into partygate’ are comparing it to the buildup to Christmas or their GCSE’s’s results – with one joking that ‘I hope they’re not as disappointing as mine.

As fears mount that Vladimir Putin might attempt an invasion, others have drawn in the Ukraine-Russian border situation.

Alex Tomlinson, a Twitter user said that he had the impression that Putin was waiting to see the Sue Gray report. 

Others opted for classic memes like Michael Jackson eating popcorn with the caption “Everyone Waiting for the Sue Gray Report”.

Some others shared the picture of skeletons gathered around a table. The tag line was: ‘Waiting For Sue Gray.

Another user shared the meme that Rose Dawson (the blockbuster movie Titanic) said to her character. With the caption “Waiting For Sue Gray like …’.,” another person also liked the meme.

Many poets joined the fray, writing works that were inspired by Ms Gray’s report. Brian Bilston wrote, “All the people are talking about Sue Gray.” They say it is Sue Gray’s matter.

Sue Gray will investigate this, but it’s important to wait until Sue Gray.

I don’t even know Sue Gray. However, Sue Gray is someone I would love to see. So, as I consider what to cook for dinner (e.g. pasta, falafel), I make this a Sue Gray matter.

“And I remind myself that Sue Gray is researching all angles and will be there when I am trying to decide what shoes to buy, or how to walk to the town.

This comes just as Boris Johnson prepares for an extraordinary 48-hour period that could determine his premiership. The Partygate report is set to be published as soon as today.

The PM and his staff are waiting to hear from Ms Gray about her conclusions regarding the large number of lockdown-busting activities in Whitehall and Downing Street.

After the Tories failed to mount a coup, Johnson’s survival chances will depend on how much criticism is levelled at him personally.

Jacob Rees Mogg warned that the Premier’s ouster would nearly certainly lead to a general election. Allies are trying desperately to support him.

However, even though he could avoid immediate danger, police announced that they were conducting a criminal inquiry. He may be the first sitting PM to be interviewed under caution.

It was hoped that Johnson would publish top civil servants’ conclusions before PMQs. However, this timeline seems to be shifting. Johnson may still be allowed to return to the Commons today for what will undoubtedly be a marathon grilling by MPs.

The report’s release is subject to a lot of controversy. Yesterday, the Cabinet Office suggested that Ms Gray wait until Met investigators had finished their investigation before publishing.

However, Scotland Yard stated that they were not opposed to full disclosure of the findings.

Today’s round of interviews saw Foreign Secretary Liz Truss hint at the possibility that some parts of this report may be withheld for security reasons.

Sky News was asked if Ms. Truss would confirm that the full report would be made public.

“We do not know what the contents of this report are, and there may be security concerns that make it difficult to publish certain parts. We will publish all the conclusions of this report.

Ms Truss claimed that government should acknowledge the ‘public anger. However, she stated that the PM should be allowed to continue her office. He is doing an excellent job… He is doing a great job. I agree with him 100%.

Yesterday night, one Tory plotter said that five other MPs would call on the PM to resign as soon the report comes out.

The automatic triggering of a no confidence vote occurs when 54 MPs write letters to Sir Graham Brady (chair of the influential 1922 committee) – though he doesn’t reveal how many before reaching this threshold.

“We have cake!GMB shows no chair in meeting after No Tory minister appears to discuss latest revelations about No10 partygate (but Liz Truss will be happy to speak on Sky News). 

Good Morning Britain had an empty chair after today’s Tory ministers failed to show up to defend Boris Johnson. Liz Truss, however, was delighted to be on Sky News and Today.

Adil Ray, the presenter, joked, “We’ve got cake”, referring to Prime Minister and staff meeting to celebrate his birthday in lockdown. Indoor gatherings were prohibited.

Susanna Reid was his co-host. She said she had requested a minister appear on the show but could not get any to accept. She said, “We’ll keep your updated on that matter – the chair has been empty.” 

GMB presenter Adil Ray gestured to an empty chair as he and Susanna Reid explained that no minister had agreed to appear

Adil Ray, GMB Presenter gestured towards a empty chair while Susanna Reid explained to him that there was no minister who had agreed to appear. 

Ray joked that Mr Ray could weigh in and said: “If there are any ministers from the government, I have some cake here. You can be entrapped with a piece of cake.

“Some wine and cheese are also available, so there are many reasons to stop by if you’d like.

Ms Truss said that Sue Gray’s investigation into Partygate, which will be published imminently, might contain some of her report.

Sky News asked the Foreign Secretary if the full report would be made public. He replied: “We are absolutely certain that the results of this report will be published.

We don’t have access to the report’s content. This could lead to security problems that might make parts difficult or impossible for us not publish. We will publish all the conclusions of this report.

Ms Truss claimed that government should acknowledge the ‘public anger. However, she stated that the PM should be allowed to continue her office. He is doing an excellent job… He is doing a great job. I agree with him 100%.

'We've got cake', joked Mr Ray, in a reference to the Prime Minister meeting with staff to celebrate his birthday party in the height of lockdown when indoor gatherings were banned

In a joke, Mr Ray said, “We’ve got cake”, referring to Prime Minister Ray’s meeting with his staff in celebration of his birthday during lockdown. Indoor gatherings had been banned at that time.”

On her broadcast round elsewhere this morning, Ms Truss indicated that some of the contents of Sue Gray's report into the Partygate scandal might be held back for 'security' reasons

Ms Truss stated that Sue Gray’s Report into Partygate might have some of its contents rescinded for security reasons.

This comes at a time when Johnson is facing a day to reckon with his allies mobilizing desperately to support him and Jacob Rees Mogg warning that MPs removing Johnson would almost certainly set off a snap general elections.

This morning Ms Truss dismissed the suggestion, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today program it was “completely hypothetical speculation”.

Also, she said that Johnson had her “100% support” as Johnson faces calls from his Conservative MPs to resign due to the revelations about ‘partygate”.

“I think the PM should stay in office. I believe he’s doing great work,” she stated. “He has apologised for his mistakes and admitted to them.

When she was asked whether she plans to become the Conservative Party leader, she answered: “I support the Prime Minister 100 percent. I want him to keep doing his job.”

Boris Johnson (pictured running this morning) is facing the release of Sue Gray's report into alleged Downing Street lockdown breaches as soon as today

Boris Johnson (pictured today running) will soon be released Sue Gray’s report on alleged Downing Street lockdown breach breaches.

He also spoke out about the current crisis in Ukraine and promised Russia that it would receive’severe sanction’ if it invaded.

Sky was informed by her: “We already supply support to Ukraine. We’re supplying defensive weapons. We are providing economic assistance.

“We’re asking Russia to stop any intrusion and making it quite clear that Russia will suffer economic damage if they do so, including severe sanctions.

She spoke out about what sanctions might look like.

When Ms Truss was asked whether the Government supports individual sanctions against President Vladimir Putin she replied, “No.”