Londis to YSL: Kate Moss, supermodel and mother of Lila, hops from one shop to the other with two very different brands

While Kate Moss is a fashion icon and multi-millionaire, she might be found at the convenience store selling her own brand baked beans or cut-price alcohol.

The supermodel was spotted at both ends of the retail spectrum last week: browsing the haute couture of Mayfair’s designer boutiques, then stocking up with essentials at the neighbourhood Londis.

Kate, Lila and their lookalike daughter visited the upscale Yves Saint Laurent shop on Bond Street in London Tuesday. The 47-year old was fully covered up in a grey duster coat, over which she wore light-wash jeans, black sweater, and knee-high boots. She was accompanied by oversized sunglasses and a large black leather bag.

Lila, 19, wore black leather pants, chunky Dr Martens, and a camel-colored polo neck underneath a black smart coat.

SHOP LOCAL: Kate out in the Cotswolds yesterday

SHOP LOCAL: Kate was out and about in the Cotswolds yesterday

Tuesday, Mayfair: Moss is seen behind daughter Lila at a London store

Tuesday, Mayfair: Moss can be seen with daughter Lila in a London shop behind her

In a three-hour shopping spree, the pair also visited Celine and Dior’s outlets, before being whisked away in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes.

Kate had returned home to Cotswolds by Friday. On Friday she went shopping with James Brown (her long-time friend and celebrity hairdresser) who was staying at Kate’s house during lockdown.

Under a blue printed coat with a large woven shopping bag and a sweatshirt, Masked Kate managed to look stunning in her baggy jeans, trainers, and sweatshirt. Before heading to Cats Pyjamas, the supermodel chatted up locals in Lechlade-on-Thames. Perhaps she was looking for inspiration for stockings for Christmas.

‘Kate is always happy to talk with the people she meets,’ said one local.

James, she and Sheri picked up take-out coffees in a grocery store while they walked around the charming town for 45 minutes.

Friday, Gloucestershire: Moss seen with her friend James Brown

Friday, Gloucestershire: Moss was spotted with James Brown