Tesco was the latest supermarket in the UK to release its festive feel-good commercial. It featured a Queen song, Don’t Stop me Now.

New festive campaigns by the supermarket celebrate the return of festive season after disappointments from the 2020 holidays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

This advert shows a group that overcomes many disasters such as a car burning down and blowing out the lights, in order to celebrate Christmas. 

One scene shows Santa being threatened with quarantine after showing his green Covid-19 passport to an airport. In another, a mother makes alternate vegetable snowman noses amid shortages at the supermarket.  

Tesco has become the latest supermarket to unveil its feel-good Christmas advert, which featured a soundtrack of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now

Tesco is the latest supermarket that has unveiled its Christmas commercial, featuring a track by Queen. 

With Christmas celebrations and spending time with family and friends well and truly back, the ad opens outside of a Tesco store with a lady determined not to let anything – including the forgotten Tesco Finest cranberry sauce – stop her from Christmas dinner with her family, and follows her as she embarks on her journey home.

A member of staff sees her standing in front of a store after a storm.

He is told by her: “Oh, don’t worry my love. This year there’s nothing stopping me.”   

The ad alternates between Christmas scenes as she travels, celebrating the triumph of merrymakers over all odds. 

The advert features a group of characters overcoming several disasters, such as blowing the lights and a car breaking down, to enjoy Christmas in all it's glory

This advert shows a bunch of people who overcome many disasters such as a car that is not working or a blower going out, in order to celebrate Christmas.

A group of office workers are left gutted as the lights go out at their Christmas party – before one clever employee lights a row of Tesco Christmas Puddings to brighten up the room.

And one family don’t allow a broken down car get in the way of their festive feast. 

One clip shows a father and daughter being allowed to visit Santa’s grotto beyond closing time. 

In a funny twist, passengers who tried to take a trip aboard a aircraft celebrate their first flight after many stops and starts.  

In one scene, Santa is threatened with quarantine before showing a green Covid-19 passport at an airport

Santa gets threatened with quarantine, but he shows a green Covid-19 Passport at the airport. 

The retailer found that 86% of respondents admitted they will have a happy Christmas and 42% said they would be more thankful for Christmas than in the past. 

Alessandra Bellini (Chief Customer Officer, Tesco) says that Christmas is very important for many of their customers. This is evident after the events last year. When we create campaigns we try to capture the emotions of our customers and make them reflect this. 

Meanwhile in another scene a mother uses alternate vegetables for a snowman's nose amid supermarket shortages

Meanwhile in another scene a mother uses alternate vegetables for a snowman’s nose amid supermarket shortages

“Our research found that many people look forward to their family gatherings again. Given the fact that last year’s planned cancellations were a factor, they don’t want anything stopping them from celebrating this year.

‘This got us thinking about all the little things that have the potential to get in our way – from running out of mince pies to running late to a Christmas party – and the nation’s determined spirit that ensures we’ll overcome them all. 

We hope people will smile at our festive commercial as we get ready for the season of well-deserved celebrations. This Christmas is our best yet. 

The release of Tesco’s offering comes after John Lewis Christmas advert became  embroiled in a plagiarism row.

After being suggested by a duo in March and never receiving a reply, the store had to admit that it was copying a folk group’s cover song of Together In Electric Dreams.

The advert ends with the woman arriving just in time for Christmas dinner with a jar of cranberry sauce (pictured)

This advert concludes with the woman arriving in just enough time to enjoy Christmas dinner (pictured). 

Wells’ husband-and-wife act, The Portraits claimed that the department store had ‘nicked the feeling of Philip Oakey’s and Georgio Mooder’s 1985 hit.

John Lewis, however, responded by saying that the claims were void of substance and adding that it could not consider ideas coming from external sources.

The store claimed that they were notified by The Portraits via email, suggesting that the song be played. However, the recipient of the email was not present at the store and left in July.

According to the retailer's research, 86 per cent of the nation has admitted that nothing will stop them from having a joyful Christmas this year

The retailer found that 86% of respondents admitted to having a happy Christmas in 2017.